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  1. I install loads of them for the asians round here, its an islam thing but i have to agree they are a really good idea so much so i installed one as home. like you say cleaner and less wasteful then toilet paper
  2. That's totally normal in eastern countries. basically the electricity provider installs a power pole and you connect to it. I remember being in a village in China and the village had just one power pole with the entire village connected off it. looked exactly like the above picture.
  3. Very true, you only have to look at the US infrastructure so see its deliberately been allowed to decay. with Lebanon it seems to be a combination of government corruption and economic hardship. remember Lebanon fought back against Israel and for that they must be punished.
  4. unlikely given the age of Lebanon's electrical infrastructure. Not much to hack on a system that literately still runs on steam.
  5. Voting only encourages them and gives them credibility. if everyone refused to play there game and abstained from voting there system would crumble as they would no longer have any credibility to the people.
  6. I get the feeling groups such as XR and this insulate lot are more to do with bringing in these powers than anything to do with saving the environment. the government need these powers for the upcoming protests when the people finally wake up to the fact they have been shafted by TPTB yet again.
  7. If you are just receiving through an arial or dish and its not connected to the phone line they cant. they just have a database of all properties that don't have one. if they turn up at the door just tell them to fuck off and slam the door in there face (hopefully braking there nose in the process) the old Tv detector vans would not work on modern tv sets anyway they worked by detecting the high frequency generated by the tv's line output transformer which modern flat panel tv sets dont use. in fact even back then most tv detector vans where just a van with some arials on the top and nothing inside. they would just drive it round the local counsel estate every couple of months and wach the licenses flood in.
  8. True but not exactly simple to do for the average man. if the car has been adapted to run LPG yes yo can just use bottled gas but you will need to get the regulation right or your blow a line out. if it hasn't been converted your need the kit to get the gas into the engine. years ago i know a guy who ran an old mini on paraffin gas which is what fork lifts run on. he was a sacker driver and basically nicked the evaporator and all the lines off and old sacker truck and stuck it on his mini with the bottle on the back seat. totally illegal but like you say who gives a fuck. again not as simple as just chucking it in the tank, in most modern diesels it will run but will screw the injectors up pretty damn quick. its fine in basic old diesels. the engine i have in the battle bus will run on straight veg but that is a 30 year old engine try it with a modern diesel and you'll be lucky to get 500mile before it gives up.
  9. Had to fill up on sunday as I was literally on fumes. the local esso was packed and took 10 min to get to the pump but all pumps where working. drove post today and big notices No Diesel or regular unleaded only premium available. fortunately my old banger sips the petrol so im good for the next few weeks. and if all else fails i can get the old battle bus out the engine in that can run on just about anything flammable.
  10. For covid No i don't think so, but we could very well have troupe on the streets due to food shortages and power cuts. i can see that coming this winter. Get peppered now people if you haven't already.
  11. lol I postulated about popping a few boats on a thread a few months back and had all the libtards on here going off on one and you get away with a missile strike on the buggers What would be so wrong with rounding them up as they land sticking them on coaches down to Dover and straight onto the Eurostar, could have them back in France in about an hour of them landing.
  12. I found this short film randomly on Bit-chute. what a contrast between then and now. when did it all start to go wrong? https://www.bitchute.com/video/91ztIdNI0RV4/
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