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  1. Wiki for speed Abu Akleh was born in Jerusalem, to a Palestinian Arab Christian family from Bethlehem. She spent time in the US obtaining U.S. citizenship through members of her mother's family who lived in New Jersey. The above two quotes were kindly shared by legion, I shared the latest updates from Al Jazeera, and touched on a few questions that are explored in the documentary. It was much more detailed than I had time to elaborate on, for anyone who would like to watch it.
  2. Fisherman wins legal wrangle with fishing conservation authority Interview with Nigel Farage (don't trust him, but the two fishermen spoke up and gave a lot of information on what is happening at the moment. They didn't quit against the courts and the system. Nice to see someone on TV with honest 'down to earth' eyes.
  3. The 3 men on GB News headliners, Simon, Leo and Nick always present the latest newspapers with great humour. Chuck a woman in there, that will surely make them more serious and stop them having so much fun and spontaneity, ... wipe the "misogynistic" smile off their faces
  4. On Al Jazeera they have a half hour programme called fault lines that searches for answers and accountability after the killing of Shireen by Israel military forces A few quotes Why has the US not investigated ? There is clear video evidence ... The US has aligned itself with the Israeli narrative Every day we are hearing of someone being killed by the Israelis, there is no accountability, no one is asking about it
  5. I thought it might be apt to share sickofallthebollocks post from the coronavirus megathread today, of this mural painted in 1994. I have been aware for many years pre-covid that 'we' were being seduced and sedated with debt and tv series etc, to distract us from what was really going on, and what was to come.
  6. Yes, every single advert is black and white, except this. Even the new clean air billboards have a driver and child of different colours. During lockdown I researched euthanasia and was fairly surprised to see how far it has already 'advanced' around the world, and I always keep an eye on the ridiculous demands and protests for 'end of life care', as if it isn't there by force now anyway? You can hear the nurses speaking of it in whispers. So kind. So dignified. Remember when the government allowed you to travel to dignitas during lockdown?
  7. Yes, believe that AI is causing the chaos, especially now that 'it' is writing replies on social media to stir up the comments sections. It's a crying shame that people sometimes have less time in their heads for creativity, imagination and education, as well as blissful thoughts of whatever satisfies their soul. Forgive me if I've gone off a bit, but you gave me food for thought Truthblast. Even the people who are not going along with this still believe that everyone else is, because the technology and the media create all the noise. It is fantastic as a controlling and silencing tool. And an agitating tool. I notice that some people voice the 'party line' on this, until you speak the truth and it gives them the confidence to speak too. What started as an occasional 'offence', or 'you can't say that', around about post 9/11, and generally referring to Muslims / Office Christmas decorations ... etc, has now become a daily hourly bombardment, and allowed them to confuse any conversation, and sack or silence the decent presenters / commentators. What could be more 'racist', than creating a war on countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, causing secretive knock on effects, bastardising every single darker skinned person through the media, and then accusing us of racism? When they say you are racist, sexist, prejudiced, homophobic, misogynistic, I wish people would say yeah so what if I am? We are naturally born with likes, dislikes and emotions and cutting off peoples tongues creates tension, sickness and resentment, and does not allow people to make and break friends, decide, challenge and become closer through speaking honestly. It prevents new or time honoured possibilities. It is deliberately inhumane and just like the Emperor's new clothes, someone has to say and do something to stop the madness.
  8. Thanks Freaky, 'This' Gary Sidley looks like a good read, lots of articles there.
  9. Susan Michie? Haha yes sir, if you like 'em sour
  10. https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/multimedia/dr-mike-yeadon-depopulation/
  11. I always feel a great love and respect for this gentleman. His manner, tone, concern, and way with words is quite unique, I find. A few days ago I came across him again on the website of the World Council for Health in Bath, UK ... and made a note to look him up again, so thank you very much for sharing this, Freaky Dragonfly. The group I refer to had a conference with Dr Mike Yeadon on Monday. They have many online meetings. https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/multimedia/dr-mike-yeadon-depopulation/
  12. That sounds like the behavioural scientists list, which went into detail what they would do, and what effect it would have? I'm sure I or someone else will find it for you. Susan Mitchie is the 'lady' who was on TV all the time. Her brother is a climate scientist. (Just as a point of interest while I remember to throw it in.) I wasn't aware of 'behavioural science' pre 2020, it is used in everything ... smoking, drinking, psychiatry and probably all of the BS divide and rule ... 'isms'. Manipulating us to control and harm each other and ourselves.
