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  1. Not a good look :O, but I must say some of her research has been excellent over the years I have seen snippets of her.
  2. Problem is its a standard but not universal and certainly not in bands, record labels etc. Although most guitar tuners are defaulting to A=440Hz so you may have a few not quite centred on 432Hz. Not tried it myself, do you prefer one over the other? In shorter term I imagine you prefer the original as it will sound brighter and a little more exciting?
  3. Yes correct, the difference is the binaural frequency. Notice how 108Hz is a harmonic of 432Hz? 432Hz halved, 216Hz, halved again, 108Hz. You will find certain frequencies as carriers are more and less pleasant for your own uses in the longer term. Experimenting is the best way, also look in to 1/2Hz and 2.4Hz sensory resonances and try to implement them in to your binaural beats for additional effectiveness and results. The problem you have with pitch shifting your music to A = 432Hz is you have no idea what the artists tuned their A to. As it can range anywhere from 420 to 450 or so, not against the idea but certainly needs to be mentioned as someone else did in another thread relating to 432Hz, which is poignant imo.
  4. This reminds me of mask wearing during the "pandemic". Easy representation of who is falling for the bollocks mass media peddles. Power will most likely be going off at some stage though. But if it does its not for the reasons globalists believe it is.
  5. I make my own, I was interested in others perspectives/information as more information is potentially helpful or can be added to what I already understand. Thanks for the links. Get audacity (or similar) if you wish to experiment yourself without spending anything. An example for someone to try: Generate a pure tone centred around 108Hz. The binaural frequency is the DIFFERENCE between the two tones generated and panned hard left and hard right. So for this example lets say I wish to aid my sleep I would use a brainwave delta frequency of 3Hz to 0.1Hz. Lets use 3Hz for this example. I would generate a tone of 109.5Hz 1.5Hz above the frequency I wish to use as my carrier. I pan that hard left. I would then generate a tone of 106.5Hz 1.5Hz below the frequency I wish to use as my carrier. I pan that hard right. The difference is 3Hz total from both sides of the fundamental (or carrier in this instance), the 3Hz tone would be generated within my own brain psychoactoustically, brain hemisphere synchronisation. My brain will then entrain to 3Hz over time which helps me get to sleep. This only works with headphones.
  6. I look forward to reading some pearls of wisdom slotted in to your posts from time to time
  7. You explore expanded sense of consciousness through various means and interact with other beings?
  8. John G Trump interview, relates to Teslas notes in places. I believe John G Trump was one of the people who ended up taking the notes + works of Tesla lab.
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