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  1. Just in case you thought it was safe to celebrate the end of lockdown by going out and attending large events, remember the fall of Afghanistan means terrorist attacks are inevitable. So back home you go and don't come out until you are told. If you are told.
  2. It was the police who took the letter, it doesn't matter if the envelope isn't taken, it can be dropped at someone's feet or land on a doormat then be ripped up. They stood no chance of getting near Andrew, they would have been quickly put in the restraint position with a Glock at the back of their necks if they tried to get close to him. The courts have ways of starting proceedings without even sending a letter especially when they don't want to give you a fair chance to prepare your case. They have ways to "send" letters which are then legally deemed to be in your possession even if you don't receive them, that is his mother's own system! So Andrews claims are lies. The royal family is relying on their best defence, ignoring everything, cursory denials and diminishments, and making sure that Andrew doesn't set foot in any country with extradition treaties with the US.
  3. Link to article. I assume we all know what "died in prison" really means. I posted a topic some time ago, someone named some of the people with questions to answer, instead of answering them the made the allegations "disappear." Link to article. This is just a bit of how much North Wales if f___ed up.
  4. So McAfee was broke, he had no money, they must have known that the "tax fraud" couldn't have existed without money. So the only rational explanation is he was arrested, and executed because of what he knew.
  5. He's acting as the "mad guy" that the powers that be need to enact measures to protect everyone from.
  6. The McAfee condo tweet is fake, it seems suspiciously fake, a lot of hard work seems to have been put into it to make it look fake, perhaps it was created to discredit any findings before they gain traction. Someone finds a link to the condo and McAfee, along come the fingers pointing to the tweet, silenced, job done.
  7. In the Gregorian calendar 266 days remain to the end of the year from the 9th of April. 9 1+1 2+0+0+1 = 923. 9/23 = 266th day. Though that only works with the US form of dates.
  8. She probably had something to do with Elm guest house. I bet she's too dangerous to the establishment to be allowed to carry on breathing.
  9. For some reason I followed some links and found myself at the Wikipedia's Savile page. It says he was found dead at home, how convenient. He was put in a closed satin gold coffin, was he in it? His coffin was encased in concrete "as a security measure." Savile was protected by the very top of society, by the royals who have much more power and influence than most people think. Savile was as fit as a flea, he cheated at marathons but he wasn't overweight, those type always seem to look after themselves and have others looking after them. He was also protected by the police, accusers during his lifetime ended up in more trouble than he is now, the BBC can afford gangster lawyers. It is not beyond reason for him to have had his death faked, paperwork, the lot. Maybe he got away and is living in a safe location. Maybe he ended up with those he knew too much about encasing him in concrete for real, perhaps incorporating him into a flyover. One thing I am convinced about, he wasn't buried in Scarborough.
  10. If the universe is a neural network, thoughts will not aeons, electrons can cross the gap into higher dimensions, the speed of light will be no barrier. It will be self aware. If it is in any way capable of altering the space around it, more universes can be spawned like giant, self-replicating machines. Our universe is likely a copy from a higher neural network, the Earth is too conducive to life, all of you reading this will wonder why you are reading this and happen to be here, now, when there are trillions upon trillions of other places to be.
  11. You are now being groomed for another virus, the Nipah bat virus that has just started to spread between human beings in India. It is a haemorrhagic virus which means you sweat blood, you piss blood, you crap blood, you cry blood.
  12. rhydra

    Greta is 18

    She looks like one of those freaky dolls for pervy men.
  13. The logos are shapeshifting too.
  14. If they did, the military wouldn't tell us. But then why would the people from other dimensions choose just to talk to the military? Perhaps hypothetically the denizens from other dimensions aren't aware that the conversations are being kept from the vast majority of inhabitants of the planet. But I doubt that even the military could keep a secret like that too long.
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