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  1. I saw a policeman in London on TV, let a member of the public wear his helmet for a photo and I thought, haven't we come a long way from all of that distancing, and disinfecting everything we touch ( I still love to see the police helmet - so much better than a cap )
  2. Thanks for the reminder sick, I caught a listener text that into a radio show ... and I couldn't bloody remember ... There's so many interesting snippets around at the mo. Oh yeah, that night people were tracking the RAF plane on flight tracker.
  3. Love, and lovin, is a wonderful thing alexa, enjoy Your glee brought a smile. Ol' Charlie boy's cantankerous? I heard the media spin. Today I'll probably overhear ... oh he's tired, you can understand, he just lost his Mum, he's had no time to grieve.
  4. Thanks Carpediem, I read this and thought yes, someone has said it, go on, go on! I absolutely agree, and notice it all the time. It's the same with Cancer. 1 in 3 they say. Then 1 in 2 they say. Same with Covid. We create our own reality. I believe there would be no illness without the 'media, without word of mouth, and if we went far back enough we'd find the root of illness. We can heal ourselves. Whether you believe you can or believe you can't you are right. (And all that ) We saw it with ADHD. With Diabetes. With everything. And what about what they have labelled 'erectile disfunction', sponsored by Pfizer isn't it? It sickened me how they tried to destroy mens livelihoods, and voice/ opinions, and stature, and abilities ... And then advertised viagra at night. And then in the day too. Sick f**ks. Prince William was the one who marketed mental health, pre covid. I heard it on the news as much as I heard them say Google 20 years ago. Free advertising. Creation. Mental health is a trade marked product. The Queen said she had to be seen to be believed. Many people know this, the idea that people do not know Is mostly part of the same control and illusion? They need us to believe what they want us to believe, but in our gut we know. And the kids know. I've met people of all generations who know. Thankfully.
  5. BBC News " The Hong Kong that the Queen knew, is that dead now? " " Hong Konger's really miss our good old days, when life was beautiful under the Queen and Democracy. " Russia has taken heavy casualties. Ukraine; We can beat the Russians. Keep supporting us. The next battles here will be rebuilding. Marina said, " If Britain, American and Eurooe hadn't interfered in Ukraine, none of this would have happened. " Jean Luc Goddard; " he passed away through assisted suicide. According to his representative he wanted to die with dignity. "
  6. I wonder how many other 'things' ... increasingly ludicrous ... we will be overwhelmed with over time, untill we believe, unquesioningly ... untill we nod ... along with, apparently, everyone else, and say ... yes, of course. It's a mad thing to witness. Remarkable.
  7. Yes, feels increasingly like that. I don't think I would have cared if what has happened hadn't happened, you know. These shites have made everything so serious for us, or tried to.
  8. Live in Holyrood ... " Covid restrictions were in place but the Queen was determined ... there were 129 of us and we each chose one representative, who had supported people during lockdown ... Her majesty stopped and spoke with every single local hero ... ( I wonder when this was )
  9. Quote on Times Radio; " The Queen's oak coffin was made 30 years ago, and nobody seems to know who made it, details have been lost "
  10. Quotes- Charles; " He's got such a sense of humour. And when you laugh at something it's like strapping a shock absorber to your head " Camilla; " A woman of warmth wisdom and wit. A wonderful way of making everyone feel like they're worthy " These people have tried to destroy the peoples sense of humour, the great British humour. And now every day, we hear how the Queen was always laughing.
  11. Media quotes; " It was a masterstroke of the Queen to say she wanted Camilla to be Queen Consort, so she got all that sorted before she died .... He's had a long time to prepare, he must be bursting with ideas ... It seems like the grief is swelling rather than abating ... everybody who has lost a Mother ... " I would say ... Just imagine if this level of media coverage and conditioning was put into, say, the benefits of a child having a Mother and Father, or the importance to the community of supporting a small business, a local pub, or a farm shop, or the dangers of shutting down society. They are all total hypocrites, two faced, double standards freaks.
  12. Many people like to be a part of something, anything ... and state sponsored gatherings and entertainment is all that is allowed? The media fawning over how good the British ARE at 'this'. It's the only ceremony we have been 'allowed' in about 30 months, bar the jubilee, when we were also permitted to forget, temporarily, any distancing restrictions. There will be 10,000 police for the lying in state, and crowds allowed to snake around the streets for the photo opportunities. Media quote; Those sacrifices are made by many people, including politicians. The history. Usually a death is a private family occasion. He has been note perfect every time. Its admirable. What is astonishing is that people would marvel at Charles ability to communicate and mix with the public, when if he did not do these so called 'impromptu walkabouts', as a good actor, he would not succeed in the 'PR' job to bring in the money and the praise. Many of us could do this job, if we were also allowed to be properly educated, instead of being force fed on PC nonsense, and allowed to embrace our history, instead of being denied our own traditional customs and festivals. The media talk about Charles bringing the country together. He was part of the firm that divided the country in the name of control.
  13. Quote on Times Radio The QueenOaoak coffin was made 30 years ago, and nobody seems to know who made it, details have been lost.
