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  1. You cannot delete anything good or bad, as it is all part of the rich fabric of life. I am so sick of these people who appear to go along with it; they are so stupid. It astonishes me that one headline will show that there is no room for bullying, while they are actually bullying us. The psychology of it all is almost mind blowing! 


    The war on the human is full on. 


    Destroying the relationship between men and women, men and children. While showing us a load of ugly thick freaks. 


    Everything is the Emperor's new clothes now. 


    He is naked.

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  2. ( This seems like a good list to print out and give to anyone you can think of who still feels pressured into wearing masks, in the workplace, and in waiting rooms for instance. They may need some back up, support and encouragement. 😊 I've overheard people at the doctors recently who still politely don't want to be rude, or however they would say it ...




    Please click on the link for the whole article


    World Council for Health


    7 Reasons to End Mask Mandates for Good

    Posted on July 14, 2022
    Updated on October 7, 2022


    1. Masks Cause Unwanted Side Effects

    2. Masks Can Cause Physical Damage

    3. Masks Can Cause Psychological Damage

    4. Masks Don’t Work to Stop the Spread of Respiratory Viruses

    5. Masks Contain Chemicals and Contaminants

    6. Masks Harm Children

    7. Masks are an Environmental Hazard


    About World Council for Health, Bath, UK

    Make the best health decision for you and your family with our health guidance backed up by a broad coalition of frontline medical professionals and civil society groups



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  3. GB News


    Government spying accusations 


    Campaign group claims gov officials spied on covid critics & MP's 


    Farage; " You haven't heard this in the media, because the government gave them so much money, remember look into their eyes. The media was complicit in closing down free speech. "


    Me; Many years ago we were warned that one day it would all come out, once they knew there waa nothing we could do about it. Is that now?!


  4. 11 hours ago, spideysensei said:

    I imagine keeping Judy alive doesn't come cheap, so he need to keep his cushy media job(s).


    Incidentally, ol' Madeley came out of the woodwork again in 2020 seemingly as part of the resistance, then was quickly promoted to controlled op positions in alt media. Now he's back in the bigtime, baby, where telling the obvious truth is frowned upon.


    I'm glad you mentioned this, I've watched him go through some of these phases. I find this quite remarkable, as it just goes to show ... yeah, that's right, he was playing the

    covid or was it lockdown critic, about a year ago. 


    I've noticed lately so many old faces in the media. Proper gate keepers. The ones that never die 😉 GB. Talk Radio. I'm going to make a list, been meaning to do that. 

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  5. I don't know much about Fiona Hine but I have shared something on the mega thread and there is a live meeting discussing and sharing footage of people at a recent London protest, including at downing Street. Whoever all of these people are, we may find something helpful.


    I follow the world council for health in Bath and they do a lot of work in bringing 'minds' together 


    I heard the presenter say 


    Truth be told

    Covid vaccine victim awareness month 

  6. On 7/26/2021 at 9:15 AM, Golden Retriever said:

    There was infighting between groups last year, but they seem to have come together now.


    Saturday's protest in London was organised by imo the dubious Fiona Hine of Covileaks.


    See this link first which names the organisations behind the Worldwide Freedom rallies in each country.




    This confirms the London rally was organised by Covileaks and Offical Voice, the latter I have never heard of.







    On 7/26/2021 at 9:07 AM, Golden Retriever said:

    This guy has some good advice.  Marching though residential areas of London, i.e. Clapham etc gives more exposure to the numbers and cause, than listening to speakers in Trafalgar Square for three hours. 






    I saw there is a talk tonight by Fiona Hine ... So, I used a good old forum search of the term Covileaks, and started reading page 2682 - great page - and then I clicked through some more your comments back to page 2679


    ... So helpful getting a glance at those pages alone, and so much I was tempted to share / refresh ... 


    I like that advice to 'march' / walk / talk ... through local residential areas.


    ( Losing pubs, community centres, social clubs, and social distancing! has hastened our destruction! )


    These big protests are encouraging. I went to the Iraq protest in 2003 and left thinking I'd really done something, but it was mostly just a day out and a tick sheet? I didn't know how to stop it, slow it down, and I still don't?


    For sure if we all found strength in the right direction, it would soon be sabotaged. But talking to each other, building from grass roots level  ... at least you build something solid?


    We mustn't let the actors stop us from believing in our future, and we must add some weight to the voices of those speaking up, 'cause a lot of people who are seeing it simply don't know what to do for the best. 


    I thought I'd look briefly at James Townsend to see what he's saying today?


