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  1. most Muslims i know use it. but a lot of hand sanitizeer is alcohol free now and based on a bioside instead, very nasty stuff.
  2. Ive had that too, tried to like a comment and got a message saying i couldn't post a reaction but let me the next time a tried on another thread.
  3. Not had chance to watch the vid yet but will do with interest.
  4. I agree 100% both cases you have patsies with connections to inelegance services and a drill gone live. both events probably planned by the same team, i wonder if its done by uk inelegance or its handed over to overseas inelegance agencies to do the dirty work?
  5. I actually have a much better solution, we round up every Zionist in the world be they Christian Jew or whatever and we deport the bloody lot of them to ascension island we could even transport that wall they are so fond of wailing at there for them. Now here me out. its plenty big enough its under British rule and no fucker lives there so its not displacing anyone. just make sure no boats or planes are allowed near (apart from for deliveries) so no fucker can escape.
  6. I was listening to Max Igan's latest video earlier and he was talking about forced vaccination. his point was it would be considered by him to be attempted assault and he would feel wholly justified in defending himself against said assault. I am very much of the same opinion. anyone attempting to stick a needle in me will be meeting there maker VERY shorty afterwords.
  7. What the actual fuck i'm away from the forum for a week, come back to catch up on what I've missed and am greeted with this shit. Thank Alla Buddha whoever that something could be saved. So some dirty lowlife hacker decided to target the DIF! Gonna have to try harder than that to get rid of the DIF The cats out of the bag and no ones putting it back in.
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