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  1. Missed that so thanks for posting. I'm a boat owner and im on the ILWW. So anything like this is of interest to me.
  2. A nationwide canal system is an excellent solution not only for the movement of water but goods and cargo too. Oh wait we had one and let it go to shit and filled half of it in, in the name of progress.
  3. He was 83 grossly overweight and probably jabbed. don't think there is any conspiracy here.
  4. Ditto It was so bad i got up at 3.30 am and went and sat on the patio for an hour.
  5. Was beginning to think it was another attack too. glad to hear it was just a hardware issue. Thanks Bombadil for the info.
  6. Been lovely and warm up in Manchester today. buts thats all just a lovely warm summers day. I've known hotter days in the past. its all just part of project fear.
  7. Been glorious last few days in Manchester, been getting all my outdoor jobs done while its nice. my only worry is if it continues, the inevitable hosepipe ban and water rationing which the media will lap up and spew out with the usual gusto.
  8. I'm quite fond of escargot especially in garlic butter but actual insects, the closest I've come is in China when my then girlfriend was munching away on fried crickets and offered me one, I declined politely.
  9. Whoever planted the explosive wasn't exactly an expert unless the intent was to just destroy the stone with the English inscription on it. They should of taken the central column out instead. not that it matters as they demolished the rest anyway.
  10. Haha now the farmers bring in the big guns, literally. https://www.youtube.com/shorts/1XW_nYQVwqA
  11. Time to make those pigs squeel. couple of tractors and lengths of chain should work nicely. No matter how Lo an IQ they have finding there fellow pigs torn in half should at least make them think.
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