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  1. Elton's association with the firm is interesting. Look how he sent a plane for Harry, provided accommodation, and offered to pay his carbon credits for him. This was quite early in the climate game, and a sign of 'our future'.
  2. Balmoral can't be an accident, so it was chosen for a reason. It's also interesting that the privy council meeting didn't happen, and that we haven't seen a photo of Boris on Tues, or have we? Can't stand him but his speech today was excellent. He was playing the grown up this time. He still has that in his bag of tricks.
  3. OK I vaguely heard long ago that there was something about the handbag always being there? ?.. but going on about her frailty - holding a bag and stick seems so theatrical. The speeches in the house are so over loaded with 'in sentences', even Boris said we thought she was immortal, or words to that effect.
  4. Lol. That's brilliant, thanks for that
  5. A life time of duty, never has It been more fulfilled. God save the King. (Truss) Working till the end? sounds strange to hear king Charles. My whole life he's waited for this. Why the hell is Kier talking about fascism? OK, the war? And that we were " plunged into lockdown. Covid closed the doors of every house in the country. At a time when we were driven apart she held the nation.. In a way no-one else could ... " "the things which unite us rather than divide us" ... King Charles has been a devoted servant ... he understood the environment long before others ... in spirit she is still amongst us. She will always be with us " And Macron says she will be here forever ? How do they manage to sound so sinister.
  6. https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/liz-truss-prime-minister-official/ There are other shots of the mantleplace clock. And it says Boris spent 40 mins with the Queen Is there a photo? If you flip the liz photo the lack of eye contact looks even worse. They're not even trying are they? I guess they don't want to?
  7. If I was 'them', I would just slip the 'covid' in the coke, top it up with a few plastic granules shaved off a debit card, and a few particles off a new plastic note. That should settle nicely. What was that about immunity from liability if something goes wrong? The rest can go in the vapes. (Oh and GM cannabis) It's not hard to make people sick or compromised is it, not exactly a so called conspiracy. P.s. I notice loads more people back smoking 'old school fags' again, although yeah the vapes and disposable vapes are everywhere too. Sorry to get distracted, but while you're here I've taken advantage for a minute ...
  8. Through checking in with Bon Moran on twitter i realise that Dr Tess Lawrie had joined on Sept 7th, and responded to MP Wera Hobhouse ... and then I saw a surprise, as above! One person at a time, things do change!? I wrote to Mrs Hobhouse at the start of the lockdown, and was fairly encouraged by her reply. At the time it felt very much like we were on our own, but Peter Hitchens said in his column you must write to the MP's and hold them accountable, so I did, for the very first time. P.S. if you click log in on twitter, you can X out of the next pop up, and you don't have to sign in at all.
  9. https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/newsroom/ World Council for Health based in Bath, UK I should be checking Bob's website every day. I'm so sorry I missed this, and it's not like there was much on TV! I love Bob Moran's Documentary, so many good quotes and all of his astonishing cartoons. You can still watch this Q & A session on the World Council for Health Website, along with their other excellent videos. Dr Tess Lawrie and Bob Moran. Both incredibly honourable people. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Lawrie in May, at the Better Way Conference in Bath. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the work she and her team are doing on our behalf. She is the co-founder of the World Council for Health, and such a determined and inspirational lady, who truly makes the world a better place. Against all odds.
  10. I noticed the Queen was still holding her handbag
  11. Tuesday 6th Sept - iNews - She is due to arrive at the castle door just after noon where she will be briefed by the Lord Chamberlain before being welcomed in to meet the Queen. Only the monarch and incoming premier are present during this audience. (And the photographer, but not the videographer? )
  12. Photo by Arthur Edwards in inews online, presumably taken some time ago? The hight difference isn't quite like Tuesdays image, although to be fair Truss does appear to be curtesying a little here? These people have strange handshakes.
  13. it seems inevitable that things will go down, but I still can't imagine what it will be like, as it has felt strange to actually live and witness these bloody things, and still be here doing 'stuff.' 'They' say 2008 was a stepping stone, and Alex Jones spoke for years about the destruction of USA, body bags, camps. Fantastic point. Yeah I can't quite get past the deep awareness that 'they' need us to believe to make it happen, make it solid, create the reality. I want to believe in a future. Thanks for the good nudge Grumpy Grapes.
  14. I often hear them use the term in good spirits. As well as let's be clear and all the other overused phrases. Andrew also mentioned Pizza Express, which was so obvious.
