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  1. Id like to see just one commercial staring a white couple with a couple of white able bodied children.
  2. Went up to Buxton today and most of the snow has gone however the river is now at bursting point and many downed trees. the chap i bought my truck off was telling me some people in more remote arias are still without power.
  3. That's the problem right there. people in inappropriate vehicles on normal road tires getting stuck and blocking roads.
  4. Oh fuuuuuccccckkkk ive go to go to Buxton tusday morning to pick up my new truck. good job its a 4x4 lol
  5. lets just hope they aren't trying to build a mecha-hilter that dude was a bastard to kill!!
  6. What country are you in? could you not find a sympathetic Dr who for a few$ could do the paperwork but just forget to jab you?
  7. Huge fire at plastics factory in Hull https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/fire-breaks-out-at-hull-plastics-factory-creating-e2-80-98loud-bangs-e2-80-99-and-thick-smoke/ar-AAR5HRn
  8. The sad thing is even this wont deter another boat setting off tomorrow.
  9. That's the idea chaps, we are British and our motto is improvise adapt and overcome!
  10. I agree most wholeheartedly, the sort of guns we are allowed to own in the uk aren't really defensive or combat weapons. your looking at shotguns and target rifles and pistons for the most part. unless you can convince the plod your interest is in historic weapons in which case you may be able to get something more interesting. string and wood or PVC pipe and fiberglass rods if you want to get more modern. I'm a reasonable archer and pretty good with a crossbow too. and just consider anyone with a modicum of engineering skill could knock up a flame thrower pretty easily.
  11. Well I know full well when they come knocking on my door i don't stand a chance of winning however i guarantee ill take as many with me as i can. Tick Tick Tick BOOM!!!
  12. I knew the pedophile was a Jew but didn't realize all three where.
  13. Watching the media coverage you can see the bias everywhere. lets hope he sues the likes of CNN for millions for definition, Biden too for his campaign add
  14. https://www.yahoo.com/news/courtroom-erupts-community-braces-kenosha-192304695.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9kdWNrZHVja2dvLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAALcWdFnzbOvyW2-o2_ilND8hUrQbXSS4TThX7obZPtpqCYRvmov49Mq9VS53DQMze5AF9iHTNaHxjIaXvi4T_5fPz7Ixe3egQ9V10K2-shGUQNjY2d2sdcqVIWAAk5FBjRNbWEBnYfaldLEWpUYR-nZ0-q_leRT3XRQNqnERZtut How long before America starts to burn again?
  15. All i see in that picture are sacks of fertilizer. They just need processing then they can be useful to society, just think of how many fields that sack of shit Jonson could fertilize alone!!
  16. ditto and i guarantee im taking as many of them with me as i can. No slow kill for me.
  17. I propose feeding Boris Johnson to the animals. Together with the majority of parliament. Its a win win we get rid of some useless eaters and the lions at London zoo get a meal.
  18. I'm sure this is the plot from some Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes story!!! Having worked in theater and as a DSM (deputy stage manager) I know how seriously firearms safety is taken, least here in the UK on stage. This was definitely no accident.
  19. I install loads of them for the asians round here, its an islam thing but i have to agree they are a really good idea so much so i installed one as home. like you say cleaner and less wasteful then toilet paper
  20. That's totally normal in eastern countries. basically the electricity provider installs a power pole and you connect to it. I remember being in a village in China and the village had just one power pole with the entire village connected off it. looked exactly like the above picture.
  21. Very true, you only have to look at the US infrastructure so see its deliberately been allowed to decay. with Lebanon it seems to be a combination of government corruption and economic hardship. remember Lebanon fought back against Israel and for that they must be punished.
  22. unlikely given the age of Lebanon's electrical infrastructure. Not much to hack on a system that literately still runs on steam.
  23. Voting only encourages them and gives them credibility. if everyone refused to play there game and abstained from voting there system would crumble as they would no longer have any credibility to the people.
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