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  1. The significance of 21/12/2020 alignment is very obvious, as David explained is his another brilliant video. My idea is to use this time, and make a special live broadcast with David, and others if possible, and talk about the positive outcome for human kind, earth, and simply concentrate on nature of reality to help people realize who we really are. This would be the opposite of what the cult is doing, and I believe it would be much more powerful, as the power of pure alignment is millions time greater than dense low vibrations. I would take this further and do a live podcast every time there
  2. No it's not photoshopped, that dude is me and I'm trying to be funny on this picture, as I explained in my post I was clueless then. I'm still not sure what it was, I'm sure it's part of a ritual that were performed, and probably still are in Burnham Beeches, UK.
  3. This is a picture I took over 10 years ago in Burnham Beeches, outside Slough UK. Yes I was absolutely clueless at the time, had no idea what I came across, but I was at least conscious enough to take a picture, stupid as I was at least I have a proof of horrific rituals taking place in Burnham Beeches park. David talked about this place in his books, and I had a "pleasure" of living close to it, and going there for walks on regular basis. When you talk about synchronicity, I took this picture just when I started hearing about conspiracy from random people, and this is when my awakening begin.
  4. "They know who we are, they will find out! We have friends in a government, they will help us" said my "schizophrenic" uncle not long ago. My uncle has started to connect with very low, dense vibrations, he always listened to heavy metal music, loved to drink too much, and get into fight etc. He also had interest in ancient cultures, especially south American, Egyptian etc. he also loved reading and watching horrors. At the same time he was very talented in drawing, painting and arts but unfortunately he went the wrong way, and instead of raising his vibrations he lowered them to a point
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