  15. Sky News Banners Thoughts of the House of Lords are with the Queen The Duke of Cambridge, Duke of York,and Earl and Countess of Wessex are believed to have arrived at Balmoral - changed to have arrived at Balmoral Truss My thoughts and the thoughts of people across our United Kingdom are with her majesty the Queen and her family at this time ... our ... that's interesting? Truss announces that households will not pay more than £2,500 a year on energy under new 2 year deal Presenter; It's really important that we don't speculate ... She's been through ... Recently coming through a pandemic, she said we'll meet again ... back to the war .. people having to be apart .. but pointing to the future ... Her faith is very important to her ...
  16. It means a lot that the initial statement in parliament was at that very moment Liz Truss had announced the energy plans, and just as the crucial debate had begun. I flicked through several news channels and they went back and forth from energy analysis to the Queen. Some reminiscing back to Churchill and all sorts of memories and stories. Interestingly enough for me; the world service was the one channel that stuck more to the current financial concerns of the people, and even an article on recalled foods. Most of the repetitive messages say "our thoughts are with", and that is always one of the goals, to consume our thoughts and our energy. This is going to be a good 'window' to bury bad news, and will buy a lot of time to get us closer to the potential gloom of winter, and all that it may hold. If this happens to be a false alarm then it can still be used indefinitely. Either way, someone holds the reins, and timing and dates are everything.
  17. Thank you, and to truthblast, I find this area fascinating and crucial, especially in terms of history repeating. I'm aware of this being a huge part of the whole deception, but don't have time to know it inside out, of course? Very grateful for all of your time and sharing.
  18. Yes my happiest times were when I had no understanding of political labels, but knew good manners, a loving family and what it is to be human. Oh and to be left alone in your own family and friends circle without being dragged into opinions, wars and politics. These bastards. The more we fight them the more they win. They're just trouble makers. But ... hold my drink, I'm going back in ... lol ... damn it ...
  19. House member criticizes ‘Little Demon’ for showing ‘satanic imagery’ https://thehill.com/homenews/house/3631413-house-gop-member-criticizes-fx-series-little-demon-for-showing-satanic-imagery/ Strange article, draws on the line between good and evil, yet uses the numbers 6, 11, and mentions Facebook. It's hard to know what to trust with everything being upside down.
  20. Article; Twins reunion; Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger. “He’s wonderful in Little Demon; he’s very strong. We’re good buddies, we’re very, very close. We’re thrilled he will be part of our show. Sometimes you gotta lean on your friends to appear in your shows.” It’s a great opportunity to play a demonic character. I never get to do that,” DeVito said with a laugh. “I think you’re gonna find that in the show Satan is really a good guy. The guy was deprived of his spawn - who is a girl - but of course, I thought it was gonna be a boy. But the future is female.”
  21. This morning on Sky News at 10.25 I heard; In a moment we will go over to our live coverage of the treasury select Committee. MP's are taking evidence on the latest Bank of England financial reports from the Governor the Bank of England and its Chief Economist, Huw Pill. Re; the so called Energy Crisis ... One of the committee asked a question about who was going to pay, and they broke off before the answer by cutting to breaking news on Ryan Giggs retrial ... next July! Perhaps it hasn't quite got to the stage where everything is brazenly in plain sight, if 'they' still fear us hearing the right questions and answers? This is particularly interesting when you compare it to the latest debates, even yesterday, where those journalists who said lockdown was wrong in March 2020, are now are being silenced with ... well why didn't you say anything, it was a panic, it was unprecedented, or move on that was in the past, and we must concentrate on Ukraine and Energy.
  22. Yes, some of the most determined against the restrictions were the elderly and vulnerable. Oh is that also trade marked
  23. An excellent website, one of my favourite research tools, where you can also see response letters, and who is talking about the articles online, for instance. There is a lot of information without necessarily subscribing. https://www.bmj.com/content/372/bmj.m4930 “In the 1980s NHS there wasn’t today’s climate of fear around speaking out”—Allyson Pollock This lady is an absolute star in my eyes. I don't know anyone else quite like her, but there are many people who genuinely care. I try to remember that if I spent as much time supporting the people who are trying to 'do right', we would all be in a slightly better, more determined place? Instead of busying ourselves with battles and people that are deliberately and tactically sent to distract and demoralise us, we must remind ourselves always, to encourage and embolden the wise and the brave. I am incredibly guilty of getting tangled up in the fear, noise and tittle tattle, but I also like to search and share those who speak up for all of us, and the systems that work. Keeping up with how far ahead 'they' are with their 'bold plan', is definitely, sadly, part of their success. We are cutting our own rope? We need strong, experienced people, even in the so-called 'mainstream, and they are there, but we will have to find them ourselves.
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