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  1. Here is an interesting little article from his 2018 tour https://www.cardiff-times.co.uk/conspiracy-theorist-david-icke-is-coming-to-cardiff/ " World famous conspiracy theorist David Icke is coming to Cardiff this November as part of his 11 date UK Tour. 4 Hours of life-changing information that you won’t see or hear anywhere else in the World. The man who predicted 9/11, the 2008 Banking Crash, microchipping, The Cashless Society, The War on Terror and much more is delivering his shows all over the world in the coming months ahead of April’s release of ‘Renegade’, a film about the life and work of David Icke. 2018 has been a big year as more and more of what David has written is becoming widely accepted and his reach and following is growing by the day. This is the most unique man and show in the world today. "
  2. Lucy Letby "33 years old" "Experts" "Always denied involvement, but the evidence" "11 families" "It's been hell" "Lessons will be learnt" "In our hearts" Also "It's horrific to think of it 'cause you wouldn't think anyone would be capable of that"
  3. Francis Foster of Triggernometary was on GB News Headliners last night and he said that some comedians are endorsing other comedians being cancelled like this, and he said comedy is finished in this country. Andrew Doyle was the presenter on that episode. As usual I notice that someone has apparently complained about Graham Linehan? Conveniently.
  4. I've bolded the last part of your post Macnamara. I just wanted to mention that I've played the game of flicking on any news channel at any time, and all I see (of course) is boat crossings, boat people. migrant crisis ... So the "orchestrated" "migration" is also being used to dominate the news 24/7 at the moment. It's absolutely insane. Absolutely sick. Calling for the resignation of the Home secretary over the barge issue? This damn theatre is crackers. A great job of destroying any resemblance of 'normal'.
  5. The Guardian has learned that the new buyer was a property firm called ATE Farms Ltd, owned by Carly Taylor, 34, a director of multiple companies. ATE Farms is registered to the same address as Himley Environmental Ltd, which runs the 15-hectare (37-acre) quarry and landfill site next to the pub. The Guardian was unable to reach ATE Farms for comment. A spokesperson for the brewery Marston’s, which previously owned the pub and put it up for sale in January, said the sale was completed on 27 July.
  6. Thanks sock muppet. I love Dr Tess Lawrie. I was very lucky to meet her and thank her personally, and she's such a genuine, hard working and determined lady. While there are such remarkable people like her on our side, all is definitely not lost.
  7. Thanks, that's ok, yes when I see the Starbucks logo it always 'gets' me a bit!
  8. I don't know what their logo represents. Yes, on the one hand I'm sick and angry too, on the other I'm frustrated at the blatant attempt to try to make us sick and angry, and distracted. It confuses me too; when I see how bad all this is already, I wonder where on earth it will be as time marches on? There will almost be no opportunity to focus on what THEY are doing, and to challenge it ... as in doing so we may well go 'round the bend'. In the meanwhile some of the massive changes going on like the 'war on the motorist', and bank accounts being closed (which is an odd one anyway as it's almost protesting to be let back into the system?! ... are kindly challenged by Rishi and Nigel. Is that to make it look like someone with a bit of clout is on our side, so we take our eye off it all. I think that's part of how IT works isnt it. Hey, imagine if Costa had decided to create a logo for breast or penis enlargements. Or for ex soldiers with one leg. It is increasingly ridiculous, and of course it's keeping Talk radio and GB News in business, with just 5 or 10 conversation points.
  9. I'm so sick of these corporations, I wish people would stop funding them. Costa is everywhere now, in the hospitals and the other chain stores.
