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  1. I've just been able to download both episodes via Redit and someones google drive.
  2. Does seem broken. most of Dr Colman's videos seemed to play ok apart from the latest too. i tried some other channels on there and non i tried would play.
  3. Wear a face mask! they cant tell you to take it off coz covid lol. I believe a group in London where using makeup to confuse facial recognition very much like WW1 warships used.
  4. Install a VPN so you can be outside the UK while being in the UK
  5. No! while your on the ground you kick the bully as hard as you can in the side of the knee, the pain is so severe he falls to the ground you then get a few kicks into the face and any other soft and squishy parts of the body you can get up and leave him in a pool of his own blood. you did have steel toecap shows on didn't you? I did as a kid and anyone who fucked with me regretted it no matter there size or age. Reminds me of a vid i watched of a jock in the US bullying a little weedy kid throwing his book to the ground and laughing to his mates. turns out the weedy kit is a martial arts expert, one flying kick to the head and the jock is KO'd the kid then calmly picks his books up leaving the jock unconscious on the floor.
  6. Dont forget BoJo is actually talking about cancelling Christmas if we are not all good little boys and girls and where our masks. The last thing we should be doing is capitulating. calibrate Christmas like never before but buy local support your community and fuck listening to authority.
  7. ill give it a go now. Edit Yep worked for me but only gave it couple of minuets
  8. I live in the Penines at one of the highest points in the uk. BRING IT ON!!! lol.
  9. I take it this is what was developed into the voice of god technology as used by the US in the 1st gulf war.
  10. Anyone with even basic engineering skills could knock up a flame thrower. also ISIS have a wonderfully devastating weapon known as a hall cannon, again relatively simple for someone with basic engineering skills to construct. so there are plenty of ways even a disarmed population like the uk could fight back. I like the idea of obtaining advanced tach but in the meantime there of plenty of lo tech and no so lo tech, imagine the mess even a small drone would make of a jet engine if it flew into the intake! solutions.
  11. I think its a fucking excellent idea, Soon as they arrive ship them off to that rock, bet it wont be long before they will want to return to there homeland.
  12. I have to agree, The time is coming when the only choices will be to submit or fight back. people have to remember there are a hell of a lot more of us than there of of them. Don't underestimate the Beagle said the Fox, it may be a placid animal when on its own but a pack of them can tare a Fox to pieces. If We the people are the Beadles then the elite and there underlings are the Foxes.
  13. Lol when I read the title I wasn't expecting the mentioned dirty laundry was actual dirty laundry Very interesting regarding the occult significance of it. thanks for posting it up. edit i shouldn't but i will anyway lol. What would you expect, they are Jews after all
  14. For off grid living in the UK you couldn't do much wrong by checking this guy out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5iNSo8ml7fq31t3K6m5Vgw pretty much 100% off grid water waste and electricity.
  15. Escape to where tho? most of the world is as fucked as the UK. Better the devil you know I say!
  16. I couldn't do my job without one. actually i have two, a tiny Vauxhall Agila with a 3 cylinder engine £60 road tax and cheap insurance, that's my daily driver and work vehicle. my Land Rover is from 1972 although the engine is a turbo diesel from the 90's. Its both Tax and MOT exempt and insurance is under £200 a year I just do it to save aggravation, not sure where you are in the UK but round here there are plenty of jobsworths who delight in it, I'm a fairly big guy so most leave me alone and go bother someone obviously weaker than them Mine is a 1972 Norman 23 cabin cruiser it costs less in river tax and mooring fees than it costs to keep a caravan in storage. costs me just under £1000 a year I use it for holidays so well worth it. you don't need a permanent mooring just the river tax but you do have to move moorings every two weeks but can use any public mooring in the uk. I have a Chinese army speck (same as Chinese army use as a training weapon) .22 air rifle which is at the uk legal limit, its perfectly capable of taking down a rabbit. in fact i prefer it for small game to a shotgun.
  17. You seem to have done very much as myself. I'm also self employed and grow my own fruit and veg, fortunately i have a large garden. I live on the border between suburbia and a rural aria so if things get desperate i can hunt small game (Plenty of wild rabbits and wood pigeons) I have an old Land-rover with a diesel engine and the equipment to make biodiesel (i also have a diesel generator for when the lights go out) I also have my boat moored on the canal about five miles away so if the shit really does hit the fan i could with a little effort get up the Manchester ship canal and onto the sea. (my boat is a coastal vessel so capable) I never where a mask, I've a phony exemption cert on my phone but have never had to show it, in fact on the very few times Ive been challenged the very act of saying I'm exempt and reaching for my phone has been enough for them to apologize and let me pass. some may call me a prepper but I see it more as you have put it, a rebel in plain site
  18. Bring it on! Got me a chainsaw and rifle. Gonna look like Ash from Evil Dead lol.
  19. Ive noticed certain items have become scarce near me. Paracetamol as mentioned but peanut butter is like gold round here at the moment had to go to four stores before i could get a jar. I one thing that is in very short supply and the one thing that is causing me problems is timber. its seriously hurting my business. the prices have nearly doubled and no one has any stocks, soon as a delivery arrives its gone. least I'm not worried about food Ive a chest freezer packed with meat and a garden full of veg so at least i wont starve lol.
  20. This is the main reason I will not have a smart meter installed. Gonna piss a lot of people off when they cant use there AC or electric cooker!
  21. What about brandnewtube both David Icke and Vernon Coleman are on there, maybe worth a look.
  22. When your delving into the shit David is you aint got no time to worry about stains lol
  23. Think it's made of fiberglass, would light up a treat with a little accelerant!
  24. @Jack Yea I suspect midget too the run is a dead give away. No cant be many midget antifa or BLM members out there but you can guarantee his comrades will have him well hidden by now.
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