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  1. I mostly agree with you there Bombs. However, I can't help but feel, time and time again, that it is all part of the destruction of our previous system. Some MP's were forced through peer pressure to agree, even temporarily to the restrictions, and seemed to hope that something would change by the next bench mark/ vote. I watched the debates with sheer desperation and want, hoping that someone could stop it. That the voices of reason could help the balance. Now we have to hear that MP's were under different rules to us, regarding llockdown rules. Yet at the time, I wanted them to still be together and working, of course, even though there was not much sign of it, and the appearance at the time was that they were working from home mostly. I still can't make much sense of it, or to work out who, if any, MP's were really on side. I what to believe that some were just manipulated, but who bloody knows really. The length of the destruction is miserable. It reminds me of the scene in the Titanic, where the sinking was described in a few minutes, and then 'Kate Winslet's' version was shown in the rest of the movie. The death and corrosion of our society does not happen im a few minutes, it's years and years of chipping away. And forcing us down dead ends. The illusion of choice. The breaking of decades of relationships and tradition and security. In some directions there is a better way, and in the other there is complete sabotage. I can understand why some people want nothing to do with the debate. Being dragged into it is often a large part of the enforced headache.
  2. BbC Question Time Will the Covid inquiry result in anything substantial? Jonathan Ashworth MP - "Why was my home town of Leicester locked down for longer?" Lord Sumption is on the panel tonight. I appreciated his input during 2020 / 2021
  3. World Council for Health co-founder Dr Tess Lawrie has this to say of the report’s revelations, “Most concerningly, these regulatory failings are common to regulatory agencies around the world that, having serious conflicts of interest, have taken on the role of drug industry enablers instead of public watchdogs. There is no doubt about it, they have put millions of people in harm’s way.”
  4. https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/news/statements/perseus-report-safe-and-effective/ Damning Perseus Report Reveals How UK Agency Failed to Regulate C19 Vaccines By World Council for Health April 20, 2023 I have copied the first paragraphs, but there are more quotes that should be shared, especially from Dr Tess Laurie .... The World Council for Health (WCH) endorses Safe and Effective?, a new report released on 19 April 2023 produced by Perseus, a multidisciplinary team of experts from various fields including medicine, pharmaceutical regulation, and safety management. The 36-page report is intended to widen the visibility of the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) regulatory failures to Parliamentarians, the media, and the public, and details numerous systematic ongoing failures by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) in its responsibility to ensure the safety and efficacy of medicines in the UK. Specifically, the report highlights how failures by the regulator resulted in the public being exposed to serious side effects such as myocarditis, clotting problems, neurological problems, and immunosuppression as a result of the Covid-19 vaccines.
  5. Its bizarre to think that 3 years ago how many were wearing masks and now with a twist of the illusion of reality people are pretty much going about their business, and the few wearing masks are the scared and venerable, what a disgusting way to treat your fellow man, it hurts to see a couple of folks wearing dirty reused masks, and why?
  6. Found this via good ol' Alistair Williams
  7. Whenever i see Kia I just think back to when Prince Phillip's landrover collided with a Kia in 2019. It always felt like some sort of advert 'back then'.
  8. I don't think so? The article says it was 2021 at Cop26. ( Also the media sure like to promote the fear of heart problems and sell more defibrillators. Normalise heart problems as has been done with Cancer. )
  9. https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/sadiq-khan-suffered-heart-attack-at-cop26-glasgow/ This is also an interesting article on Khan, practically every paper has the same story with some variations, but this one also mentions he has had asthma since 2014, and also touches on him feeling he had 'lost his mojo' during lockdown. The articles say he mayb have had a heart attack, or that it was a suspected heart attack, and also that a particular protein was discovered in his blood. And it WAS in 2021. Seems to be promoting climate, and many other buzz word agendas, and also his book, which is called breathe ?
  10. That's a classic rebornsteve, thanks ... Yeah Course he did The guy is an absolute tool What a load of shit Almost the entire tick list in that article Except dear old Covid PtSD is mentioned in relation to refugees FFS Not the old soldiers who were abandoned once spent Ah mental health, tick, climate crisis, tick. Dangerous stuff this climate For a minute I just thought they had miss- spelt tested positive Oh that's yesterdays news now, huh
  11. Odd that it's in the Star? I don't know what to think yet, but just very sorry that he's gone. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/covid-conspiracy-doctor-claimed-poisoned-30036217
  12. I'm sorry I'm really not sure what happened yet. I listened to the clip a few times and he mentions it with no further info, except that it happened before a CNN interview, which I haven't searched for yet ... and he said that he refused to be jabbed. Did you 'know' him a bit?
  13. Earlier this evening I was very sorry to read the following on DI headlines Rashid Buttar who worked so hard to expose the ‘Covid’ hoax has died at 57. What a tragedy – he was a good guy https://davidicke.com/2023/05/20/rashid-buttar-who-worked-so-hard-to-expose-the-covid-hoax-has-died-at-57-what-a-tragedy-he-was-a-good-guy/ In the above clip after he mentions being given 200x whats in the jabs? ... he says ... but regardless of what happened the message that I want people to know is remember the importance of exercising free will, and also as a default as a backup, slow down and remember that God is in control.
  14. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/enterovirus-myocarditis-symptoms-nhs-babies-b2341896.html?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=exchange&tblci=GiAG2wDOY1nD76g0J3i9IPhl7tJagiXF4ORiFVJKj7CW_CDj3U8o4PbYj4eOncN5#tblciGiAG2wDOY1nD76g0J3i9IPhl7tJagiXF4ORiFVJKj7CW_CDj3U8o4PbYj4eOncN5 Warning as baby dies and seven more fall critically ill with ‘usually mild virus’ Ten newborn babies testing positive for enterovirus found to have myocarditis between June and April in UK
  15. I tend to notice the use of the one million figure a lot, in general, except today when I saw one billion something or other. Side note; It's almost funny when 'we' mix up the two, and reminds me of an amusing scene in a book. Oh yes, it was Mccarthy's Bar.
  16. I caught a minute of Tony Smith former head of UK border force on talk radio More people in his position are saying something, I dont know what difference it will make, but I'll look him up anyway! He mentioned the amount of visas that are given out and the students who stay on here.
  17. That was a good read, thanks. Very interesting to see what Russia hasn't done. I thought of that when I caught this on talkradio Russia launches intense air strike overnight In Kyiv 3 people were injured ( I think I heard that right )
  18. TalkRadio Russia launches intense air strike Overnight in Kyiv 3 people were injured
  19. That crossed my mind. That would be funny. Almost. Would we put it past them? I also thought what IF she was behind 'it' all. ! If it was a 'movie', maybe ... Anything's possible ...
  20. Then Camilla walks in, and the barman says 'Why the long face, horse?'
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