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  1. Morrissey comes across as gentle, rational, observant, undemanding. I haven't heard words like his spoken often enough. It feels like something of a gift. There are some of his interviews on the forum, but I hope we can share some more here. Not Thoth posted a recent article that I've shared again below.
  2. I remember this, I think it was perhaps front page news? Seems strange, but then it was during the time when the bravado and arrogance about being 'right', and 'doing it' to 'save lives', and counter 'dangerous misinformation', seemed to be escalating daily. It was almost like ... yes we're doing this, and you know it's wrong, but you can't stop us ...
  3. Wrote this on Thursday? But didn't post. Various snippets heard on GB News; Jacinda Ardern ... "Look, as she says, she's human" ( Dear oh dear. How often do they use this expression? ... Maybe she is human, maybe not? ) Ardern said on Thursday that her family had made the biggest sacrifices of all (The Guardian) .... "And I know that hand on heart" ( I always jump on any heart reference lately, I knew I had heard it during the first news broadcast of the resignation ) Comment; "We've started to class what were once ( just ) eccentricities as a mental illness ..." Reply; "Or just being a bit sad?" Reply; "Very unfortunate ..." " Leads us into a blind alley ..." Comment; "The best thing for kids is to have two parents in the same house, together." Headline; GM bacteria could combat antibiotic resistance, study suggests. GB Comment "Immunity has evolved" Another comment; "If you use the bar code scanner machine; and make a few more people unemployed ...!"
  4. Great to see Trump turn it around to such a close finish after being 7-2 down, and despite being written off by almost everyone "backstage" this afternoon. The psychology, belief, and mind games in snooker make it all the more fascinating. Certainly the path towards 'levelling up' made it a very watchable and tense final I enjoyed hearing Rob Walker say "never give up".
  5. It seems better tonight Mikheil, with grit and emotion. If you're watching tonight, here's a thread for later... https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/27214-youve-been-framed-the-dif-snooker-thread/#comment-419334
  6. Enjoyed this article. Touches on everything we were looking forward to! Before Convid came and stole the whole stage ! We know that was a practice / training for climate lockdowns, dictacts, but we sure got a lot of obstacles thrown in the way.
  7. I can see that this wouldn't come put unless it was part of the plan. I can see that this is a release valve for us. It IS good to hear it. It IS comforting to know that someone is saying something. I guess that's a big part of it. I like Neil Oliver, I must say, but that doesn't make it any easier.
  8. Neil Oliver 'A relentless erosion' He is scathing about modelling, predictions, science and the message that is being relentlessly pumped out. He calls us like flies in summer, they want to get rid of us. Satanically dark. Fossil fuel dependent parasites. 15 minute cities. Mr Global. Lives lived under perpetual scrutiny. The countryside being kept for them, and for us to live in cities. Lab grown meat. Old certanties erased. New laws. Women are not a thing anymore. Biological men urinating next to little girls in a public toilet. The WHO, second biggest funder being Bill Gates. No more gas burners. How long before they come for the coal and wood burners. Freedom of speech. The right to strike. They plan to take every aspect of the lives we had. I am not afraid of them. I don't take them seriously. Neil is joined by Jasmine Birtles and Jacob Reynolds. "A growing number of people are saying there is something very wrong here." "Even the ones who were masked up to the eyeballs" "The ideas are becoming more and more ridiculous." Me; I'm beginning to understand that this is the time to let all of this out, and that it serves a purpose. I'm still learning a lot, and to not take things at face value.
  9. Refugees and NHS at heart of coronation. More piss taking. Refugees, LGBTQ, heart, heart, heart ...
  10. Deliver us From Wokism - GB news PC Madness Nonsense. 'They' design wokeness out of thin air, then when it suits say it's time woke was over. Create a script to take it away. It's all so transparent. "Demand an apology" ... "Apologise" - how original - all of these people have used these words and destroyed these words. I can't remember now who it was that first used the apology psyop trick, maybe about ten years ago, and it's been non-stop ever since. This is all also the longest advert ever seen?
  11. Daily Mirror New spare lie revealed Harry spun a tale over tail spin Flight instructor says cockpit heroics dramatised for effect It seems as if this is just another part of 'the system' not wanting anyone to believe anything. I saw a lady in the street with a copy under her arm and I thought how sad to buy it. Of all the books ...
  12. Saw Rishi talking on the news. He sounds like a really bad actor or salesman; so unbelievably fake and ponsy. He over emphasises. What a jack ass. This seat belt nonsense is a ridiculous drama; totally set up. The media phone in's were all over it the next day, which gave people and phony actors something to talk about. What a con. Along with talk of the private jet.
  13. That's brilliant, very clever idea and really funny. How interesting that were still able to laugh about our plight Says a lot about the human spirit. I wonder who created it? The board i mean, not the spirit.