    Watched a little sound bite there of Andrew Bridgen. I want to believe him, but just 'cause what he's saying is so true, and just cause we're not used to hearing it, or having it handed to us on a plate (.. USA shock radio style? ..) doesn't mean to say that we know for sure who might be pulling his strings? I wonder how long he will stay vocal for? 


    We'll see, I'll keep an eye open.


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  7. As a little measure of where 'we' are ...

    Tonight's Panorama; 


    Forgotten Heroes of the Covid Front Line


    " Health workers, hailed as heroes during the pandemic, say they’re being abandoned by the NHS and the government. Some are living with long Covid and say it’s having a devastating impact on both their personal and professional lives. For Panorama, the BBC’s health correspondent, Catherine Burns, meets staff struggling to return to work and reveals how some are now facing financial hardship and the prospect of having to retire early or, worse, being sacked. "



    I will just add briefly that I have met a good number of people in the NHS who did not have the injection ... one who did not wear a mask at all. Some tried to speak up as much as they could. I expect quite a few wish that they could have stood up more? I don't want to tar everyone with the same brush. We know ultimately WHO is to blame. 


    I keep wondering whether some of long covid is something along the lines of PTSD. I heard on the radio that there are aims to get help centres around the country. I suppose it will build and build. A lady on the radio said she had ME 11 years ago, yuppy flu? And now she has long covid. It's all labels. Who knows what some people have got. I notice they're all quiet about say Placebo, OCD, Hypochondria, etc. Every conversation is so bloody limited and dumbed down. 


    One of my disabled friends jokes that he has long covid, and mental health blah, just to take the mick 😆 

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  8. That's mad how much he looks like Alexi in that picture.

    Spot the difference? The difference is I love Alexi, and he's not a ****


    "Whenever people bother me, when they shout and raise their voices ... I don't let it get me down, I just make some stupid noises" 🤣 Ah, thanks for the reminder Mikhail. Got to appreciate these people while we're all still 'standing' 😉 



    What a bloody great era 😆 

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  9. Shivani later tweeted: 'Been getting messages from people worried about Richard Madley misgendering me on @GMB


    Worried about the elderly in care homes? 

    Worried about dedicated small businesses closing?

    Worried about all the money being siphoned off? 

    Worried about the privatisation of our roads?


    Thick f*cks. Idiocracy. They can stick their version of reality. Who would have believed that the 'grown ups', the 'system', would back this shit. Promote this shit. Push this shit?


    'Normal folk', who don't know of the agenda, must be shaking their heads in disbelief. Thinking this is the modern world. It isn't. 

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  10. Here we go, more educashun! 😆 

    Richard says; I'll learn. 

    Or as we used to confidently and correctly say; HE says he'll learn.


    Dear God. Makes me sick. As planned, eh. 


    Sam says; 

    "And it's just so sad that we're in 2023 and it's still happening. It's exhausting and especially in England."


    Of all the things to say that about ... ?! Mask wearing?  No. 


    These people are a waste of time and energy. 


    Susanna Reid? The best worst coercive crisis actor during covid. The scowling pig of a woman. What a fake, useless, pathetic tramp. 

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  11. I used to 'worry' about these 'making them comfortable' deaths before Convid, and kept an eye on the euthanasia 'progression in our society. I always noticed when they would pretend a family had to demand and protest and appeal for 'mercy', asking the government to grant them a faster death. I used to find that disturbingly interesting; knowing that 'they' would love to bring euthanasia for for everyone at a moments notice. But no, as usual they have to make it look like we're appealing for it. Maybe one day the busy government will grant our wish. Dear oh dear. 


    Hancock made an announcement in parliament that we were allowed to travel to Switzerland with a negative Convid test. What a comedian. Such an important man! 


    I must add that I heard two separate callers on the radio laat year say that they had found a relative sedated and close to death, and had managed to save them in time. It was obvious during 2020 and 2021 especially that with no relatives to intervene a lot of older people were going to die of neglect, and with the use of Midazolam, of thirst and starvation. Some families have absolute proof that they stepped in in time. Is there anyone who can bring this to the fore?

  12. 2 hours ago, webtrekker said:

    Make of that what you will!


    Absolutely fascinating letters, so much 'hidden in plain sight' right there. I detest these arrogant and manipulative excuse for men. Put them round the table with some street wise people, and they'd wipe the floor with them.  Look at how Zahawi brags about policy and delivery being combined? That's part of how they were able to flood us with new policies with no discussion, debate or balance. What a great con. 

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  13. On 1/28/2023 at 6:20 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

    And yes, its continued since the Covid Pandemic with the "Cost Of Living Crisis", which was caused/engineered by Government's own policies, yet it is the Government "coming to the rescue" with handouts, rebates, and the 'energy price guarantee'.


