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  1. Is Piers becoming a bit of a hit with the youth? most people i can see in that pic look under 30. No bad thing. If the youth start taking notice of him it can only help the fight!
  2. Look at the gunman, they barely come up to the height of the top of the police car. Its either a child or a midget.
  3. If you have the time to do it I think its an excellent idea. if it only gets a few to start questioning, it is worth it.
  4. No! They portray him as a conspiracy nutter, they know he isn't but they portray him as such to try to dissuade people from listening to him. if more people listened there masters plans would be over.
  5. Only person of note i can find him in a picture with is prince harry. Cant find anything with Johnson or the Maybot
  6. in the context used it just means you brought an old thread back to peoples attention. not bringing your post to attention.
  7. Its an alphabet company so of course they are controlled. I too use DuckDuckGo I also use Pale Moon for my browser.
  8. Most but not all have gone along with it. Belarus springs to mind. called out the WHO and the EMF so guess what! The world says that the dictator must be removed! I'm surprised Russia went along with the BS, but sadly that really just goes to show even mighty Russia is just another puppet state for the PTB.
  9. He doesn't do very well in that kind of high pressure interview.
  10. I believe if Trump was on the level and what the Q brigade think he is them he would of been JFK'd by now. What he is, is the figure head the PTB need to keep the people fighting among themselves. if the people did stop fighting among themselves they would soon see the real enemy and it would be over for the PTB. And if I'm wrong and he's the real deal. well "back and to the left"
  11. Just a bit of fun! BBC British Brainwashing corporation British Bullshit corporation Biased Broadcasting corporation Can anyone come up with anymore?
  12. Think you are spot on there, 77th brigade will be on the ready after Davids speech in London at the rally. lets just hope that is outweighed by the number of people hearing him speak then finding this forum.
  13. I get the feeling we wont see that member back again. why take the effort to sign up and the just post that? makes no sense to me.
  14. Thanks for posting Excellent speech by David the crowds reaction was fantastic, the numbers in attendance looked impressive too and of every colour and creed represented! If the BBC do cover it it will be reported as a few dozen hard right white supremacists in attendance lol
  15. We seem to be getting a 2nd wave of bad weather in the uk. very high winds and driving rain in the North West where i live. Had the felt blown off the roof of my summerhouse last lime and only just re-felted it. if it carries on like this ill be doing it again.
  16. Yes this happened to me a few years back. Took over a week for the money to be returned but I did get it back.
  17. As someone else just said, edit your video in its native format then re-render it. I use mp4 at 1080P for my uploads and it cuts the file size down quite significantly from uploading the raw files and YouTube will re-render it anyway. Enjoying your videos keep it up.
  18. Both devices I believe have magnesium cases, the iPad definitely has. Think you had a fluke lightning strike and those devices would make ideal grounding points. and both devices contain lithium batteries which would accelerate the fire. it must have been a very traumatic experience hope it all gets sorted for you ASAP!
  19. Very dangerous things oily rags, they can literately self ignite. We had a rule at work that they where to be placed in a bucket of water after use after we nearly had a nasty fire at work over a weekend.
  20. This does get me a little miffed. I'm self employed (Property Maintenance among other things) I didn't shutdown during lock-down and haven't claimed any money. I just hope the people who have claimed while still working get bitten in the ass if a few years time over it. but realistically we will all end up paying for it.
  21. @oz93666 with the torch its the PWM circuitry that causes that flicker, its really noticeable if filming using one on anything but full power I think dimable mains LED bulbs also use PWM so think that could be the cause of the flicker in them.
  22. Took a trip to Morrisons to have a half price fish and chips for my lunch today, as I approached the entrance I reached into my pocket for my phone to show the goon on the door my phony exemption. the goon mumbled something about no mask no entry to which I said medical exemption and went to turn on my phone before i could the goon apologized and said go on through. I joined the small queue at the cafe couple of people in the queue in-front of me, after a couple of minuets a manager walked past. Can you put you mask on please you can only remove it when seated at a table, he said in a condensing voice and getting well within 1mtr of me, I replied I have a medical exemption and can you please step away as you are clearly closer than 1mtr. He jumped back so quick he nearly toppled over the ridiculous barriers they have erected. anyway I get to the coffee machine get my coffee get to the till to order my fish and chips only to be told ill have to stand with my coffee until a table is available and food will take up to 40 minuets. I put my coffee down at the till and walk out drive 10 minuets down the road to a little independent eat in chippy. I walk in mask less, no questions no odd looks order my fish and chips, its a bit more expensive but as the government are paying half fuck it! sit down and its brought over. I wasn't asked to fill in any tracing bullshit (i was going to be Ivor Biggun in Morrisons) I finished my meal and left. Fuck going to Morrisons for my fish and chips again.
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