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  1. 3 hours ago, Orange Alert said:


    I agree with your opinion about punishment for leaving the EU.  But, however tempting it is, direct action such as ramming migrant boats is the wrong solution ethically and tatically . The migrants are not our enemy, it is the controlling elite.


    IMO, if there is going to be direct action with migrants, coming via the EU, they should be shipped to and housed in EU remainer areas. The first port of call should be Liberal Democrat, Richmond upon Thames. 🙂


    I'm sorry but I disagree. You said it yourself Migrants not refugees. they are leaving a safe country, France for economic reasons not there safety. ethics has nothing to do with it. you pop a few inflatable boats making sure the french coastguard are close enough to respond,  You don't want the migrants dead that would be pointless you want then to go back to France to tell the other migrants not to bother as they'll get sunk half way across.

  2. I honestly believe its a form of punishment for daring to leave the EU. Im certain they are getting help from the french authorities if not they are turning a blind eye at the very least. What we need is direct action, our coastguard are fucking useless on many occasions meeting the invaders half way and bringing them the rest, what we need is our fishing fleet to ram a few boats and pop a few inflatables send the message to the invaders that if the fishing boats catch you your fucked.

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  3. Over 70 confirmed dead now but its going to be into the 100's at least. not fireworks but ammonium-nitrate apparently and 22000 tone of the stuff has just been mentioned. I remember what about a tonne of the stuff did to Manchester city center back in the 90's. All that said this smells bad to me.   

  4. 1 hour ago, Freiheit said:

    MSM is lying again. I was there at the protest in Berlin and we were between 800K to 1.3 million protesters! From the Siegessäule to the Reichstag!! People are waking up!


    Think that's fairly standard for the MSM now. deflate figures that don't support the official narrative and inflate the ones that do. but as you say looks like people are waking up, least in Germany

  5. Everyone round here seems to be ignoring it, was out today and walked into a local shopping center was about 60% of the few people walking around wearing masks I being one of the 40% not. walked to the store i was going to and all they had was a new sign saying anyone who is not exempt is asked to ware a mask. I got my shopping went to the checkout paid and left no one challenged me, if they did id just say medical exemption.

    Ps I believe Tesco has a policy in place not to challenge non mask wearers. Morrison's however will challenge and refuse entry for anyone without a medical cert. vote with your feet folks and boycott Morrison's

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  6. From what i can gather from reading basket cases post the Forum was taken down again, the Mods/Admin managed to get it back up but I'm guessing still with the very high security level hence the blocking. it should all improve over the coming days as the mods/admin get it all back in hand.

  7. 24 minutes ago, GarethIcke said:

    I have been talking to Dwayne today, and we've decided the best course of action is that we run the two side by side. We will spend tomorrow updating and reopening this particular forum, and it will be run by the current moderators. I will be a silent admin, as for me to walk away, take my dads name off the forum and move servers etc, is a complete data protection horror show. We couldn't just hand over everyone details and so we'd basically just be binning off the forum. While I was a tad cheesed off last night, that would be a complete dick move and I'm not willing to do that. 


    So this will go back to normal but with updates, and I will simply have a foot in the door should it be required. 


    Once the new social is glitch and bug free, we'll open that along side it and hopefully they'll work in unison. We don't spend all night in the same pub after all. 


    No emails and automatic move to the social will happen. It will just be there if people want to use it. I'll let folks know when that is. 


    People should absolutely join different forums, and set up ones of their own though. I stand by that. More the merrier. 


    Anyway, we'll have this back open to new members and everything by end of play tomorrow. I just want to be sat at the same desk going over everything so it's not just a phone conversation. 


    As for the original DIF. We have it and it is on a server. We know which one, but believe it or not, we've not had access to it. I've never been in a position of management or organisation before recently, and things were run in a crazy way at times. I was always reliant on hassling someone else to do something so I could report back, which is where the perception of ignorance has come from. That isn't how it will be from now on in, so touch wood, everything can run a tad more smoothly from now on. 


    Not fishing for any form of sympathy, but we are a small team, that covers all the different aspects of what my Dad does, and in the last few months, we've been deleted by facebook, YouTube, mail chimp (whole email database deleted by them), Paypal, Vimeo (both Dads and Ickonic), Waterstones, and our two book fulfilment warehouses have refused to continue to stock our books and have given us a months notice to clear out stock. Then there is the hack of the forum, and the week long massive DDOS attacks on both David Icke.com and Ickonic. 


    These are crazy times and with us trying to fix all these issues, the forum fell into the cracks at times. 

    Sounds like a good way to go with this and the new forum/social running, that way everybody should be happy. I know this must have brought you lots of stress to sort out but this forum is a lifeline to many and you can see from the strong words being thrown around that we where very worried about loosing it.

