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  1. Tool up an put the little pigies down. As far as i'm concerned as soon as they get that warrant card they are no longer considered human beings anyway.
  2. Oh are the government sending me some more fire lighting paper, excellent! id almost ran out of the fire lighting paper the TV licensing keep sending me
  3. If those chimneys have not been used in a while I highly recommend you get them swept before you attempt to use them. you can do it yourself like i do, a cheap set of brushes and rods is only about 30 quid. if its a nice big fireplace just get a dog grate to start with or make a log-burner out of an old propane tank. Pasta is always good for a food store as well as rice. good to get ready for the worst.
  4. Will be watching your latest video soon as i get chance. they are worth watching rather than just having on in the background. I have enjoyed watching all you have produced so far.
  5. its nothing new its just unusual, apparently last happened about 30 years ago. Sort of shits all over the global warming/climate change narrative tho.
  6. Well you can eat maggot burgers if you like, personally ill be eating proper meat. although I'm quite partial to escargot but that is through choice not cohesion
  7. Most of those people live in 3rd world countries and have no choice or are eaten as a delicacy. this is something totally different.
  8. That's the attitude BC Stick to your guns and don't take any bullshit. I'm with eon at home and have told them straight I'm not interested in having smart meters installed and if they send me any more "information" on smart meters i will take that as harassment and contact my solicitor and move both my electric and gas over to British gas who already provide the services at my rentals, I'm a small time landlord myself and have prepayment meters in my rentals, my tenants prefer it as they are on low income and it helps them budget and non want a smart meter.
  9. Do you get to pick your supplier or do you have to use who the housing association say? Trouble is its a rented property the owner of the property, in this case the local housing accusation not the tenant gets the decision. however if you can pick your own supplier i cant see how they can then demand you have a smart meter
  10. Its almost like you want them to win with that defeatist attitude. I will not be doing ether of the above options i will be fighting for my life, they may take me out eventually but i will be a serious thorn in there side 1st. Anyone with some basic engineering skills could knock up a flame thrower, and anyone with reasonable knowledge of chemistry could knock up an IED also look into the tack ticks of the Vietcong and the Mujaheddin horrific but physiologically very effective.
  11. There is some truth in what OZ is saying, generators can be noisy mine is in a building about 50 yards from the house and cant be herd by me or the neighbors with the doors closed. if you have a cellar under the house it would be quite possible to install in a soundproof manner the biggest issue would be air intake and exhaust. PV can be very good even in the UK but a good solar system with a decent battery bank and inverter is going to be way more expensive than a good used gen-set.
  12. What are you planning to power from it? if its to keep your lights on and freezer running stay away from small two stroke petrol ones, they are cheep but basically crap. Personally I have a very old diesel generator with an old Lister single cylinder air cooled diesel engine driving a 5KW generator. It can power my whole house if I'm careful what i plug in at any one time. the best thing is being a very simple engine it will happy run on veg oil, heating oil, i even ran it on a mix of old engine oil and petrol. so even if the pumps are all closed i can find/make fuel to run it.
  13. Think this has a lot more to do with punishing the uk over brexit than it does over some new strain of a non existent virus. The EU are pissed we haven't caved in yet and this gives them an excellent opportunity to put screws on the UK over Christmas
  14. Reading all this posts I think this poster is the latest incarnation of one of our good old long term trolls. Truegroup seanx one of the 77thbrigade lot anyway.
  15. Not if you know what you are doing with electronics they wont.
  16. Unfortunately people in general don't have the stomach for what needs to be done to put a stop to this. while they have crap on tv to watch and food in there bellies they are content to just spew bile on forums like this, for us who are ready to do what is necessary the time for action isn't now its when those bellies are empty and there contentment has gone.
  17. That's the spirit Tom and my attitude to tyranny. They can do as they like provided they leave me alone and don't impede on my lifestyle, the moment they do, well they are going to be in for a whole heap of hurt. they may take me down eventually but i can guarantee there losses will be grater first.
  18. Its interesting that just a few weeks ago the farmers where all complaining they would have 1000's of unsalable birds as the Covid crap meant fewer large family gatherings. this seems to have conveniently sorted that problem for them. and I'm sure they are insured for such things as avian flue whereas lack of sales due to Covid would be on them.
  19. I am quite surprised that video is still up on youtube, we cant have truth getting out can we!
  20. You cant really blame the progressives tho, in one way you should pity them, they have been brainwashed from an early age by the media and the uneducation system. but sadly i think its too late for them the brainwashing goes too deep to reverse with most of them.
  21. I agree stick with yellow and confuse the fuckers, better still go on ebay and get an ex police high viz. (they have the police insignia removed so they cant do you for impersonating a police officer for wearing one) I too think we need a mass protest in all major cities at the same time and date. If we thin there numbers out they are in a seriously weekend position.
  22. That's what i do too. its very pure if you do it correctly.
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