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  1. https://jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/gwyneth-paltrow-lampooned-on-new-spitting-image/
  2. That is exactly how it should be but what i think will happen is the government will sell licenses to fish uk waters back to the EU, So the government get a boost to there coffers and the uk public get shafted again.
  3. Couple of good videos going over it here. Louis Rossmann goes into the legalities of who owns the data from a repair shop perspective
  4. I don't know I think my car keys diaper into another dimension every time i'm in a hurry to go somewhere.
  5. Oz is right I call BS on this, its an interesting science experiment nothing more. a combination of a slow news day and some scientists wanting some publicity so there research grants don't dry up
  6. I've just been able to download both episodes via Redit and someones google drive.
  7. All are now playing fine for me, I'm using Pale Moon
  8. Does seem broken. most of Dr Colman's videos seemed to play ok apart from the latest too. i tried some other channels on there and non i tried would play.
  9. Wear a face mask! they cant tell you to take it off coz covid lol. I believe a group in London where using makeup to confuse facial recognition very much like WW1 warships used.
  10. Install a VPN so you can be outside the UK while being in the UK
  11. No! while your on the ground you kick the bully as hard as you can in the side of the knee, the pain is so severe he falls to the ground you then get a few kicks into the face and any other soft and squishy parts of the body you can get up and leave him in a pool of his own blood. you did have steel toecap shows on didn't you? I did as a kid and anyone who fucked with me regretted it no matter there size or age. Reminds me of a vid i watched of a jock in the US bullying a little weedy kid throwing his book to the ground and laughing to his mates. turns out the weedy kit is a martial
  12. Dont forget BoJo is actually talking about cancelling Christmas if we are not all good little boys and girls and where our masks. The last thing we should be doing is capitulating. calibrate Christmas like never before but buy local support your community and fuck listening to authority.
  13. ill give it a go now. Edit Yep worked for me but only gave it couple of minuets
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