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  1. Hello. There’s anti BBC websites like a rash out there. https://biasedbbc.org/ Is my favourite. I realised a few Years ago that the Telly was an instrument of the Devil. I threw it out the Window and go round my Mates house to watch Coronation St and the odd Film. I get threatening Letters Occasionally and once a Muppet Called but I treated him In the same manner as I do with Jehovah’s witnesses.
  2. Look at the Folk Music Scene. Unfortunately it’s mainly live and not Broadcast
  3. Hello. I’m not far off 60 myself. I live in England. My local Tesco’s has been a pain in my arse every time I shop there. (I now walk or cycle an extra Mile to Aldi’s now). Every encounter has been with aggressive Female staff. One time the till operator refused to serve me until I had taken a step to the Left as I was too close to the customer in front??? My best one was I walked past the Vegetables and turned back as I forgot To pick up an Onion. This Child shouted at me “You can’t go down there!” I was truly surprised as to why. She pointed to s sticker on the
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