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  1. 19 hours ago, magu said:

    what is really puzzling me is that here at least a huge percentage of people know that its all a fake ,that the WEF and various other alphabetti agencies are actually putting a a worldwide set of events together for a pre determined outcome...many people over the months have posted enough evidence to blow out of the water anything the government states as fact......and heres the puzzling part....nobody is talking about how its going to be stopped...there are a few posts as in 'fend for yourself' but that doesn't quite explain peoples reticence to discuss exactly how they see it ending....has the brainwashing been so complete that its too big a question for mere mortals to contemplate ?....are they expecting celestial angels/superheros/somebody else to come along and ''make it allright again'' ...im truly baffled.....no one seems to be looking ahead more than today


    Is it all just another space filler for people to keep on posting endlessly about pcr tests ? does it help them and does it help others ? and please dont tell me there might be someone who doesnt know...its too late for that in the UK ...the vaccinations have already started


    Most people are aware of the worldwide situation who are regulars here however i do see some disconnect because people of the USA are having a different but almost the same as the people of Canada who are having ....you get my drift


    Maybe i ought to start a thread with the question..''how do you see yourself in the post vaccination world'' ?

    Unfortunately people in general don't have the stomach for what needs to be done to put a stop to this. while they have crap on tv to watch and food in there bellies they are content to just spew bile on forums like this, for us who are ready to do what is necessary the time for action isn't now its when those bellies are empty and there contentment has gone.

  2. 20 hours ago, Tom bombadil said:

    Let them go nuclear.  It won't effect me unless they stop making batteries or panels.  But then I'll just make my own turbine instead.  I will drive around in what I choose. Cameras on poles or inside parked vans will see either angle grinders or Molotov's.  I don't need to drive to the other side of the country (unless I do 😏 ) so only those in a small area need be destroyed.

    That's the spirit Tom and my attitude to tyranny. They can do as they like provided they leave me alone and don't impede on my lifestyle, the moment they do, well they are going to be in for a whole heap of hurt. they may take me down eventually but i can guarantee there losses will be grater first.

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  3. Its interesting that just a few weeks ago the farmers where all complaining they would have 1000's of unsalable birds as the Covid crap meant fewer large family gatherings. this seems to have conveniently sorted that problem for them. and I'm sure they are insured for such things as avian flue whereas lack of sales due to Covid would be on them.

  4. 17 hours ago, Duewy said:

    You got to see this history in the making.

    Say what you want about Trump but he is taking on the whole Cabal alone...


    Please record the video and save it on other platforms 

    I am quite surprised that video is still up on youtube, we cant have truth getting out can we!

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  5. 3 minutes ago, Firebird said:

    This may or may not be controversial here, but I prefer countries/societies that stick to one culture, broadly. It creates stability. Just looking at all the European cities can tell me enough. That replacement in London is not anything about extinction though as more white people move to the countryside.


    I think the biggest issue is there's a lot of progressives, white progressives, that hate their own race. They have this 'white guilt', and they also hate their history and Christianity. They also hate the rural and are often urban dwellers. They have such a hate for their own roots that indeed they would accept millions of Africans and Asians and idolize the poor black and brown people while totally vilifying poor white people. It's pretty obvious what is going on. Just ask a white progressive about their views on poor black and brown folks and poor white folks. They hate the white worker class.

    You cant really blame the progressives tho, in one way you should pity them, they have been brainwashed from an early age by the media and the uneducation system. but sadly i think its too late for them the brainwashing goes too deep to reverse with most of them.

  6. 48 minutes ago, Rachel Underhill said:

    I think yellow is best as it is the colour the police are wearing. Psychologically it will affect them.  Some years ago when confronted by a whole load of police lined up in riot gear a friend began barking orders like the top cop and all the police were suddenly confused. It worked then but maybe not now.  It is obvious the police are trying to get a reaction from the crowd when they drag off some old dear or anyone in these protests. I haven't forgot Johnson bought 10 water cannons when he was Mayor he's prob dying to have a reason to use them.  Local protests would be ideal all over the country on the same days.

    I agree stick with yellow and confuse the fuckers, better still go on ebay and get an ex police high viz. (they have the police insignia removed so they cant do you for impersonating a police officer for wearing one) I too think we need a mass protest in all major cities at the same time and date. If we thin there numbers out they are in a seriously weekend position.

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  7. On 11/11/2020 at 1:46 PM, magu said:

    quite simple....recover your own gold as i do.....simple chemicals (all you need isnt banned ..yet) all the knowledge you require is online ...and once you know where to look its amazing where it can be found (i'm in the UK btw so panning and mining is effectively out of the question for me)


    As to investing in property...i'd put that on hold for a while...if there is any truth in the ultimate goal of debt forgiveness property will be a whole heap of trouble

    That's what i do too. its very pure if you do it correctly.

  8. 1 hour ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

    Violence no, force yes.

    Stand down, trust the plan - FTS!


    We must be ready to fight for our freedom and our values, our wives and our children.


    No-one here is a 'hater', I respect everyone's right to have a view whether I agree with them or not. Bastards.

    Exactly. there is a massive difference between insighting people to commit wanton acts of violence and encouraging people to stand up against the violence inflicted upon them by the PTB's lackeys.

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  9. On 10/30/2020 at 10:18 AM, Janet W said:

    No comet or asteroid in site. What else might it be? Maybe a masive earthquake?


    Two days left. If nothing happens will the propagators of this story fess up and apologise or just wriggle, point to something relatively minor and claim it was that?

    Well there has just been a massive earthquake (7.2 is pretty massive) effecting both Turkey and Grease.

  10. 2 hours ago, Truthspoon said:

    It's the prophet Mohammed's birthday today....


    Most normal Muslims spend this time with their families and exchanging gifts.


    It's a bit like somebody deciding to murder people in the name of Jesus on Christmas day....


    As usual there's probably a false flag, hidden hand behind this.... I don't believe these things are representative of genuine grass-roots Muslims.



    Didn't know that and i thought i was fairly well up on Islam 

    2 hours ago, FVCK BILLY G4TES said:

    As soon as I saw that freemasonic Rothschild banking shitbag Macron bash Islam on stage, I knew that something was up. 


    Most muslims (I would assume) just want to live a peaceful life and to practice their religion. Would've thought Islam would stop being the west's whipping boy by now but I guess that's wishful thinking, no mention of Judaism though which actually has violent and supremacist doctrine but that's a different subject all together.


    Don't buy this shit whatsoever. Bin Laden once said Al Qaeda was responsible for 911 and look how fat of a lie that was.

    Yea think there where more spooks behind this than there where Islamic fundamentalists, no true believer of islam would attack a church, Jesus is a profit in islam and is respected in the fath.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    The UK Government is missing a trick with the whole business of fishing.


    The UK fishing industry has been decimated over the years, as we allowed EU trawlers into our waters to catch our fish (and then sell them back to us) while having to contend with restrictive 'quotas' and other regulations.


    We clearly have an 'asset' that the EU desires, namely our fish.


    So it should be quite simple: YOU want our fish, WE'LL catch them and SELL them to you.


    UK Gov should be making plans to revive and rebuild our once great fishing industry - think of all the jobs that would be created in shipbuilding and manning the fishing boats.


    Coastal villages, towns and cities will attract people looking for work - not just 'migrant workers', but an opportunity for the UK unemployed to retrain and learn new skills.


    That's how I see it. Perhaps I'm being too idealistic.

    That is exactly how it should be but what i think will happen is the government will sell licenses to fish uk waters  back to the EU, So the government get a boost to there coffers and the uk public get shafted again.

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