  14. 11.05 to -11.35 Matt Chorley and Henry Zeffman (The Times Political Editor) Have you got time to listen to this later, and share some of the quotes please? " It could cost £150 billion ... more than even covid " " for every £1 spent on energy bills the tax payer will pay 75p " " Give us some thanks that your energy bills are not going up by as much as they would have done " ?? " Literally the moment Liz Truss sat down - all hell broke loose ... " " Midway though Liz Truss Speech ... through all this it became clear that something quite serious had happened. That has paused politics, for now. Particularly Kier Starmer's speech captured the mood quite well, that we might not have got from Jeremy corbin. And Harriet Harman recasting the Queen as a feminist icon. " " Do we know anything about Boris Johnson? He wants to return to Downing Street at some time, depending on how Liz Truss does, we may get a statement, perhaps Boris Johnson should take his place again to stop Conservative ruin. " " Liz Truss will be at the UN general assembly in New York, or she's meant to be. " Charles " Precious principles of constitution "
  15. Look how far we've come as a society. Look how free we were, or how free we felt, to perhaps smile at his talking to plants, and go about our business. When he cared about the hedges or the land it was a personal 'harmless' belief, so far from what this has all morphed into. Forcing beliefs onto others, manipulating, scheming. I'll never forget the first time I heard how extreme the green party was in Canada. At that point we were in the early stages of behaviour modification for recycling. I miss the days when these gangsters were far outside our thought bubbles, and now they don't want to leave us alone for long enough to get over them It's just dawned on me that the warnings over the extreme green policies felt very much back then, like the ones we hear now about, say the social credit system.
  16. If it was a movie, I'd make her Camilla, hey not a bad idea. Lol. Setting up Queen Consort. Oh, you said new skin That reminds me, I heard someone on the tributes say she was comfortable in her own skin. I almost love it when they say things like that. It's so blatant, and yet such a natural sounding expression.
  17. That was a pleasure to read, so very well presented, nice and clear, not too complicated or overly long winded. It has at least 5 superb quotes, and shows that masks do more harm than good, and even result in higher case rates. These are extensive studies, and could bring added confidence to those at work, particularly in healhtcare settings, who have managed to resist the relentless presures to wear masks. I have met several people in this position, and I'm convinced that one person at at a time, they are making a difference, staying strong, and setting the right example to those around them. Thank you SimonTV
  18. Yes, quite astonishing. 'Old wives' always said not to trust people whose eyes are too close together. Blair looked ugly and evil. It's writen all over him. Of course.
  19. September is usually a lovely month. They cannot allow us to have the lightness of summer. And now they have stolen the kids football? On talksport they said very tactfully (of course!?) ... in a nutshell ... "don't really understand it ... the kids won't understand it ... at least adults understand why, even if they don't agree with it"
  20. Yes, anything to keep us from savouring the moment and our power in the moment. I noticed this too when they started stealing children's play time, and forcing them to think about tomorrow, ten years, retirement. Fear, planning, uncertainty. The time when imagination builds strength, experience, memories. (We are the children ) They created a lot of delay and time wasting with Brexit. That broke our habits too. Sneaky basts. Broke our connection with stability and a time before that when politicians actually did something besides hair splitting ... Make life boring for us lot, bar state sponsored ceremony.
  21. Some more snippets from BBC this morning This time honoured tradition ... rather like in the old days, then it will be read by local authorities up and down the country; although we have seen it here in the city of London, it's not just here. "The continuity" Traditions that we forgot we had ... Layers of tradition that we've just forgotten ... centuries and centuries ... This was very sudden ... No, I think we all saw the planning, Operation London Bridge ... Unicorn ... it's well planned ...But we are seeing .. "It's almost a primeval power of" ... (then saying it may be frowned upon to say that, or words to that effect) "Remember when King Richards bones ... buried ... a demonised King ... As his coffin was carried though Leicester ... there was a sort of reverence ... this child murderer" ( primeval: of or relating to the earliest ages (as of the world or human history) : ancient, primitive )
  22. They said defender of the faith, not defender of faiths, as some said they might?
  23. (... we hear so much about the city of London, but this is all there in front of us today ...) " It is very rare that we see this level of history and pageantry It's a reminder of these roles they all have a purpose These are all functioning public servants It's often said nobody does pageantry like us The importance of the city of London ... The Lord mayor takes precedence over everyone except the monarch ... Monarchs have always known that they can't do much without the city of London so better keep the city onside The machinery of the state that we don't see very often The Lord mayor of London what year for him. The jubilee. And now this ... A new King These roles come around every year Lord mayor never knows what's going to happen on his watch This ancient economics hub playing a very important part in this key moment
  24. The proclamation of HM the King 09.30 - 12.15 ... As the ascension Council meets at St James Palace in London. Quote ... "King Charles has had the freedom of the city of London since 1971" they said something about him spending money ... and then said ... all of that you hear about black lives matter that was him, but that all stops now. (Not stop, but he has a new job now, pass the baton) Strange little comments and quotes mixed up in general chatter
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