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  1. Maybe some of us are living on a round Earth and some of us on a flat one, which may or may not have a space surrounding it, maybe others on other kids of Earth but if everything is a simulation/dimension/hologram or something, perhaps we are all on different programmes, we think and act we are all living in the same place, but we aren't.
  2. Without even going into the subject of nefarious chemicals... Even if it is deemed "inert," it will simply settle in days. If it is finely ground dust the micro molecules, (microplastics?) won't have even started being evaluated in large quantities. Whatever it is, would you want it in your lungs? The long term effects are unknown, look at talcum powder, that was once 100% safe, inert, now it isn't, it's been found to be as bad as asbestos. Once it settles, it ends up in the sea, in the watercourses, in the food-chain, in your body.
  3. Sometimes the rescuer isn't any better than the person you are being rescued from.
  4. Anglesey plane crash that killed retired professor had 'no definite cause' Link. The Blackett Report. Not very far away this happened. Hundreds of starlings drop down dead from the sky on Anglesey. The same thing happened 12 years previously. And the explanation they came up with was that they all committed mass suicide because they saw a bird of prey... I suppose it is a bit more creative that "He "fell down the stairs, M'Lud." Something is going on in Anglesey, some kind of weapon.
  5. Bill and Melinda Gates fund the University of Maryland School of Medicine. The University of Maryland School of Medicine combined a coronavirus (MERS) with a rabies virus.
  6. As a rule I don't really care about this big mask panic masks, I wear one, the added benefit is it is one-in-the-eye for facial recognition cameras. Remember all that time ago when people were threatened with arrest and fined for covering their faces up. Not sure about anyone else but it feels nice going into a petrol station or a bank wearing a mask. It seems to be what we seemed to be fighting for now we can, we don't want to wear masks. Funny old world.
  7. There are only a few genuine humans, most of them, I find, have sould. You can usually tell, people who drive the same car, watch the same programmes, talk about the same sports and eat the same foods. Once you have met one, you have met them all. I would go as far as saying I know exactly how a conversation is going to progress as when talking to two totally unconnected people, I can predict exactly what they are going to say at every point. Most people are shallow. Effectively AI.
  8. Gravity is time. When you pull toward a large body you are pulling towards a mass which is warping space/time. Likewise, the universe is expanding, faster, that doesn't mean gravity is weakening, there is no gravity, time is slowing down. The larger the universe gets to our observations the slower it will get but we aren't noticing it. That is why the light of distant galaxies is red, time is slowing down. it just makes so much sense.
  9. If they have enough people's DNA they have the means to guess the genes of those who are the missing gaps. A genetically targeted bioweapon, for instance, like a virus or something like Anthrax could be released. It might be harmless for most people, but if it comes into contact with someone with the exact DNA match, it would be activated. From the Guardian: This was way back in 2004. As you can imagine the reality will already have happened.
  10. Is that a glitch? I don't know, it was too short. However are we living in a simulation? Have you ever had a narrow escape? Looked at the last moment to see a car or truck and managed to get away just in time? You have not died, you are still alive. Ask yourself why. It could be you are a key player.
  11. The more money is lost in the economy the longer the time it takes for a country to balance the books, this means the larger the national debt the more in control the bankers and financial sector is in. The government it putting the country into a massive debt spiral in order for those who are in control to stay in control.
  12. Ammonium nitrate is said to be commonly used in explosives like IEDs according to the press. Don't those need specific detonators and a rather complicated treatment involving diesel or something?
  13. The cargo was abandoned by a Russian owned ship in 2013-14 sailing under a Moldovan flag which was impounded after it docked at the port due to mechanical difficulties. The Lebanese authorities said it failed a safety test. The country is corrupt, I see that as a bit unlikely, all they would have to do if true would have paid a small bribe to release the ship. Was the cargo what it was supposed to have been and did the owner of the ship know? He abandoned the ship and its crew after it was seized. This doesn't really add up to me because why keep a cargo like that in a busy port when spac
  14. The globalists have done their homework and are impeccable in their plans by nailing their colours firmly to the liberal left and anti-racism, exactly the opposite what they really are about. Many from the left who see through this are generally shouted down and feel the weight of cancel culture on their heads.
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