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  1. I wouldn't care if Scotland wanted to be truly independent however the !st thing the fish woman would do is apply for EU membership. No way do we want an EU ran Scotland.
  2. Dunno there was a lot of anti war rhetoric at festivals late 60's into the 70's. but not the politically woke BS that festival goers are brainwashed with now. Last festival I attended (i used to be a lighting tech so worked on lots) would of been V fest in 06 or 07 and i don't remember any of this BS back then.
  3. What are the chances we have a shooting at a gay bar in Oslo called the London pub then 22 dead in a nightclub in east London SA within a day of each other.
  4. Or thy want the catalyst to start civil war 2.0
  5. Yea was insane near me just outside Manchester. went out about 10 am this morning and the roads where rammed. its been eerily quiet on the roads of late but looks like everyone usually on the train took there car today.
  6. Yea Im a massive Type O Negative fan its a cover of this by Hedwig which is what i should of really posted PETE BURNS is a sad case indeed.
  7. Could just be a kid with daddy issues. couple that with modern "progressive" society and all the shit put in the food and water and i think that's the answer. Not that I'm a particular fan of Musk wouldn't trust him as far as i could throw him.
  8. No quite correct it was indeed used as code in WW1. but in the contest of "think tank" its referring to tank as in storage vessel
  9. Think tank as in water tank Ie a container for ideas. think your overthinking this one
  10. Like hell its sinus surgery. Hes finally being fitted with his brain implant that way he can reeve his orders directly.
  11. Pretty sure they've been brought into the agenda, they both work for the BBC after all. Titchmarsh is a cock anyway, apparently a proper primadonna off camera.
  12. How come this thread has been unpinned? has always been pinned to the top of this section.
  13. Was up about 8am this morning and it was beautiful blue sky in Manchester but one by one the trails arrived and by 11am it was a milky haze. lasted until about 4pm when i could see mostly blue sky again.
  14. Its not that uncommon for a manufacturer to recall cars made years before if its a safety critical issue. my old Nissan X-Trail was recalled back in 2020 due to an airbag fault and that car was made in 2002.
  15. Im not really much of a Q aficionado, but i do keep an eye on this thread. just struck me that last post Dec 14th 2017 the !st and last sentences are both from the early 80's film War Games. question to the Q people on here is this normal for Q posts to reference old films and to start and finish with quites from the same film?
  16. Yea you've gotta love the spekky it was a marvel of British engineering. back when the uk could actually make things. Sir clive was ahead of the game in many ways.
  17. don't effect me ether, well not unless i get my sports car out. my truck runs on waste veg oil and bio-diesel
  18. Remember them, I've got one. Bit modified mine tho with more modern motors controller and batteries and can do about 45mph so technically no longer street legal. its the closest thing ill have to owning an EV tho
  19. They do tend to be easily repaired but the consumer level stuff especially late 70's 80's does have poor build quality, I have a Vaga Ruby radio from the late 60's and the build quality on that is excellent, however ive got later Vaga radios from the 70's and they are falling apart. The scientific and test equipment on the other hand is fantastic with very high build quality, I have a PA amp built in the 70's All valve technology with four 6L6 output valves and the build quality on that is amazing.
  20. Oh dont get me wrong I greatly admire Russian engineering and Russian engineers. I have quite a collection of Russian built items manly computers and radios. Russian transistor radios from the 70's and 80's are some of the best around from an electrical point of view with additional amplification stages making them very sensitive and selective. there actual build quality however is pretty terrible with poor quality injection molded cases and awful PCBs with traces that lift as soon as they see a soldering iron. there home computers are the same, most are based off the British ZX spectrum from 1982 The Russians reverse engineered (or had a spy at ferranti) the custom ULA chip and implemented it using standard TTL logic ic's, Very clever of them and they do work however like the radios the build quality was awful.
  21. Having worked with Russian electricians and witnessed there wiring an electrical fire wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.
  22. I've seen this technology reported on MSM way back in the past probably 80's early 90's and probably on tomorrows world. I do wonder how much tech was shown on there that has now been memory holed
  23. I'd be interested in seeing what you have too, my background is in electronics.
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