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  1. Sounds very much like the message from blue states in the us too. same controllers behind it maybe??
  2. yea know what you mean, the little bastards wiped out a lot of my seedlings early on. least my potatoes and tomatoes are doing well and i have plenty of kale growing.
  3. Basically its just part of the control system, they take any differences or individualism away from what they want which is a complaint slave.
  4. I have to say your grandfather had grate wisdom. the only solution to this is as your grandfather said " a complete wipe-out" we need to remove the PTB from all forms of control and if that means total eradication so be it!!!
  5. That's fine I always have a Very large machete with me when i go wild camping, they'll just give me an opportunity to use it for something other than chopping wood.
  6. This is well worth a watch, Gives a good background on the condition of the building prior to collapse.
  7. supposedly his son had a storeroom in the complex. cant find anything else tho
  8. It could just be the rescuers are just putting on a show for the cameras to keep up the pretense they are still looking for survivors when they know to search would be pointless but there would be an outcry from the public if they didn't try. The building pancaked anyone inside went squish. as for the cause remember corrupt officials can be bribed especially by the rich. unless of course the Mcafee link can be proved then anything is possible. Myself I think it was a poorly constructed building which had design flaws from day one and they weren't addressed so it eventually collapsed.
  9. Very interesting I grasp the basic consents of ethereoum (I own a little bit) and from what i can grasp about the tech behind it if Mcafee has indeed created a NFT incorporating all the incriminating info on the eleets basically that info is impossible to scrub. I've followed Mcafee for a long time, Back in the 70's he wrote a lot of either the control system or the booking system (cant remember which) for the US rail system while apparently high on LSD I'm guessing using COBOL which was the language of choice for such things back then. wonder if it still runs on it? the pipeline recentely hacked still did. If so fancy crashing some trains, if the soars code is in that NFT
  10. I have to agree I believe a political or peaceful solution are very unlikely The only real option in my opinion is guerilla warfare it will be much easier to achieve a victory in the US than here in the UK however a flamethrower is surprisingly easy to make and far more devastating to the recipient than a bullet from an assault rifle. Of course people are not ready for this yet but wait till all the repossessions and evictions start!
  11. I needed to get potatoes today I usually get a 7.5 Kg sack for just over £2 from a local independent supermarket. all they had where new potato s in little packs for nearly £2, so i went to Aldi which is the only big supermarket i use. Same story there, all they had where the expensive ones in small packs. unfortunately the earliest of my own crop are a couple of months off of harvest yet. least if things do get worse later in the year I'm pretty sorted for veg.
  12. CB is a good idea, I have a couple as well as PMR and HAM radio gear. however as someone has pointed out as its easy for the PTB to block. What I'm currently looking into is mesh networking using modified android phones, the trouble is you need lots of people to have them for the system to work.
  13. But do you think the new guy will be any better? hes another rabid Zionist who is opposed to any Palestinian state.
  14. Ive been looking into privacy coins recently and am considering building up a rig to mine Monero It has the advantage for small scale minors like myself that you mine it using CPU's and it actively resists ASIC miners. I'm also toying with getting some Piratechain ARRR. But to mine that one you really need an ASIC. I do like the idea of privacy coins which unlike bitcoin are untraceable.
  15. Nether did i, and like you that confirms my suspicions about him. i get the same vibe from Stefan Molyneux but not sure where his stance is on the vax
  16. Freedom Day is the day the sheep put down there masks and pick up bricks and sticks!!!
  17. That sounds very interesting indeed and will be definitely be looking into it myself
  18. interesting not one id come across before. i take it your waiting on an ASIC to arrive. Ive been considering getting an Antminor to try in my doge rig
  19. Dont think its too late, if you have some tech experience and some unused hardware your old gaming rig for example its worth giving it a try. im using an old xeon blade server to mine Dougecoin that came of the back of a scrap metal truck for free. they are only worth about 50 cent each but bitcoin was only worth cents once. once i have a reasonable amount of cripto ill convert it into gold which is my main saving asset.
  20. I know some people on here think cripto is part of the NWO agenda maybe it is maybe it isn't but has anyone tried mining any? Ive been mining Litecoin for a few months now using a homebrew mining rig and am in the process of building another to mine Dogecoin. just wondering on others experiences.
  21. I was watching a report on India on The Last American Vagabonds channel. he was showing a video of empty hospitals and people on the ground reporting it was all BS just like in the UK last year. he also showed a heartening piece where a village chased the police and medics who had arrived to coerce them into taking the vaccine out of the village. They had to leg it under a hale of sticks and rocks!! Respect for those people.
  22. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/14819714/police-officer-sacked-hit-vulnerable-girl-baton/ Absolutely fucking disgusting, the cunt needs hunting down!!! Interestingly I herd about it on a BBC radio2 news builtin but no mention of it on the next hours builtin and no mention could be found on the BBC news website. i had to go to the sun to find the article.
  23. Bloody woman drivers again!!! Sorry but had to be said lol. And yes the captain is a woman, the 1st woman captain in Egypt apparently
  24. Have to agree with OZ, with modern tech it would be possible to give the people the vote on all decisions. The problem is the people in power don't want to relinquish that power, it would have to be taken by force. also any system is open to manipulation hacked phones not voting the way you wanted and suchlike.
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