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  8. 21 minutes ago, GarethIcke said:

    We've brought in a new pair of webmasters, on staff rather than paying outside companies. They've completely rebuilt everything so it's all integrated together. Thats the main site, ickonic, the shop, and the forum. 


    The social aspect was a webmasters idea and he has spent a while building it. We were hoping that we could build up a community aswell as a forum for debate. We get tonnes of emails daily from people that feel alone and disconnected from friends and family when it comes to their views. They avoid posting on FB about their beliefs as it comes back and they get abused for it etc. They ask if there is a community that we know of. Hence trying to set up something that would assist that. 


    Unfortunately in the list of things, the forum isn't at the top so when major issues have come up with the site, or ickonic, the forum gets knocked down the list. That's not ideal, and its frustrating for me too, as I'm hassling to get stuff done, and then I get shirty posts and shirty emails about things not being fixed on time. 


    A few have messaged and commented about them not wanting the new social aspect and I have sent all of them across to the webmaster. 


    My Dad wanted to keep the forum as a free place that people can interact and share ideas, but obviously he is insanely busy and so isn't involved hands on. I saw a comment saying we wanted to move everything behind a paywall. That's absolutely not true and the forum will, as always, be completely free. 


    There were a lot of bugs in the new forum and they are being fixed. I got access to the forum at exactly the same time as the other mods, so I was also going in blind. I would have liked a while to go through it myself but it has dragged on so much that I was desperate to get it sorted. 


    I understand that some people won't like the new set up and I understand that they might want to set up their own forum. I would absolutely encourage them to do that. The more places with people talking about what's happening, the better. 


    I am genuinely sorry that it's taken as long as it has. I have been hassling and prodding for weeks, but we're a small team and everything has multiple jobs, which is why I started work at 6 am and am still here at 10pm. I have spoken to the webmaster today and will be getting an update first thing. 


    We'll keep both forums running along side each other, and if people would prefer, we could simply let people sign up if they wish, and not have them set up automatically. 

    Thanks for the update. I don't think anyone minds a little wait longer so long as all the issues brought forth by the mods and others get ironed out.

  9. Well I bet there is a group of people somewhere in a certain middle eastern country creaming themselves right about now as they watch this forum fall apart.

    @Ink i hope you do manage to save something of this forum as I have no interest in what the new so called forum will be.

    If not I think i may take a wander over to @Grumpy Owl 's new forum and see if i can settle in there.

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Rachel Underhill said:

    I will try but everytime i want to put pics on it doesn't work. Drove me nuts a week ago when i tried on another topic.  Ive noticed it at junctions to housing estates and always near 5g crap.  Also workmen in BT boxes daily not bt vans though, so often its very busy like they have a rush on.  I go past other villages daily its the same and got my attention about 5 weeks ago.  

    Ah yea the forum is still having major issues, maybe pics then its sorted. What aria of the country are you in? I live in the north west not for from Manchester, I've noticed quite a few BT vans about and personnel in boxes but not to the extent you describe and no workers digging holes at junctions.

  11. 1 hour ago, MrA said:

    @Nobby Noboddy


    But it is a realistic question


    When I look at some nearby planets through a backyard telescope they appear as round , globe like objects 


    They do not appear as flat discs 


    So that means one of two things to me 


    Either all of the discs are turned neatly on their side facing Earth so they look like globes 


    Or they are globes and only the Earth is a disc ? 


    Thats a valid set of observations for refuting flat earth 


    I mean is the sun also a disc but turned so neatly on its side that it all ways appears as a globe ? 


    Or is the Sun a globe ? And only the Earth is a disc ? 


    Im not interested in ancient texts Im interested in what I can see with my own eyes 


    When I look at the nearby planets through a telescope they are round globes not flat discs


    Also I cant see all.of the night sky from my back garden because some of the sky is not on my view.and the thing thats blocking it is called Earth 





    I believe the FE people believe the planets are just a projection on a background. how they explain away the sunset heavens knows :classic_unsure:

  12. 1 hour ago, MrA said:

    This is silly tbh 


    Muir is not responsible for the hack 


    He himself has been hounded off of discussion boards for years and was also heavily censored when progressives wore the mask of compassion and took over a previous incarnation of the Icke forum 


    Its a silly idea to suggest Muir was behind all of this and Im going to stand up.for the man in his absence 


    God bless.you Muir take a break and see you when the time is right 

    Well said that man. Muir is one of the most committed members on here, hopefully he'll be back soon as its all cooled off, hoping it does all cool off.

    12 minutes ago, ink said:




    Funny thing is that Muir would probably agree with you!


    Now where are those pitchforks and whom is lighting the pyre?

    hey now save those pitchforks for those in power, a time will come for us to use them. 

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