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  1. Rishi Sunak; we are going to leave people at the risk of real destitution. He could have said that about furlough? He could have said that about people getting a fair wage? He could have said that about many things. I would like to hear some interviews with the middle class / small to medium business owners, and what they have to say. There are so many categories of people that we are not hearing from. All I hear is the sick, the vulnerable, the elderly, the poor. At least in lockdown I would hear from a cinema owner, or a medium size pub chain owner, some of the back bone of our society? Our country was pretty much working well, before the deliberate destruction over the decades, a lot of which has come to the boil recently, of course. It used to be a chiselling away at our structures, and then it was a steam roller.
  2. I heard presenters on Times radio praising Raymond Briggs. It was wonderful to hear one of the men describing exactly why he loves the books. At the end the other man said, "it was nice to talk about that instead of.. you know what" I've heard that before, and I feel sorry for them having to talk about the BS all day, but when you hear them discussing a common bond, and a happy memory, it's a good feeling. One lady described the book, when the wind blows, and said how much it scared her back then. They enjoyed the adult style of writing. I think that book is very relevant to us here / now.
  3. This afternoon I heard Ian Collins mention Martin Lewis. He said he often used to have him on his shows, but that now he's gone all doom monger, and that you would think he's been replaced by an actor. I love hearing this sort of clip. It strikes me as something you would hear when the truth is said right in front of you.
  4. Regarding the time travellers weather prediction, I realise it's USA, but I have been wondering how bad our weather will get after the heatwave. I've heard people on the radio mocking the dire warnings, and insisting that this is just summer / hor weather, and to enjoy it. I spoke to the butcher who told me someone nearly withdrew their order for a BBQ this weekend, incase they started a fire. He told them it's just common sense to have a bucket of water nearby, etc. I genuinely love the attitude of older people, who've always been able to make their own decisions, and to hear their take on all of this nonsense.
  5. A guest just now on BBC; The energy companies will already have plans in place. A lot of people in the government are going to learn a lot about energy and supplies very quickly. Oh, from the experts? What a relief
  6. This morning on talkradio they finally mentioned green taxes on the energy bills and I felt quite ashamed that I wasn't able to warn people enough about this over the years. When I used to try, it was so unspoken that I didn't even know how to prove it, and people still appeared to be living the 'high life', and too busy looking the other way. I'm guilty of thinking; if only I can convince someone that covid is a con, then it will help to prevent debt / disaster / death, but I know 'they' used our awareness to keep us busy on that, while steaming ahead with the plan. I wonder, if 'you' could just pick one or two points, and really concentrate on those, would it make a difference? Bloody hell, it's mad having the insight, but still powerless to be ready at the right time to know what to do with it. I'm concerned about the philanthropists stepping in to rescue us, or being so called forced to rescue us, in exchange for taking everything we own. I read during lockdown, that after the 2008 so called 'bank bailout', the Chinese bought the Waldorf Astoria, and I wondered what we would be left with after all this? Maybe no schools, parks, or local councils? Do you know that song, I owe my soul to the company store?
  7. Yes indeed, especially when you know the goals, and to see it playing out. What an absolute con.
  8. I'm glad you shared that TFH, truth is stranger than fiction. These unexplained parts of life, these nuggets of nature and spirit, open up wonderful chains of thought and reinforce my beliefs. There so many connections that we just don't fully understand as yet. I've always held a respect for Aled Jones, and on a side note I'm genuinely pleased for him that he's still in work, doing something he loves Really nice tribute by Bob Moran, thanks Golden Retriever. I only just realised today, via BBC, that Raymond Briggs also wrote When the Wind Blows. I had no idea it was his. Good to know.
  9. Ha, brilliant, every cloud ... the bastards will hate your positivity. Don't let the bastards grind you down.
  10. One of the most evil looking photos. What a devil.
  11. Thanks for putting it into words Owl, I feel the same, there is no way they would tell us how bad something is going to be unless it suited them ... now it's to to scare us, to fill the media all day, and to set the stage for the demand for them to save us. I also despise how they steal peoples energy and semi force them to project their thoughts into the future. I believe today is where our power is. It really does remind me of the covid hysteria. I'm not saying it's not happening, but I've spent about a month listening to top of the range projections, with no balance, and no mention of smaller homes.
  12. I appreciate that Hulk, I just heard that amount on the news, let's face it they haven't stopped going on about it, and I wondered what messages they're sending to each other. I expect it's just a coincidence I look at it as a pre arranged sign / message / signal, or as a part of a spell or 'religious' ceremony.
  13. That woman, the awful behavioural scientist was on TV constantly and then last week it was a BS on climate change. Now Gordon Brown makes his announcement and he has 'no skin in the game' apparently Angela Rayner praising him today. She's the voice of the people as she's nice and common just like us (oops sorry)
  14. I've been curious about the use of small energy companies, it appears they were deliberately used to distract people in recent years, to waste their time doing price comparisons, and changing companies. Those companies will go bust, and I think it's OFGEM that chooses which company the customer goes to. I heard a man on the radio say he's now back with British Gas. It's all very wizard of oz, man behind the curtain? I guess if people do not pay their bills, that will just help these companies go bust sooner. Not to mention what one media mentioned as 'real world problems', and knock on effects, including credit ratings, if you do not pay your bills. ( Where was the support to resist masks, lockdowns, tests, work contract changes, pub and shop closures etc? And the supermarkets making a fortune from llockdowns and the price of petrol? ) What is the purpose of Ofgem? "Ofgem is the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets. Our role is to protect consumers by working to deliver a greener, fairer energy system. Our organisational strategy and objectives for protecting consumers, supporting decarbonisation and improving the energy system." "The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) regulates the monopoly companies which run the gas and electricity networks. It takes decisions on price controls and enforcement, acting in the interests of consumers and helping the industries to achieve environmental improvements."
