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  1. They do seem to come in threes don't they. I'm wondering on the anti vaxer angle too. They cant do the white supremacist one this time, He was black.
  2. Fun fact. if you suspect you are going into a situation where you may get Tasered wrap your body in tinfoil, yes i know it sounds ridiculous but its simple physics. electricity always takes the path of least resistance, the body has a higher resistance than tinfoil. Plus as a bonus the taser will almost certainly be damaged by discharging into a near dead short.
  3. Its simple, we just wait 12 months and if in that time there is a colour revolution in Hungary we can be pretty sure Orban was on the level.
  4. Has GB news ever had Anyone on criticizing Israel? or have they ever gone away from the government/MSM narrative in Ukraine? Enough Said!!!
  5. Have you also noticed the increase in those adverts on TV offering to buy your home once retired for a lump sum. GB news add brakes have loads of them as do all the "Oldies" channels. As you say they don't want people passing on there property.
  6. Exactly its not necessarily the tech that's the issue its the purpose that its put to. I have no issue with tech being used to help the disabled not that i think Musk should be involved.
  7. Could be a good opportunity to make some cash if you are a betting man. with an act like that you know they will rig it for Israel to win.
  8. It was most likely an accident it was an older plane and china ain't known for there good maintenance especially if its a plane used for internal flights. That being said it does come at a time when china are being criticized for not condemning Russia
  9. This is what we need. a database showing all the fakeory we can prove
  10. our local shell was all out of diesel on Saturday, the local Morrison's had plenty tho. im in Gtr Manchester. I'm not really bothered to be honest my old truck will run on just about anything.
  11. What is the credibility of this news source? I was always under the impression old Vlad was in the pocket of Israel.
  12. \there are NO bigger bulshitters than the BBC lol, maybe CNN
  13. im getting RT but it did an odd page unavailable message then reloaded and came up as normal wonder how long it will be before its pulled from uk TV and youtube
  14. Interesting! I know the US have been up to something in the exclusion zone for sometime now. lots of rail track that hasn't been used since the 80's has all been reconditioned. I watch some youtubers from Ukraine who regularly enter the exclusion zone and have filmed some of the new infrastructure.
  15. When NATO does it its GOOOOD when Russia does it it BAAAAD simples. And the sheep lap up the MSM narrative.
  16. Why am i not surprised company of degenerate deviants
  17. The only way we will ever see justice is if the people grow some balls drag the twat out from under whatever rock its hiding under tie a rope round its neck (personally id use barbed-wire instead) and hang it from a good stout tree.
  18. you need to go back to 2013 to get an idea of whats going on, youll find the ususal suspects behind the uprisings in the Ukraine. Russia arnt the instigators in this, plus remember those Ukrainian territories where historicaly russion with a mainly russion speaking population.
  19. I tend to buy gold through private sale and trade. And i tend to buy coins and jewelary rather than bullion. you do need to know what your doing tho, and I did the safe myself so only I know where it is and how to accsess it. Inks idea is a very good one too.
  20. Its not that i dont trust the companys to store my gold. i dont trust the government not to change the rules and take the gold that way. I have a safe built into the foundation of one of my properties, only I know where it is and how to access it. Cant think of anything safer to be honest.
  21. I'm guessing hes going to use the same defense as the people who threw the statue in the harbor. Will be interesting to see how he is treated in court.
  22. that's actually a criminal offense you should of had him prosecuted
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