  10. I'm pleased to read this Macnamara, thanks. It's something that WE know and observed since before 2020, the posters popping up everywhere. Then the radio phone in's during 2021 ish when some callers let on that the abuse that was being talked about in the media was mostly to do with staff being coerced into pushing people around 'for their own safety', and that many people did not actually want to wear masks and stand on stickers, for starters. I heard of one man in particular who was treated like a child for trying to protect his mother's right to proper care in the hospital, and the receptionist shouting at him to stand back from the plastic screen / barrier. A dentists, for instance, will threaten to remove you from their list. Remember in 2020 / 2021, when the media were promoting the 'issue' of bus drivers and police being spat at, as another example of the problem, reaction, solution. Thanks again Mac
  11. Dear oh dear Peter, if you still want to shower with girls then the training isn't working on you
  12. Bob Moran has added a lot of art to his website since I last looked. Just remembered that I haven't found a way to look at twitter in general, without signing up, it used to be easy?
  13. Yes, I agree. I haven't seen it, I heard a news headline earlier and 'smelt a rat'. It just seems so obvious doesn't it.
  14. " Today I'm announcing steps ... unbearable heat ... " Biden Al Jazeera ... Action needs to be taken now Notice how America has gone from the country that needs to be forced into action, into this?
  15. In the last year councils have cut funding to addiction services by half due to central government cuts, and in the same time deaths (drugs) have doubled. The government has pledged £500 million help by 2025 Sky News
  16. Yeah I'm with you on all of that. It would make a 'helluva movie' - the anti hero caped and horned James Bond. Greta in a rainbow cape. Better to laugh a bit at these things, while knowing full well what's going on? One old fella I met said "someone's late for their lunch" when a siren went past. And a member of staff at the hospital confirmed to me that some of the sirens were used to spread the fear (I suppose it's to keep people safe ) ... that's just one part of behavioural science?
  17. I was just 'reading' Jim Corr as I haven't looked him up in a while... and I forgot about this little nugget I didn't like her after this ... https://www.irishpost.com/news/sinead-oconnor-anti-mask-protestors-191420 Sinead O'Connor slams Dublin anti-mask protestors for using her music during rally She said: “Can I please ask that selfishly unmasked crowds standing shoulder to shoulder protesting and ignoring Covid protective restrictions not use my music as if to suggest I support you in any way. I do not.” Responding to her message, he wrote: “I admire the way you spoke out bravely in the past Sinead to much scorn at the time only to be proven right." “I’m surprised however you’re not yet awake to the Plandemic, but you will be, knowing that great mind of yours x.” “Jim, you need to get a life,” she replied. "Maybe if you’re bored today you could help @JimCorr get a life. The FACT is that whether or not there is any conspiracy, there is a virus. Of which two people I know have died. “So protest if you want. But if you don’t wear a mask in a crowd you’re just being selfish and stupid.” O'Connor's criticism followings similar remarks from Jedward, who hit out at Corr for his anti-mask sentiments
  18. I don't think it would be hard to persuade people that an attack was launched by 'Aliens'. It would be a great distraction and launch pad.
  19. Just saw this newspaper headline Era of global boiling has arrived and it's terrifying says UN chief. I'm always glad when it's the UN, 'cause if I didn't already know it was bullshit ...
  20. ( A fairly rational response to this 'campaign' ? ) https://www.standard.co.uk/comment/comment/sadiq-khan-tfl-say-maate-sexism-b1096355.html#comments-area " Sadiq Khan’s ‘Say Maate’ campaign is part of an ugly war on human exchange. It’s a catchy slogan, from that advertising firm, Ogilvy and Mather, which includes a behavioural science practice “whose goal is develop marketing techniques inspired by the fields of psychology and economics, rather than shape customer desires through conventional advertising”.
  21. I sort of picture that if it is the same arsonist, then it could be the same 'one' who went from Italy to Spain to the UK bumping old folks off at the start of lockdown, when 'they' said "it'll" be (the same) here in 6 weeks?!