  15. I'm particularly interested in the warnings of the cost of energy bills. A lot of the same language as with convid. Prices could rise to this amount in October and January!! We must do something before it's too late!! No not we. The government must save us
  16. Yes, it's the same old, isn't it? I wouldn't mind a penny for every time I've heard the mention of Ukraine, and I say that as someone with Ukraine roots. These countries are always used and thrown aside. I heard again last week that we're the 5th richest country. I detest globalisation. If you work out the debt of the UK and USA and divided it per head? The figures are astonishing. Someone in the media finally mentioned the cost of the new debt already, when you add on the current interest rates.
  17. Interesting part of the ongoing crisis script ... that Liz Truss and Sunak are said to be in favour of either tax cuts or grants / handouts, respectively. "The problem is we are in the middle of this leadership campaign." ( The process cannot be speeded up, even in an emergency, etc ) It's part of the Conservative constitution. "They know the hardship people are facing" ... "Consider what package you can afford. Having spent 400 billion on the pandemic, and then Ukraine, there's not much room for manouevere. The government can't help everyone. People are going to have to get used to it. It's importent to help those really in need." Geoffrey Clifton Brown MP
  18. Thank you, yes, they certainly need us to jump aboard. Every news channel is promoting the don't pay 'movement' - and the energy crisis - and fear fear fear distraction ... The media is going 1000 miles an hour now. So many interesting soundbites of course, here's just one; "The government should put their hand in their pocket and pay people's bills" March 2020 - People are dying August 2022 - People are struggling Anyone would think these are new things, but yes, they broadcast it loud and clear when they're setting the traps. Three times I heard about a zombie government and even a zombie shopping centre.
  19. I saw that The Illuminator liked one of the posts, and now I'm reminded that I haven't looked up Matt or Peter in a little while, and I've usually got a lot of time for both of them. While there are people like that in England, it's not all bad. It can't be? There are so many really good men around that it's hard to keep up with them all. We've all got something money can't buy ...
  20. The Illuminator One of the nice things about likes is that they remind me of threads that I enjoyed, and it opens me up to having another look at something that I might have forgotten for a while. Ah, and Bob, he's priceless.
  21. Thank you Morpheus. I hear you; I agree about his vaccine, and that was the only time really that I winced when I thought of him, however I've read and listened to his views since the last century and on balance, he has warned of much that has come to pass. No-one agrees on it all, and I like to listen to those who I disagree with. Re; hitchens I agree on much more than many others. For the first year or two he constantly banged the same tone of drum with a lot of us, and opened up some great debates and sharing of information on his blog for instance. Catch you in a bit Morpheus.
  22. Peter Hitchens is on talkradio at 11 am, saying it's not a cost of living crisis its a cost of lockdown crisis. With respect, he has shouted this and similar for years now.
  23. Afgjsnistan: One year on Since the taleban takeover, the number of new born deaths and miscarriages almost double in parts of the country where women weak from hunger are losing babies. China's Hawaii lockdown More than 80,000 tourists are stranded in a resort after a coronavirus outbreak sparks a lockdown. Prof Yanzhong Huang Senior Fellow for Global Health, Council on Foreign Relations "All the cases are mild"
  24. I'd lost track of the latest on the US climate policy, and just saw the breaking news on the BBC; the US has passed the climate bill in the senate; a man in the clip said "the world will be a better place for my grandchildren." (For their grandchildren) Presenter; "Channelling billions of dollars towards ambitious clean energy goals" I saw this; The Inflation Reduction Act includes $369bn (£305bn) for climate action - the largest investment in US history. It's authors say it will reduce US carbon emissions by 40% by 2030. It now needs to be approved by the house, which will be easy apparently. I watched all the theatre over the years, the USA pretending that they weren't going along with this, to give the protestors something to focus on. Ha ha. We won, we did it. I'm kidding, but a lot of do-gooders will think they really achieved something to save the world from destruction, and us all from certain death.
  25. I like using cash, and I do that unless there is no other option. I avoid one shop now because of their hysteria over using and touching cash since 2020. The last time I took the right amount of cash in there, they eventually reluctantly accepted it. I was just short of putting it on the counter and leaving, but I tried diplomacy first. I try to support one shop that is cash only. I spoke to a take-away that mentioned the bank costs of customers using cards, and they refuse to use delivery companies because they take up to 30% in charges? I would not use a card to buy something from a small company, that is common sense to me. I know that once cash is gone all of the charges will increase. 'We' are buying our own rope to hang ourselves when we refuse to stand by as many small principles as we can when it comes to siphoning off our cash to the corporations.
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