  14. Thanks numnuts. It took me years of talking with various doctors and nurses to realise exactly how much damage is done with heart attacks, and further heart attacks. At first they told me it was "scarring". When I asked what that meant, I realised a part of the heart dies. And to call an ambulance as quickly as possible, to get help and start the treatment. I'm going back a while, I think of this often when I think of waiting for ambulances today, but that's a long story
  15. Ian Holloway on Farage show; " I am not diplomatic. I like people to know where they stand with me. Some people can't do that. Stand up for people. My dad taught me that. " Love to see Ian Holloway ( We so rarely hear about what mums and dads teach / pass on, because of the sick people who pull the strings. )
  16. Andre, Talk radio; Police used to go to the pub after a murder case, wind down, decode, at first it would be sombre, then after a few pints, jokes, macabre sence of humour, but you can't make jokes about a murder 'cause the snowflakes wouldn't like it ... ____ Andre and Ash; "WHO was Ghislaine trafficking TO?"
  17. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-11652995/Marc-Overmars-suffers-irreparable-damage-heart-following-cardiac-arrest-month.html#comments 19th Jan - Former Arsenal and Holland winger Marc Overmars, 49, suffers 'irreparable' damage to his heart - which is 'only able to pump blood at 30 per cent of its normal volume' following a cardiac arrest last month His heart is said to be pumping blood at 30 per cent of its normal volume Overmars, 49, was admitted to hospital on December 29th Comments section; Sir Cecil, San Francisco, USA A lot of rubbish. An ejection fraction of 30 does NO mean the heart is pumping at 30% of "normal". A normal or ideal ejection fraction is between about 55% to 60%. A borderline ejection fraction can range between 41% and 50%. In other words, an ejection fraction of 30% is about HALF "normal". In fact, an ejection fraction over 70% can be dangerous in itself and indicate hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. P.s. article also mentions; He quit his role as director of football at Ajax in disgrace after sending 'inappropriate messages' to female colleagues ...etc ...
  18. Good ol' Maajid. Smart comment, nice and short too.
  19. This is a short clip ... Farage; " The great Tony Blair. He's rumoured to want to take over from Klaus Schwab " Blair; " ... you need to know who's been vaccinated and who's not ... " Farage; " So there he is, that's Tony Blair. He wants us to have multiple shots, and for all of it to be digitalised so the state knows exactly what our status is. Pure evil, that's all I can say " ( Farage ... can't rely on him though )
  20. That's very good, thanks. Very unique way of describing it, in a nutshell ... especially the use of one chosen person as the villain, and the evolution of the plan. This man speaking - you can feel he is 'real'. I heard ... "If we have a chance we have to think of this as a battle of wills, a tug of war ... " So many humans have been made weak by the 'good times', which were deliberately given to them, temporarily, by the richest people in the world, in order that 'they' could trick them into giving up their rights, and yet to still trust. Not realising that these con men were already planning to one day; destroy faith, community, the gentlemen's handshake, and everything else.
  21. This is dated Jan 1st. I like this 2 minute clip as it describes the idea of the patient suing the doctor and the doctor suing the council. 'Really good' to hear it in a few words ... as I often wondered if that was part of the plan ... to collapse, bankrupt and reset. One would think they would need to protect the whole jabs machine, but not necessarily if complete collapse and chaos is the goal. Who knows. It may be a mixture of the two, a more controlled collapse. I know everything is being shaken upside down. By the way I don't like the suing culture, and the Americanisation, but that's perhaps another story. And finally ... Whatever happens there has to be places that 'they' cannot touch, however much they try!
  22. He's put the UK in danger The trouble is there's always one / some lunatic who's prepared to carry it out The more time passes, the more you can see that these freaks just write the script like some sick little funny game. Hilarious eh? Just play with everyone's lives. Karen has been humiliated? Charles is looking for a reunion? Give me a break. All of these wa#ks have everything one would think they could ever need, but no, set up the chips for a war in this country and watch it from the safety of your mansions and palaces. Just like before. During the wars, there's always dancing and holidays somewhere else. "Clarkson's future is in jeopardy". "Threat to free speech." ... "It's really concerning" - Dan Wooton ( Yeah. Course. Clarkson is another useful actor. What a load of blatantly obvious trash. ) If it wasn't for this no-one would be discussing the royals. Same old. At any point in the future all of this can be wiped clean as the media will help to change the script. Possibly after the coronation. ( What a tearful reunion - so moving, so hunan, so normal ) Predictive says coronavirus
  23. How are you getting on now truther79.
  24. When I saw the Australian Open Tennis adverts ... I thought what is Infosys, I know that name, I'll look it up. No need now ... Stephen Hartley Retweeted -Jeremy Loffredo - @loffredojeremy 20 Oct 2022 Rishi Sunak is the son-in-law of Narayana Murphy, the founder and chief architect of Infosys. Infosys runs the largest digital ID/ social credit system in the world - India's AADHAAR system. It's much more than sponsorship, isn't it ... https://www.infosys.com/newsroom/press-releases/2021/extend-digital-innovation-partnership-until2026.html I searched just now and see lots of you have shared this info previously ... thanks, that's why it was recognisable ...
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