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  1. That's fair, but Viktor Orban could have an aneurysm and die tomorrow. What then? The issue with Hungary is its proximity to the rest of Europe and its status as an EU member country. One can't place too much faith in a place because of its current rulers. The policies of a country can flip on a dime, as we've seen with Australia and Canada. I agree. In some ways, I think the geographic argument is a stronger one than the political one. Some of the islands of Southeast Asia and the Caribbean could be potential spots. I wonder what would set one over the other, aside from proximity to the US in the Caribbean. I do think that some islands in Thailand would be quite a bit more affordable and relatively safe in the long run.
  2. I believe Operation Cyber Polygon deserves more votes. While I can't say if it's directly linked to COVID, I think this is a real threat that will take down communications infrastructures in the coming years, disconnecting all of us from one another.
  3. I'm an American who's been traveling the world as a digital nomad for the past decade, but I'm starting a family soon and wondering where would be the safest place to settle. Obviously places like China are at the very bottom of the list. What's at the top?
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