  22. I'm sharing as I've always taken an interest in this 'story', ... and there has been a lot of talk lately about companies responsibilities ... and this article shows the backwards and forwards in the courts as to whether the corporation is responsible for protecting an 'employee' ... a so called employee ... https://www.upday.com/uk/two-previously-dismissed-michael-jackson-child-sex-abuse-lawsuits-could-be-revived Two previously dismissed Michael Jackson child sex abuse lawsuits could be revived James King - 26 July 2023 A California appeals court is considering reviving the dismissed lawsuits of two men who claim Michael Jackson sexually abused them as children for years. The court appears likely to approve the move after a tentative decision that would order the cases back to a lower court for trial. The suits were filed after Jackson’s 2009 death by Wade Robson in 2013 and James Safechuck the following year. The two men became more widely known for telling their stories in the 2019 HBO documentary Leaving Neverland. Both sued MJJ Productions Inc and MJJ Ventures Inc, two corporations for which Jackson was the sole owner and lone shareholder. In 2021, Superior Court Judge Mark A Young ruled that the two corporations and their employees had no legal duty to protect Robson and Safechuck from Jackson and threw out the suits. But in a tentative decision last month, California’s 2nd District Court of Appeal reversed that judge and ordered the cases back to trial. On Wednesday, lawyers for the Jackson estate will try to convince the appeals court to reverse course. The lawsuits have already bounced back from a 2017 dismissal, when Judge Young threw them out for being beyond the statute of limitations. A new California law that temporarily broadened the scope of sexual abuse cases led the appeals court to restore them. Jackson’s personal estate – the assets he left after his death – was thrown out as a defendant in 2015. Robson, now a 40-year-old choreographer, met Jackson when he was five years old. His lawsuit ... says he was Jackson’s employee, and the two corporations had a duty to protect him in the same way the Boy Scouts or a school would need to protect children from their leaders. Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed with Michael Jackson accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck (Getty Images) The Jackson estate has adamantly and repeatedly denied that the singer abused either of the boys, and has emphasised that Mr Robson gave evidence at Jackson’s 2005 criminal trial that he had not been abused, and Mr Safechuck said the same to authorities.
  23. Yeah just like I don't remember the media making a fuss about the - was it 6 weeks on the bounce - solid hot weather and blue skies - that was engineered, or allowed to happen naturally - so that many people felt lucky to be off work - and made the most of their 3 weeks forced 'holiday' in the garden ... Some people say the weather was better because the flights had stopped. Plays nicely into the climate change script. ( Wiki - The phrase "correlation does not imply causation" refers to the inability to legitimately deduce a cause-and-effect relationship between two events or variables solely on the basis of an observed association or correlation between them. )
  24. This is quite remarkable, they're really pushing this on now https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-12339997/ufo-hearing-tictac-whistleblower-house-oversight-committee-congress.html#socialLinks UFO Congress hearing: Whistleblower David Grusch suggests people have been murdered as part of conspiracy to keep alien craft a secret First-of-its kind bombshell hearing saw three ex-military blow whistle on UFOs Shared experiences with craft that looked like 'dark cube in transparent sphere' Former intelligence officer hinted US government had murdered to keep secrets A veteran pilot said he saw white 'tic tac' UFO perform other-worldly maneuvers 'It was amazing to see. I told my buddy I wanted to fly it,' said Commander Fravor By STACY LIBERATORE FOR DAILYMAIL.COM UPDATED: 22:05, 26 July 2023
  25. The thought of this scam and the feeling that we're moving ever closer to it is daunting / sickening. There could be so much mileage in this, and it would provide a perfect scapegoat. It would sure take the spotlight off all the other scams, and would be a great reset or a bridge to the reset. Who would have time to discuss brexit or the financial crisis? Convid helped unite the world, 9/11 was a shared crisis, but this? Bloody hell, it would give the reality tv fans something to talk about. Oh shit. What if we have to one day go down the route of ... let's think ... what would it be ... the sun exclusive interview with the leader of ... or I fell in love with a ruthless alien ... that's after they've killed half the world, and united us against a common enemy I suppose.
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