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  1. I went to another country and became victim of some very terrible MK ultra programming. My memory of it is fragmented but aside from being a terrible experience one does gain some insights into the occult. There is a good book on it available online that is free to read about MK ultra programming. People would probably dismiss it for being to extreme but these handlers/programmers are literally psychopaths and capable of cruelties. Believe me
  2. Telepathy, traumatic bonding, hearing the devils voice, possibly soul leaving , gang stalking and harassment, going on long trips by train as part of MK ultra programming and also trying to escape, fragmented memories. Many others lol
  3. I have experienced telepathy under the influence of MK ultra programming. An alter of mine literally made someone cry. I emphasize alter because I am not like that. They were harnessing some kind of evil. There are some things you would rather not know about this world but I can say telepathy is real.
  4. I am a former monarch subject trying to retrieve my autobiographical memory. I escaped many years ago, and they continue to gang stalk me thousands of miles away but no more crazy stuff. if anyone can help provide resources on how to retrieve my memories I would appreciate it. Either there is a gaping gap in memory or it is hidden somewhere. Thank you
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