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  1. How about This for something a little more grassroots!
  2. I just describe myself on my dating profile as nonconformist, it would be nice to connect with someone like minded but all i seen to get shown are shallow people obsessed with there image.
  3. They did the same thing in Spain with the tourist shops, all tat now made in china and sold by Chinese vendors
  4. Anyone have anymore news on this? I watched the video and it is pure dinamite
  5. Think RT covered it a few days ago but not seen anything about it anywhere else on the MSM.
  6. You just have to ask yourself who would benefit most from this disaster? who wouldn't care if 1000's of Arabs starve to death in fact who would that be a benefit to? Only the one country springs to mind! I said from the start what we are being told in the media and what happened are two very different things. Who controls the media and what country do they have elegance to?
  7. Where did i say in my 1st post I wanted migrants Dead? Putting peoples life a risk! don't make me laugh. they put themselves at risk by getting in those boats in the 1st place leaving a safe country for perceived economic gain. They need stopping, and if the government wont do there duty in that regard the the citizenry must do it.
  8. I'm sorry but I disagree. You said it yourself Migrants not refugees. they are leaving a safe country, France for economic reasons not there safety. ethics has nothing to do with it. you pop a few inflatable boats making sure the french coastguard are close enough to respond, You don't want the migrants dead that would be pointless you want then to go back to France to tell the other migrants not to bother as they'll get sunk half way across.
  9. I honestly believe its a form of punishment for daring to leave the EU. Im certain they are getting help from the french authorities if not they are turning a blind eye at the very least. What we need is direct action, our coastguard are fucking useless on many occasions meeting the invaders half way and bringing them the rest, what we need is our fishing fleet to ram a few boats and pop a few inflatables send the message to the invaders that if the fishing boats catch you your fucked.
  10. Well that's 15 minuets of my life wasted going through that, very basic programming to show the sheeple there brave new world. I'm so glad I don't pay a TV license so at least I'm not contributing to that crap
  11. Over 70 confirmed dead now but its going to be into the 100's at least. not fireworks but ammonium-nitrate apparently and 22000 tone of the stuff has just been mentioned. I remember what about a tonne of the stuff did to Manchester city center back in the 90's. All that said this smells bad to me.
  12. Think that's fairly standard for the MSM now. deflate figures that don't support the official narrative and inflate the ones that do. but as you say looks like people are waking up, least in Germany
  13. Everyone round here seems to be ignoring it, was out today and walked into a local shopping center was about 60% of the few people walking around wearing masks I being one of the 40% not. walked to the store i was going to and all they had was a new sign saying anyone who is not exempt is asked to ware a mask. I got my shopping went to the checkout paid and left no one challenged me, if they did id just say medical exemption. Ps I believe Tesco has a policy in place not to challenge non mask wearers. Morrison's however will challenge and refuse entry for anyone without a medical cert. vote with your feet folks and boycott Morrison's
  14. Definitely worth your persistence. Excellent post.
  15. From what i can gather from reading basket cases post the Forum was taken down again, the Mods/Admin managed to get it back up but I'm guessing still with the very high security level hence the blocking. it should all improve over the coming days as the mods/admin get it all back in hand.
  16. Yay we are back!!! WTF Basket another hack? i thought the forum was just down for the switch over. Good on the mods and admin for sorting it, was pulling my hair out for a few days there lol.
  17. Sounds like a good way to go with this and the new forum/social running, that way everybody should be happy. I know this must have brought you lots of stress to sort out but this forum is a lifeline to many and you can see from the strong words being thrown around that we where very worried about loosing it.
  18. Thanks for the update. I don't think anyone minds a little wait longer so long as all the issues brought forth by the mods and others get ironed out.
  19. Yet another delay according to Gareth's latest post, but from what the mods have said about the new forum ant its faults i don't think another 48 hours of tinkering is going to fix it.
  20. Well I bet there is a group of people somewhere in a certain middle eastern country creaming themselves right about now as they watch this forum fall apart. @Ink i hope you do manage to save something of this forum as I have no interest in what the new so called forum will be. If not I think i may take a wander over to @Grumpy Owl 's new forum and see if i can settle in there.
  21. This is all very disappointing news indeed, So are the Mods saying it is unlikely to now go live on Monday, or it will still go live but is an nunavicatable mess? Thanks to the Mods for the bata testing bet your pulling your hair out after 10 hours of it.
  22. Just been out in my local town and id say less than 5% of the people i saw walking around where wearing masks, totally different situation with the staff in shops tho with about 90% wearing them.
  23. https://www.rt.com/uk/493017-glasgow-major-incident-police/
  24. Here we go again. wernt the police there doubble quick to take the stabber down.
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