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  1. Thanks Certified Green of Heart, I'll quote myself and share here some of the links I've shared on DI. I must spread the word more. Yes, it's a very impressive and extensive site, and it's so encouraging, and we're certainly not alone, thankfully. I'm really pleased to share it with you. When we don't know what to do next it's good to know that this group are already a force to be reckoned with, and doing the most sensational work.
  2. I think this thread is asking the same questions as you so there might be some answers together
  3. Hi JoeyT, to start I would suggest that you explore the website of the World Council for Health based in Bath, UK. There you will find support, advice, research and understanding from a growing family of caring professionals, individuals, groups from around the world, who are working together to find a better way forward with our current situation. There are videos of conferences and talks, including advice on the vaccines and the spike protein. The love and positivity of this group will surely help you to find some answers to your questions, along with others from all walks of life and many different areas of interest. Here is a link to all of the videos from last year's main conference, and on the website there are tonnes of other clips, news and articles. You will also find weekly medication classes available on zoom. https://betterwayconference.org/2022-video-library/ This is a hard and challenging time, but you are still here and you will find the strength to continue. I would perhaps advise you to find one thing at least once a week that brings you and reminds you of a feeling of joy and contentment and faith in your fellow man, so that you have some satisfaction, and the memory of what is right and natural in your heart and soul. We are stronger and more connected to something bigger, and to each other, than we sometimes realise.
  4. News banners on Al Jazeera; All of this is set to continue with the IMF noting that the UK is the worst performing country in the G7 Uk governments latest budget promises £115 billion pounds of help to families struggling with rise in cost of living UN nuclear watchdog says more than 2.2 tonnes of uranium missing in libya US says Russian jets collision with drone was a 'brazen violation' of international law by Russia Syrian president reiterates support for Russian War in Ukraine in meeting with President Putin Honduras says economic needs forced it to break with Taiwan ... and reunite (something)... with China ... Tens of Thousands of people march in cities across France agaimst pension reforms Investmemt banking company credit Swisse .. borrows more than 54 billion from Swiss central bank 50000 teachers strike in New Zealand after talks with government stall ?.... Tax hikes ... linked to governments IMF bailout bid Israel says none if its soldiers will be made to answer for killing of journalist Shireen .. ?.. Cyclone in Peru ... Israeli army says shot man carrying belt had suspected links to Hezbollah Explosion at Colombian coal mine kills at least 11 people NBA memphis grizzles guard banned for 8 games over video showing him with a gun A strong serge of autumn heat expected across Australia lifting temperatures close to 40 degrees At least 14 people killed in flash floods in southern region of Turkiye
  5. In the budget opening statements Sunak and Starmer both quote " the IMF said ... " ____ Starmer; Every country faced the pandemic and the war in Ukraine The war didn't stop our insulation scheme The war didn't stop ... The war didn't stop ... ... It's their sacrifice which is ... ... Clean energy, which will bring us lower bills ... ... Cost of living crisis ... ... unlike the car he won't have to borrow one of those ...
  6. ... NHS doctors / older workers / pension ... ... No one should be pushed out of the work force ... ... It will stop NHS doctors receiving a tax charge ... ( I noticed sometime ago that there were no tax / financial incentives for retirement age doctors and some were also retiring because practice had become such a miserable headache ! Hunt; " We stick to the plan because the plan is working "
  7. Hunt; There are now 320,000 more inactive over 50 year olds, since before the pandemic ... If we compare to Sweden ... the million job vacancies could ...
  8. Hunt " Speeding up access to drugs for NHS patients "
  9. Starmer; ( on Lineker) ... It is possible to disagree with what someone says at the same time as defending their right ro say it. If he doesn't understand that ... ____ ... Starmer; ... Cancel culture addicts ( conservatives ) ... Sunak; ... We're not going to take lectures on cancel culture from the party opposite ... Scottish MP asked a question about energy bills coming in at 3,500 instead of the 2,500 cap, and to answer Sunak just criticised the Scottish police ... and anything Scottish ... ( The weird rich little freak )
  10. Reading this brings back the memories of what it was like to be ganged up on and potentially silenced, by the hysterical do gooders who live in control / fear. One bakery owner told me back then that debate is dangerous ... and they still refuse to take cash. They also refused to let more than 3 people in the shop. Absolute idiots. https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/courage-of-the-teacher-who-refused-to-make-his-pupils-wear-masks/ Courage of the teacher who refused to make his pupils wear masks By Harry Hopkins March 14, 2023 Comments David Robson 8 hours ago What a truly superb story. I wish he had faced down the Branch Covidians to the very end and forced them to go through all the hassle of trying to get him suspended. I suspect he might even have won the day since masking of pupils was only ever "Government Advice" and not a legal obligation. This story is almost as good as that about the 7 year old girl in Florida who despite immense pressure refused to wear a mask and got suspended from school 6 times.
  11. Sunak was just 'clipped' on radio 4 saying "change to the world order"
  12. As sock muppet is a bit baffled, temporarily ... I'll have a bit of fun with you both ... and just say that actually I'M at the top of the five thousandth page of the mega thread as sock muppet quoted me. Hey sock, maybe the prize will be the end to boring wokery or something similar.
  13. Another house has collapsed. Probably pushing some agenda. https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/swansea-house-explosion-suspected-gas-leak/
  14. PM in US to discuss defence deal with Joe Biden and Australia's PM Saw a clip of Sunak on the plane. He always looks like such a freaky little weasel.
