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  1. Insurrection? Planned, surely not!? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/10/now-there-is-evidence-fbi-planned-january-6/ Quiet reminder: https://rumble.com/vcl9r3-gen.-mcinerny-we-got-pelosis-laptop.html Quiet reminder: https://www.smh.com.au/world/north-america/trump-calls-pelosi-an-animal-and-vows-to-end-her-career-20221108-p5bwd8.html https://www.npr.org/2022/11/17/1133397685/house-speaker-pelosi-step-down Coincidences I am sure.
  2. Which MP are you referring to Bomb?
  3. Brings more validity to Obama being Barry Sotoro (spelling?) as per the family tree posted elsewhere on this site? Which also suggests that his birth certificate was indeed falsified / doctored as per also being posted on this website.
  4. Feinstein in the "kill brackets" and... https://www.foxnews.com/sports/nfl-legend-joe-montana-mourns-death-dianne-feinstein https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/what-dianne-feinsteins-death-means-for-control-of-the-senate-and-the-imminent-government-shutdown Feinstein died. Not exactly what we call a delta, but 2 days out ain't bad.
  5. Divisive character Elon Musk posted this today regarding vaccine efficacy, not news to anyone here I am sure but good to see it all pieced together to really understand the depths of the lies sold to the masses
  6. Not sure I had read this DI article before. https://cdn.preterhuman.net/texts/conspiracy/David Icke - Was Hitler A Rothschild.pdf
  7. Are you versed on psychedelics? i.e. have you taken any before?
  8. Do not know this channel or person but happen to agree with this Q post related video. https://rumble.com/v3k3f85-you-are-the-frame.-you-are-the-support..html
  9. Repression. Traumatic events get erased by the brain, not suggesting RB is guilty or committed the crimes associated with him but its very common to not remember sufficiently traumatic events in some cases ever again. Regarding RB "news", the longer it goes on without any sauce or substance the more I feel its a show to create the streissand effect on a (in my opinion) obviously controlled puppet who only speaks surface level stuff distracting people from the depths of each and every single thing he discusses. I believe its a publicity event from *whoever* to steer more towards Brands' Brand, which can only be described as diluted truth at pretty much every turn. They do not just place people in "anti conspiracy" positions they place people in "pro conspiracy/alternative" positions sometimes for different purposes within each "side" or "position". Some to steer, some to wrap-up smear as someone posted Pelosis video earlier in the thread and thanks for that as its very common. Put out a person who speak surface level truth, attack to make more popular, release obvious misinformation when "peak popularity" hit and wrapup smear along with media to show everything they said must also be untrue. Clever. As I say, multiple levels and positions within each stance or position that goes far beyond basic psychology.
  10. Welcome back Eve! I was wondering where you'd got to!

  11. I dont particularly like nor trust the guy (RB) but this is such bullshit people assuming guilt before anything is even concrete in terms of charge or accusation even so far nothing of substance just "chatter" and as I suspect distraction from something else already in the public domain or is due to be in the public domain. But time will tell.
  12. He's a fairly well promoted pseudointellectual like most of the talking heads nowadays spreading ideals and "science" at the masses for the non-discerning listener to swallow as gospel.
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