  13. Today on Al Jazeera ... China's Lockdown. I heard one man (looked like he was an ex-spurt from a think-tank ) He said they're not doing it for ... (what was it? To be mean, or something? ... "they're doing it to protect the people", and then ... what was it? ... oh yeah ... "this is science not politics" ... That reminds me last week I heard on the radio that economics is a cross between art and science? Your eyes are getting very heavy? Yesterday I heard on repeat .. "The Worldwide Pandemic" and "The Economic Crisis". Oh and ... Mike Parry called for us to build a city from scratch for the migrants. Where did he get that idea? WE are the so called migrants, just as we knew WE were the so called terrorists after 9/11 ... Any 'law' or policy that is created for someone else Is so obviously for us. In some way it's interesting to see the gatekeepers throw it in the conversation, particularly when the script is rushed.
  14. I saw a phone advert where it automatically deletes 'photo bombers' ... He says "Like it read my mind"
  15. I love that you can still say that Ha I like that. I saw one of his time fillers. His accent is remarkable. I enjoy Hendry, he gives insights into his own personality / attitude ( .. don't take you boot off the throat ) Murphy's growing on me ( he died his hair and had a gastric band fitted, lost 4 stone I think )
  16. Tonight it's good to see Davis, Hazel, Parrot, Virgo, Hendry, Ding, Mark, and a full audience for the final. Some things haven't changed. Just thinking back to this thread and wondered who's watching? Yesterday I saw Peter Ebdon in the audience. So much respect for him these days.
  17. Yes, and it's when huge and encouraging things happen and they never see the light of the news. And you think this is a lesson in how things are really done. At least it helps in weighing up the truth in the long term. A stunt like this consoles people ... oh look someone is doing something. Someone is standing up for what's right. That'll show 'em. And that unfaithful cad. (The one who dared to kiss a woman) I'm old enough to remember when being married mattered. Remember the scandal of it all, and the resignations? I would love to see that banner AFS. We might have to rely on getting a grant, or a charity donation from the good old philanthropists, or a celebrity On a serious note, it sickened me to see the psychology of teaching the public to accept being locked up and told exactly what to do, and then to be outraged at others not doing it. Yesterday, because a lot more journalists and presenters are speaking with a different angle now, I heard a comment that we spent hours discussing if Johnson had a beer in his hand, or raised a glass. I think it was Times Radio. They said that journalists love the gossip and tittle tattle, so when there are hard, exhausting, frustrating and unsolvable problems (like drowning in Brexit negotiations), they jump on these other things for some light relief. They said their "editors wouldn't forgive them if they didn't follow the story." I know a lot of the public do the same, discussing politics and soap and reality tv, as if they are all the same thing. I've hated seeing politics merged into reality tv. It's another step towards to an idiotic future. I suppose it will be tv phone voting. We can vote for a 'leader' if we can afford the phone call.
  18. One thing i like about twitter is glancing at say, the latest propaganda, then reading some of the comments, and chancing upon a writer who has more about them than just twitter, with a good article to share. It feels a bit of a dirty way to go about it, granted, but still ...
  19. Saying he broke his own lockdown rules is such a pisstake, just like Johnson and parties. A well used distraction, to ensure that the real crimes are kept secret. Of course everyone knows about these two 'crimes', they roll off of everyone's tongue, they were handed to us on a media plate, and not hard won like the real accounts of the crimes that have taken place.
  20. Thanks Danny, that's really helpful, a good part of the puzzle. It annoys me that if we chipped in and paid for a banner for little Matty, it wouldn't be mentioned in the BBC, Mirror and Metro. This was more publicity for the show. The families are the appropriate / allowed / managed face of the public rage, as they say the elderly were sent into care homes without testing, and that side of the narative. This is one of the covid criticisms that surfaced very early in, and even back then it was clear that it would be milked to the end, as well as being part of the extortionate enquiry. Layers and layers of deceit. I expect the families will get compensation in a couple of decades. I naturally feel sorry for any bereaved families. We also lost someone, but I suspect that was probably more to do with the ventilator? I also believe he used a vape. His death was used to convince others that he had died of 'it' and 'it' was real. At the funeral I wanted to touch and console his masked mother, but the other siblings wouldn't allow it. Instead everyone there 'clapped' her. It was absolutely and totally despicable. Adding insult to injury. We also had to stand outside. It was just one of many occasions where I felt the older generation would have handled it differently if they had not been 'pushed' by the 'youngsters' who were trying to protect them at all costs. Inhumane. Unforgettable. Thanks also Danny for sharing a video of Ian R Crane. It's good to keep his memory alive.
  21. Yes, vile man. I hate the thought that these men have so much power, and that they want to openly own us, and save us from our financial dire straits with their self serving philanthropy. What'll it be? Amazon play park and Gates swimming pool?
  22. Sharing two financial tweets that I read that were linked to replies to Martin Lewis' 'loaded' question.
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