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  1. 4 hours ago, Tinfoil Hat said:

    This is trivial when you've a lot on your plate (admin) but I just thought I'd mention that I don't seem to get my allocation of reactions replenished each day. I'm not deeply concerned, but thought it worth mentioning (I don't want folk to think I'm stingy with my likes ?).

    Ive had that too, tried to like a comment and got a message saying i couldn't post a reaction but let me the next time a tried on another thread.

  2. 17 hours ago, MrA said:


    Abedis father was part of a network of Libyans who had previously attempted to overthrow Gaddafi 


    Having failed they were given refuge in the UK but had their passports taken away


    The last time the UK got involved with removing Gaddafi they gave the men their passports back so they could return to Libya 


    Abedi the suspected bomb gut went with them and then returned to the UK 


    The whole thing is suspect AF 


    I am.personally of the opinion that false flag OPs often turn from being a drill to a.live event with live materials 


    Many people came to the same conclusion regarding 7/7 tube bombinga


    A drill gone live , with the men participating thinking they were part of an exercise and not an actual attack 


    But then it goes lives and they are the patsies

    I agree 100%

    both cases you have patsies with connections to inelegance services and a drill gone live. both events probably planned by the same team, i wonder if its done by uk inelegance or its handed over to overseas inelegance agencies to do the dirty work?

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  3. On 5/17/2020 at 10:32 PM, rideforever said:

    It seems to me that the best option for the Palestinians is for a new city or cities to be built for them somewhere in the Islamic world.  Perhaps Egypt, Libya, Oman.

    The USA / Israel can pay huge amounts, and with large contributions from the EU and from the Oil Nations it could be done successfully.

    I think it would also be a good idea to dismantle and move the Dome of the Rock and take the Rock with them, and any other Islamic shrines in the region and just leave.  Then the new cities can have a new Islamic centre and relocate the Dome of the Rock (and the Rock) and other shrines around them.

    I think this is financially possible given the amount of interested parties.

    And I see no other solution.


    The viscous evil coming from Israel / USA/ UK on the subject cannot be really opposed, it is the dark wound that they carry.

    Do not oppose evil.


    I think that there are not so many muslim shrines in the area - most are simply stone houses.  They could be dismantled stone by stone along with the topsoil and graves and relocated quite easily.


    Dome of the Rock would need more work but not that much, it's full of bullet holes anyway.  It would be better for it to be re-located somewhere far away from the evil there.  And the people too.






    I actually have a much better solution, we round up every Zionist in the world be they Christian  Jew or whatever and we deport the bloody lot of them to ascension island we could even transport that wall they are so fond of wailing at there for them. Now here me out. its plenty big enough its under British rule and no fucker lives there so its not displacing anyone. just make sure no boats or planes are allowed near (apart from for deliveries) so no fucker can escape.


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  4. I was listening to Max Igan's latest video earlier and he was talking about forced vaccination. his point was it would be considered by him to be  attempted assault and he would feel wholly justified in defending himself against said assault.

    I am very much of the same opinion. anyone attempting to stick a needle in me will be meeting there maker VERY shorty afterwords.

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  5. 28 minutes ago, oz93666 said:


    Why does his throat cancer not surprise me ...


    Reading posts on this thread it seems many regard Bruce as more like a dear friend and not the criminal he is ...


    I could not remember any Iron Maiden music , so went to Youtube ..The first that popped up was The Trooper...


    As soon as it started to play I remembered it ... that brilliant opening guitar riff .... then the lyrics ...


    You'll take my life but I'll take yours too

    You fire your musket but I'll run you through 



    Very Nice , Very loving ... But Iron Maiden fans just cant see it ... The music induces such pleasure all discernment goes out the window , and they without thinking drink up the images and lyrics of   war and death and destruction ...


    So Bruce has accumulated some Very Heavy Karma ... all the millions of innocent open kids he's led to the dark side ... If you were to meet him he may well be a  nice chap , has no idea what he's done ,he  was certainly under mind influence and inspired by the evil ETs and dark spirits that control things here ... But Karma accepts no excuses 


    Not a maiden fan then Oz :classic_laugh:

  6. What the actual fuck i'm away from the forum for a week, come back to catch up on what I've missed and am greeted with this shit. Thank Alla Buddha whoever that something could be saved.

    So some dirty lowlife hacker decided to target the DIF! Gonna have to try harder than that to get rid of the DIF The cats out of the bag and no ones putting it back in.

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  7. On 9/21/2019 at 2:08 PM, ink said:

    Mod note: I have restored this thread/post.


    This is one of many which were deleted by an ex-mod (also now an ex-member) and I would like your considerations as to 'why' this would require deletion? .... to add that the original poster has not posted since this was deleted!  So a 'new' member lost :(

    Im guessing in the particular Ex mods mind it was spam as the user name is the same as the artist of the music. I guess that was the excuse anyway. Thanks for restoring it Ink pity we have probably lost that member tho.

  8. 1 minute ago, The Apprentice said:


    Hi BJ


    The unit running at 30 volts AC is only drawing 1.6 amps and is never under any load so the heat is minimal, the longest it will run is a few minutes, the whole motor is also open to the air which is ecited by the rotor which whafts air around the core, hopely it should last for a few years.


    Due to the nature of this kind of motor there is little torque so it is for small light work which is my main kind of work.

    you shouldn't have any trouble at all then, I may well have to have a go at something similar myself I use one for drilling PCB's in situ then i have to fit an alternative component.

  9. On 7/25/2019 at 10:30 AM, The Apprentice said:

    My lastest acquisition, made yesterday is my homemede flexi drive system, made from off the shelf parts and a couple of pieces of scrap plywood, another huge saving over the retail paradigm.



    That's pretty damn cool! like the use of the veriac for speed control. just one thing hows the motor temp? vacuum cleaner motors use the forced air flowing over them to cool them. That's not happening in your application although I guess at the reduced voltage you have it running on with the veriac and the fact I'm guessing its only powered up for short periods of time it's probably not an issue.

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