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  1. Its bizarre to think that 3 years ago how many were wearing masks and now with a twist of the illusion of reality people are pretty much going about their business, and the few wearing masks are the scared and venerable, what a disgusting way to treat your fellow man, it hurts to see a couple of folks wearing dirty reused masks, and why?

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  2. 5 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    False Flag imcoming?


    A silver Kia crashed into the gates of Downing Street at around 4.20pm. Police quickly scrambled to arrest the man on suspicion of criminal damage and dangerous driving.



    Whenever i see Kia I just think back to when Prince Phillip's landrover collided with a Kia in 2019. It always felt like some sort of advert 'back then'.  

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  3. 16 hours ago, rebornsteve said:




    This is also an interesting article on Khan, practically every paper has the same story with some variations, but this one also mentions he has had asthma since 2014, and also touches on him feeling he had 'lost his mojo' during lockdown. The articles say he mayb have had a heart attack, or that it was a suspected heart attack, and also that a particular protein was discovered in his blood. 


    And it WAS in 2021. Seems to be promoting climate, and many other buzz word agendas, and also his book, which is called breathe ? 

  4. 3 hours ago, rebornsteve said:


    That's a classic rebornsteve, thanks 


    ... Yeah

    Course he did 😆 


    The guy is an absolute tool 

    What a load of shit 

    Almost the entire tick list in that article 

    Except dear old Covid 

    PtSD is mentioned in relation to refugees 


    Not the old soldiers who were abandoned once spent 


    Ah mental health, tick, climate crisis, tick. Dangerous stuff this climate 


    For a minute I just thought they had miss- spelt tested positive 😆 


    Oh that's yesterdays news now, huh

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  5. 10 hours ago, Captainlove said:

    So was he jabbed or what?


    16 minutes ago, Talorgan said:


     Also I found  this last interview on this site 

     @ one hour mark onwards he talks about his medical decline and shedding as well ?

     V sad news 


    Odd that it's in the Star? I don't know what to think yet, but just very sorry that he's gone. 


  6. 8 hours ago, Captainlove said:

    So was he jabbed or what?


    I'm sorry I'm really not sure what happened yet. I listened to the clip a few times and he mentions it with no further info, except that it happened before a CNN interview, which I haven't searched for yet ... and he said that he refused to be jabbed. Did you 'know' him a bit? 

  7. Earlier this evening I was very sorry to read the following on DI headlines


    Rashid Buttar who worked so hard to expose the ‘Covid’ hoax has died at 57. What a tragedy – he was a good guy



    In the above clip after he mentions being given 200x whats in the jabs? ... he says ... but regardless of what happened the message that I want people to know is remember the importance of exercising free will, and also as a default as a backup, slow down and remember that God is in control. 


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  8. 1 hour ago, sock muppet said:

    Telegraph Quote:

    'A more consensual approach that keeps people properly informed but allows them to make their own choices on the degree of risk they are prepared to run must be the way forward.'


    Comments Section; 



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  9. On 10/5/2020 at 12:59 PM, Michael Timothy Babb said:

    Cipher  <> A = 1 to Z = 26  http://balmoralsoftware.com/dollar.htm


    III +  VI  +  IX  =  91 = StarGate


    91 is either an Equinox and or Solstice.   


    The drawings are from my book of whichis not published for the general public but has been published on Wix as to protect my legal rights.


                                                               Godspeed again

    Chapter #23 of The Little Book Pic B#.jpg

    Catch #23 The Little Book.jpg

    1945 2021 questions.jpg


  10. 7 hours ago, webtrekker said:

    Interesting article on Substack. Here's an excerpt


    That was a good read, thanks. Very interesting to see what Russia hasn't done. I thought of that when I caught this on talkradio 


    Russia launches intense air strike

    overnight In Kyiv 

    3 people were injured 

    ( I think I heard that right )

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  11. Study suggests 1 in 10 children want to change gender? 


    Suggests?! Yeah. Course. I recognise that nudge word from Convid. 


    Child Psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer on the Vanessa Feltz show


    AG; We need to, through play, let children try different genders on 


    AG; We try and see the whole person 


    AG; See the whole child, all the different talents that make up who they are 


    VF; 1 in 4 children felt the need to hide their feelings


    VF; Maybe they think they'll feel overwhelmed?


    AG; The number of children who think they don't have anyone to tell ...


    AG; We want them to grow up .. to thrive .. and be resilient 


    To think these sick freaks could encourage children to play sports, musical instruments, paint pictures, visit the elderly, explore the garden, sit quietly and just be, enjoy youth, don't over think, but no  ... there is no excuse for these sick bastards. They are relentless, an absolute disgrace. 


  12. Newsnight, besides a Ukraine discussion, asked has the Met overstepped the mark on policing protests? This conversation was being pushed 24/7 on all the channels and stations that I 'flicked' through, after the coronation. Why? Other protests and any heavy handed 'measures', have often been completely ignored. Also some 'roadblocks' to freedom of movement / expression / choice, have been wildly exaggerated complete with 'Hollywood' 'theatrical' TikTok / YouTube videos in order to demoralise protesters. 


    Regarding XR, I notice that their exposure is great, yet during the covid / lockdown protests we didn't see sports events and politicians being 'photo bombed' etc. All exposure, and analysis is so carefully delivered to the public. 

  13. I've been suspicious of Sweden ever since the constant mention of their Covid policy. Surely no country gets that much 'publicity' accidentally? I felt it had something to do with their 'chips in hands' advancement, etc, and that at some point in the future their use of advanced tech would be held up as a good example of 'safety', or 'health and safety', because their country had not 'committed suicide' like so many others. It irritated me that no other country was held up as an example? Not to that extent, or maybe not at all? 


    Hearing Sweden won the Eurovision caught my attention based on that, essentially. 

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  14. Although I've known of him for many years, since his connection to the goldsmiths etc, I don't know much about him, but I thought these words about being enslaved by these assortment of crooks rang a bell 😉 and the last bit ...


    " If we bow to the idol of fear there will only be humiliation and dismemberment for our future generations. Countries where there is injustice and law of jungle prevails, don't survive for long. "

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