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  1. Its interesting that just a few weeks ago the farmers where all complaining they would have 1000's of unsalable birds as the Covid crap meant fewer large family gatherings. this seems to have conveniently sorted that problem for them. and I'm sure they are insured for such things as avian flue whereas lack of sales due to Covid would be on them.
  2. I am quite surprised that video is still up on youtube, we cant have truth getting out can we!
  3. You cant really blame the progressives tho, in one way you should pity them, they have been brainwashed from an early age by the media and the uneducation system. but sadly i think its too late for them the brainwashing goes too deep to reverse with most of them.
  4. I agree stick with yellow and confuse the fuckers, better still go on ebay and get an ex police high viz. (they have the police insignia removed so they cant do you for impersonating a police officer for wearing one) I too think we need a mass protest in all major cities at the same time and date. If we thin there numbers out they are in a seriously weekend position.
  5. That's what i do too. its very pure if you do it correctly.
  6. Exactly. there is a massive difference between insighting people to commit wanton acts of violence and encouraging people to stand up against the violence inflicted upon them by the PTB's lackeys.
  7. Was listening to George Galloway last night and one of the polls was when would Kamala take over. Someone pointed out if she was to take over in the 1st two years then she would only be able to run once again if however she was to take over after Biden had served two years then she would be able to run twice so potentially have a 10 year presidency
  8. There was someone behind the black car he passed behind who he switched folders with?
  9. Vienna just had an attack at least 7 dead multiple gunmen apparently.
  10. Well the south would be fucked but where i am up north it'd be fine. Be pure justice tbh what with London locking down the north with all the covid crap
  11. Well there has just been a massive earthquake (7.2 is pretty massive) effecting both Turkey and Grease.
  12. Didn't know that and i thought i was fairly well up on Islam Yea think there where more spooks behind this than there where Islamic fundamentalists, no true believer of islam would attack a church, Jesus is a profit in islam and is respected in the fath.
  13. https://jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/gwyneth-paltrow-lampooned-on-new-spitting-image/
  14. That is exactly how it should be but what i think will happen is the government will sell licenses to fish uk waters back to the EU, So the government get a boost to there coffers and the uk public get shafted again.
  15. Couple of good videos going over it here. Louis Rossmann goes into the legalities of who owns the data from a repair shop perspective
  16. I don't know I think my car keys diaper into another dimension every time i'm in a hurry to go somewhere.
  17. Oz is right I call BS on this, its an interesting science experiment nothing more. a combination of a slow news day and some scientists wanting some publicity so there research grants don't dry up
  18. I've just been able to download both episodes via Redit and someones google drive.
  19. Does seem broken. most of Dr Colman's videos seemed to play ok apart from the latest too. i tried some other channels on there and non i tried would play.
  20. Wear a face mask! they cant tell you to take it off coz covid lol. I believe a group in London where using makeup to confuse facial recognition very much like WW1 warships used.
  21. Install a VPN so you can be outside the UK while being in the UK
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