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  1. 42 minutes ago, screamingeagle said:

    i don't know if it's to late,but i do think it's worth a try(just so you can be prepared for whatever they come up with next!!!

    Dont think its too late, if you have some tech experience and some unused hardware your old gaming rig for example its worth giving it a try. im using an old xeon blade server to mine Dougecoin that came of the back of a scrap metal truck for free. they are only worth about 50 cent each but bitcoin was only worth cents once. once i have a reasonable amount of cripto ill convert it into gold which is my main saving asset.

  2. I was watching a report on India on The Last American Vagabonds channel. he was showing a video of empty hospitals and people on the ground reporting it was all BS just like in the UK last year. he also showed a heartening piece where a village chased the police and medics who had arrived to coerce them into taking the vaccine out of the village. They had to leg it under a hale of sticks and rocks!! Respect for those people.

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  3. 19 minutes ago, Curious1 said:

    I think power supply could certainly be an issue in the not so distant future. We are being encouraged to stop using wood burners, making us fully reliant on the grid. The situation in Texas has got me thinking about what might happen in the UK. I have a couple of fireplaces, once boarded over that have been opened up, although would need to fit a log burner to be usable or something similar that could facilitate cooking also, I am thinking of doing this and getting a supply of logs. 

    I don't keep a long-term supply of food, I get what I need for the next week or so, but the periods of panic buying and not being able to get the basics for a while have made me think about getting some cheap bulk items like pasta etc. 

    If those chimneys have not been used in a while I highly recommend you get them swept before you attempt to use them. you can do it yourself like i do, a cheap set of brushes and rods is only about 30 quid.  if its a nice big fireplace just get a dog grate to start with or make a log-burner out of an old propane tank.

    Pasta is always good for a food store as well as rice. good to get ready for the worst.

  4. That's the attitude BC Stick to your guns and don't take any bullshit. I'm with eon at home and have told them straight I'm not interested in having smart meters installed and if they send me any more "information" on smart meters i will take that as harassment and contact my solicitor and move both my electric and gas over to British gas who already provide the services at my rentals, I'm a small time landlord myself and have prepayment meters in my rentals, my tenants prefer it as they are on low income and it helps them budget and non want a smart meter.

  5. Do you get to pick your supplier or do you have to use who the housing association say?

    Trouble is its a rented property the owner of the property, in this case the local housing accusation not the tenant gets the decision. however if you can pick your own supplier i cant see how they can then demand you have a smart meter

  6. 1 hour ago, Jikwan said:

    Now that you mention it......the way they been handling this vaccination-of-the-whole world....very messy, stop and start, filming nurses collapsing after been injected, advertizing people getting sick and dying after the jab, letting everyone know the poisinous contents of the vacc, nurses refusing it etc.......this, im suspecting is to make them react, revolt to the point where they bring out the military and force worldwide 24hr curfew. The curfew.....millitary enforced... was always their objective.

    Thinking like this the wont be any injections.

    Under this curfew they switch EVERYTHING off.

    You leave your house, the drones detect your exact position, send a couple of soldiers and bang bang

    Starvation/dehydration/freeze to death

    Simple, easy and cheap


    I could be wrong. I could be right.

    Interesting times

    Its almost like you want them to win with that defeatist attitude.

    I will not be doing ether of the above options i will be fighting for my life, they may take me out eventually but i will be a serious thorn in there side 1st.

    Anyone with some basic engineering skills could knock up a flame thrower, and anyone with reasonable knowledge of chemistry could knock up an IED

    also look into the tack ticks of the Vietcong and the Mujaheddin horrific but physiologically very effective.

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  7. There is some truth in what OZ is saying, generators can be noisy mine is in a building about 50 yards from the house and cant be herd by me or the neighbors with the doors closed. if you have a cellar under the house it would be quite possible to install in a soundproof manner the biggest issue would be air intake and exhaust.

    PV can be very good even in the UK but a good solar system with a decent battery bank and inverter is going to be way more expensive than a good used gen-set.

  8. What are you planning to power from it? if its to keep your lights on and freezer running stay away from small two stroke petrol ones, they are cheep but basically crap. Personally I have a very old diesel generator with an old Lister single cylinder air cooled diesel engine driving a 5KW generator.  It can power my whole house if I'm careful what i plug in at any one time. the best thing is being a very simple engine it will happy run on veg oil, heating oil, i even ran it on a mix of old engine oil and petrol. so even if the pumps are all closed i can find/make fuel to run it.

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  9. 19 hours ago, magu said:

    what is really puzzling me is that here at least a huge percentage of people know that its all a fake ,that the WEF and various other alphabetti agencies are actually putting a a worldwide set of events together for a pre determined outcome...many people over the months have posted enough evidence to blow out of the water anything the government states as fact......and heres the puzzling part....nobody is talking about how its going to be stopped...there are a few posts as in 'fend for yourself' but that doesn't quite explain peoples reticence to discuss exactly how they see it ending....has the brainwashing been so complete that its too big a question for mere mortals to contemplate ?....are they expecting celestial angels/superheros/somebody else to come along and ''make it allright again'' ...im truly baffled.....no one seems to be looking ahead more than today


    Is it all just another space filler for people to keep on posting endlessly about pcr tests ? does it help them and does it help others ? and please dont tell me there might be someone who doesnt know...its too late for that in the UK ...the vaccinations have already started


    Most people are aware of the worldwide situation who are regulars here however i do see some disconnect because people of the USA are having a different but almost the same as the people of Canada who are having ....you get my drift


    Maybe i ought to start a thread with the question..''how do you see yourself in the post vaccination world'' ?

    Unfortunately people in general don't have the stomach for what needs to be done to put a stop to this. while they have crap on tv to watch and food in there bellies they are content to just spew bile on forums like this, for us who are ready to do what is necessary the time for action isn't now its when those bellies are empty and there contentment has gone.

  10. 20 hours ago, Tom bombadil said:

    Let them go nuclear.  It won't effect me unless they stop making batteries or panels.  But then I'll just make my own turbine instead.  I will drive around in what I choose. Cameras on poles or inside parked vans will see either angle grinders or Molotov's.  I don't need to drive to the other side of the country (unless I do 😏 ) so only those in a small area need be destroyed.

    That's the spirit Tom and my attitude to tyranny. They can do as they like provided they leave me alone and don't impede on my lifestyle, the moment they do, well they are going to be in for a whole heap of hurt. they may take me down eventually but i can guarantee there losses will be grater first.

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  11. Its interesting that just a few weeks ago the farmers where all complaining they would have 1000's of unsalable birds as the Covid crap meant fewer large family gatherings. this seems to have conveniently sorted that problem for them. and I'm sure they are insured for such things as avian flue whereas lack of sales due to Covid would be on them.

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