    The media constantly push the narrative of "due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine" as being the cause of our woes, but the truth is that it is all down to governments imposing sanctions on Russia that has caused this mess.


    Thanks Grumpy Owl, 


    You're so right, and you say it so succinctly.


    I see mostly what they're doing and why, and it's just a constant bombardment ...


    I flicked on Al Jazeera and the news about Pakistan and then Ghana still threw in the  Ukraine / Russia / C.O.L Crisis ... and floods and .... climate ...  repetition ...


    I'm tired of hearing the political use of Ukraine, and everything else ...


    As long as they've got our attention they're satisfied ...


    All of these catchphrases ... All of these distractions ...


    When we're not focused on them, that's a problem they have to fix ....


    The other day I heard the 'credit crunch' on some 'old' clip ... that took me back a bit 😏

  14. 13 hours ago, Velma said:

    Looks like Jacinda bailed out just in time!

    Hipkins has only been in the job for a week and already he's dealing with a 'state of emergency' after widespread flooding in Auckland.

    The national weather authority estimated 15cm of rain had fallen in the previous 11 hours.

    The record for a 24-hour period stands at 16.2cm.

    Heavy rain is expected to continue in the area for the next five days.





    Residents in the worst-affected areas were told to leave their homes as chaos engulfed the city, which has seen motorways blocked, airports closed and a cancelled concert by Elton John leaving scores of people stranded in the city centre.


    Extreme flooding, dubbed ‘once in a century’, was also recorded in Australia in recent weeks.


    '...an extraordinary set of circumstances’.


    Not unprecedented, for a change? Once in a century sounds familiar to the pandemic narrative? And that Elton, he's never far away is he? Remember when he defended Harry's jet setting to stay at Elton's holiday retreat a few years ago? Saying he had paid Harry's carbon offsetting? That was in the days when all of this talk was unknown by the general public, but we were forewarned eh? It's all crises. And the countries that have suffered with years of flooding and drought could probably teach us a thing or two about weather modification. And they are deliberately mismanaging the land and rivers and drainage and sewers etc everywhere. 



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  15. 2 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:



    I should add that I still mostly agree with you. I do think society is broken a in a lot of ways, but I still think the majority of people from all groups are okay and just want to be left alone. Unfortunately it doesn't take many bad apples to spoil things for the rest of us. We should still try and keep our humanity and treat people with respect on an individual level though.


    I hear you EnigmaticWorld, I look forward to catching up a bit more sometime soon. These things test all of our emotions, we are thinking and conversing, and at least we are here trying to make sense if it all. 

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  16. Please let's remind each other that society is not broken, it is an illusion and a self fulfilling prophecy. Every day we are bombarded with words, but while women and men still love each other, and races are friends with each other, there is hope and stability. We will not become what they are telling us we already are. Remember who you are, and have faith in those who are strong. 


    Today I smiled at people who made eye contact, spoke to a stranger or two, looked at something beautiful, remembered where we come from, who we come from, and laughed at a joke, and felt belief and gratitude in so many things. It's not all bad. I don't want to be an accidental part of the deliberate destruction, but part of what survives in the ashes! 😉

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  17. 40 minutes ago, HAARPING_On said:

    Interesting use of wording there.


    A similar thing happened to me recently when I received my bowel cancer testing kit from the NHS, with an appropriately worded letter implying that I needed to make the test and send the results off, to prove I didn't have bowel cancer.


    Nice try NHS, I'm not that gullible, it went straight in the bin.


    Here's a 'good' one I hadn't managed go share before.


    The NHS needs your help. We would be very grateful if you could encourage friends & family who are not yet fully vaccinated to visit the Covid -19 vaccinations drop-in, 11th, 25th & 22nd September 2022 (all dates 11am to 5.30pm) 


    I've got some more to share, to compare how they've changed over time. I'll start a thread? We could add NHS texts and letters for 'vax', and other 'invitations'. (Gulp 😉)

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  18. 19 hours ago, HAARPING_On said:

    What's all this then? Covid vaccines to be "withdrawn" for under 50's?


    Needs some verification / clarification but could be a "quiet withdrawal" with nothing to see here...





    This is a jab text I received on Weds 


    Covid 19 1st, 2nd & booster doses (5yrs+) and annual flu vaccinations (50yrs+) drop-in, Thurs 26th Jan, 11am-5pm. Check your eligibility www. nhs .co.uk. No appt or GP reg needed. Children invited after 3pm. 

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