  15. GB News guest; " Can we talk about your links to Boris Johnson " Jacob Rhys Mogg; The issue is the funding and the tax on tv. If we didn't ( have that ) we would have a much freer media
  16. If we had a penny for every time Susan was on tv from 2020 to 2023 ... Wiki; Susan Mitchie's current research includes developing methodologies for designing and evaluating theory-based interventions to change behaviour, and advancing scientific knowledge about, and applications of, behaviour change interventions. She leads the Human Behaviour-Change Project funded by the Wellcome Trust. Michie has served as president of the European Health Psychology Society and chair of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Health Psychology. In July 2022, Michie was appointed chair of the WHO’s Behavioural Advisory Group. She will advise the WHO on how to increase adherence to vaccination campaigns and other initiatives that influence national health policy. Some social media users expressed concern over her hiring due to Michie's stances during the COVID epidemic.
  17. Wiki; Born in St Pancras, London, Susan Michie is the daughter of the biologist Dame Anne McLaren and computer scientist Donald Michie, and sister of the economist Jonathan Michie. ( I've seen her brother on TV pushing the climate change agenda, very interesting ) ( On a crufts dog show clip, I saw an animal behavioural psychologist )
  18. Trisha Goddard read a quote from Joan Salter. I looked her up ... https://www.jewishnews.co.uk/voice-of-the-jn-joans-right-this-country-is-not-a-chuppah-for-refugees/ Holocaust survivor Joan Salter took the home secretary to task for all of us... but our history of taking refugees is still rose-tinted. By VOICE OF THE JEWISH NEWS January 17, 2023 It speaks volumes that a Jewish Holocaust survivor was the one to challenge anti-immigrant Home Secretary Suella Braverman on her use of words like “invasion” on Friday. It speaks further volumes that, by Tuesday morning, it had been viewed more than five million times. Joan Salter, who was awarded an MBE for her work on Holocaust education, told Braverman that using words like “invasion” and “swarm” reminded her of the kind of language used by pre-war Nazis to demonise Jews. She then asked the pertinent question: why does she feel the need to use words like that in the first place?
  19. Graham Mack former BBC broadcaster and voice artist All quotes from talk radio at 13:30 - 13:50 today .... Is the BBC scared of the government? Why are we focusing on Lineker ? Is it to do with how much he is paid. Or is it that they want to get rid of him anyway. When they get rid of you it's never for the reason thry say. Maybe they were just waiting for him to slip up. Budgets are budgets. They might have to pay him off either way. We have a word for people who don't have an option on anything. Bland. You'd rather spend time with people you disagree with ... Someone displays something human that will connect him to the audience ... When I worked in Swimdon there was a hose pipe ban, and I found put that Thames Water were leaking enough water to fill a stadium every 48 hours. I knew I veiling say it on the show, but I wrote it on my blog, and all hell broke lose, all of a sudden it went to the top man in Bristol. Trisha. Others have been outspoken in the past ( without a big fuss ) Alan Sugar put a picture of Hitler next to Jeremy Corbyn Caller; " Alan Sugar is a Jew. " " One of your presenters lost his job when he asked people to vote for Boris " " I think this is covering something up " Trisha; Our first guest the lawyer asked " What is behind this ? " Caller continues; " Months ago they used to produce statistics on the deaths, vaccinated and unvaccinated, and they've been removed now, excess deaths, but hey I'm not a conspiracy theorist "
  20. There is a lot of detox information to be found at the World Council for Health website, and our wonderful friend Dr Tess Laurie. You will find many videos of meetings, talks, conferences ... with kind and caring professionals from all around the world. The 'family' is growing by the day
  21. Hi Banjo. This is a link to 12 page thread exploring Bitcoin etc, and there are other good threads to be found in the sites excellent search option.
  22. I was also struck by the news on Belarus at the time, and saying to myself "this is it", "the use of debt to control everyone" ... but what can one do with that awareness? Even now Sunak stands there and says how proud he is of furlough. These people are sick and they don't want to leave people with any of the money they earn. They just squander as much money as possible.
  23. Another few quotes that i didn't press 'submit reply' on! The Mike Graham show talking with Laura Dodsworth author of State of Fear The Lockdown Files Hancock's plan to block funds for rebel MP's MG; We're dealing with shop window politics ... Not doing anything but appearing to do something The callous way they talk about people They had a hit list of MP's He agreed to the idea of using a disabled hub as a bargaining chip ... If you vote for restrictions you'll get your disabled facilities When you see it written down it's horrendous Even now what I call the media elites; are still saying ' even if they did lock us down it was for our own good ' !! They don't want us to question what's behind the lies ... they went along with it The best way to avoid so called conspiracy is to give people the truth They did get it wrong They all just went along with anything that was going on Andrew Neil wrote an article that said to punish the 'refuseniks' - Now he's trying to say he was anti-lockdown Laura; We talked about the pets really early days. I said to you they'll come for the pets MG; They did it in WW2 ... and it's a hallmark of plague management ? Laura; There was a lot of rituals People joined in every day for the daily deaths All of these rituals MG; The handmaid's tale comes to mind The cochrane report on masks The act of lockdown itself made people believe it was really dangerous People became obsessed with one thought, brexit started that ... Now that's what everything is defined by ... You've got to be on one side or the other ... You're not allowed to be in the middle There were still people saying it was madness to unlock, to end lockdown ... too dangerous ... The cochrane report is the gold standard You can't claim masks work now I'm amazed how many people believe in the lie They scare them and then poll them on how scared they were The question was always ' how worried should we be ' That's not a news interview question is it?! Asking ... When will people be allowed to have sex? Is it ok to hug? Laura; If I live in a country where the government can tell me that ... MG; When they said ' From Monday you'll be able to go outside ' ... Beth Rigby actually said " Could I possibly go out on Sunday? MG; I was thinking what is wrong with you?!
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