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  1. People are dumbed down and compliant. That's what ink said and I agree.. that's clearly not all people just most of them. If they understood history and some of the dreadful things done to people in the past they may be able to see through it, but they dont and cant and a govenment propaganda machine spreading fear and fear and hate of dissenters is hard to over come unless your already of the mind that they are a complete bunch of @@@@s with no morals at all. Ie like minds
  2. The problem is your only ever going to find like minds to receive the information. I was 5thrown of three forums I was a long time member of, a martial arts, a cycling and a motoring forum for throwing shade at the lock down requirments. Not you understand to any degree compared to on here and all that happened is people got very very angry at me for going off script. And even more angry as they couldnt win the debate The exchange of information is no use if people arnt receptive to it and the powers that be had already put in place a plan to demonize decenting voices
  3. Which people ? The PTB or the population. Clearly neither had it. But which are you refering to ?
  4. Well that's very different to a depopulation agenda And I dont necessarily disagree with your sentiments . But these things came to pass generations ago. People were forming orderly queue to be sent off to be butched in the first world war. The vacine roll out was nothing by comparison to that level of population control .Sugesting this is anything more than business as usual is in my view an error. There were three occasions were they nearly lost control of the population and there for the country in the last century . The 1910s the 1930s and the 1970s. Each of these was followed by a war, which in the first two killed vast numbers of young men who might have rebelled and in all three caused a wave of patriotism and a collective pulling together At the moment we have boris strutting about being a ' war leader" and we're not even in a war, at least not yet. But it serves much the same purpose of distracting the population from the " home front" A dumbed down compliment population distracted by alcohol or TV or war is very much the norm not a new initiative. Hell they managed to control us with the cold war for 50 years and that wasnt a war at all
  5. So when do you project we will see the fruits of their labour and a notable decrease in the earth's population or even a fall in the average life expectancy which also continues to increase. Between these two figures both increasing it must be the most inefficient mass murder in history
  6. Well yea, just a bit. I have no doubts that if it suited the agenda they would happily see us die by the millions as they have before. Where it falls down is people have to my certain knowledge been claiming there is a de population/ mass murder agenda for the last 20 years and probebly some time before that. And in all that time the earth's population has kept increasing. This only leaves two reasonable conclusions 1) these people were wrong 2) the elite are making a really bad job of de populating the earth
  7. I'm not so sure not that they wont ramp it up again or that people wont wear masks if forced to . But I doubt there is any appetite in the population for more " lock down" bollocks. There a limit to how long people can live in fear before they say stuff it. If my numbers up ! That was very much what happened in december. Mask mandates and it was near universally ignored. even the shop girls on the tills wernt bothering . Hell the police wernt bothering. I think they could get reluctant compliance. Most people arnt going to be anything other than resistant
  8. Richard Dawkins asides very few scientist are remotely intrested in telling you god or the supernatural doesnt exist. You cant prove a negative. They are to the most part concerned with proving rather than disproving things. I too consider myself a believer. In the supernatural not at all the bible. As there isnt any evidence that would pass scientific rigour I have to accept that it's almost certainly superstitious wishfull thinking. Still it helps and that's all that matters
  9. There a touch of paranoia there. School history is, well, child like by design very simplistic with a strong element of goodies and baddies in it. The History I took had a big element of the british empire was great. Modern school history has a big eliment of the british empire was evil. Nether is accurate and we didnt even have an empire if you want to be especially accurate ""Hollywood"" ( film.tv adventure/ romance books etc) history which is where most people get their history from isnt much better. The story takes precedence over accuracy thats if it isnt blatantly misrepresenting it . Which it commonly is for commercial or national interest reasons Then there are ACTUAL history books. Writen by people who have committed much of there lives to researching the battle of agincourt. They have sources. They have reasoned comparisons between sources. They have reasoned interpretations and they discuss the case against those interpretations Then they still might mislead you. Read 6 by different authors then you are in a postion of having enough information to make a reasonable judgement on what is true or not. There are any number of these books which greatly contradict what could be considered the official narrative. So its clear they are not being censored. Plus only a few 1000s people read them anyway so they wouldnt really care. They will never gain traction against the propaganda machine
  10. Its reasonable to say if you have at least some logic that the battle of agincourt didnt play out like the movie ( which it didnt) it's reasonable if you have some evidence to say the battle of agincourt didnt happen at all (which it did) It's not reasonable to totally invent a battle ( or a mud flood) for which you have nether logic or evidence just because you dont trust who ever.. the NWO the govenment the historians And that's largly where the stolen history lot are at By all means challenge history. Dont start inventing it
  11. It's easy to just dismiss this as harmless nonsence. But I feel it does do harm. There no doubt that popular history, history as its understood by most of the population has been modified and edited or just forgotten entirely to fit a later narrative. The world would be a more informed and possibly better place if this was understood . This becomes almost impossible if people invent events that have not happened at all and for which there is no logical reason to believe at all as this is just noise that drowns out the truth and people confuse people who are genuinely challenging the narrative with complete fantasist
  12. I watched up to the point they started making ridiculas claims. Which to be fair was quite early in the run time. Did it improve with reasoned and logical points later? Give me a time stamp and I will pop back for the reasoned argument
  13. It's the black swan effect. If you can find even one non mud flood basement window or even one earlier non basement window house. (There are many thousands of similar era houses round here that have no cellar at all). It throws doubt on the whole theory of world wide mud floods I suppose you could modify its be a world wide cataclysm that managed to miss Manchester entirely Or you could look at less grand houses of the same era as those illustrated and also find non basement windows. They not usually put the date on the building wall to assist
  14. Very few of them make a habit of debunking god. It doesnt come up very often. Its reasonably clear that a lot of scientific understanding seems to contradict the old testament in particular. That throws shade on the bible rather than there not being one or more supernatural entities ruling our lives Admittedly evidence for supernatural entities is a bit lacking if you discount the bible and other ancient text. But they could still be out there keeping a low profile
  15. I got as far as the basement window fitment means catastrophic world wide mud flood thing. Apart from the obvious question of where exactly did all this mud come from. It's a nonsence argument. The house I grew up built in the 1885 had such a basement window. The houses over the road built in the 1875 did not. They were slightly less grand so got a cellar with out. The height of the water pipe was also a clue. It would have been 8 foot in the air if the cellar was the ground floor
  16. There are very few people wearing masks round here. Maybe one in a 100 from casual observation . And they are nearly always designer masks. It's like they paid the money and are now going to make sure they get their money's worth. The bulk of the population seem to have developed complete indifference to covid. I suspect most of them were always mainly indifferent.
  17. Happens to me quite often. A long ago flash of a dream. Its takes me a while sometimes to make out it if it's a memory of a dream or an actual memory . Then it's gone again and I cant remember what I remembered
  18. Hi all. Glad to be back. It's a decade or so since I was last here
  19. Your pre supposing that the loss of fur happened before either we had mastered fire or the use of animal skins for optional warmth and they all happened at much the same time and to varying degrees. Ie fur didnt disapear over night it reduced gradually over time as it was selected for and other things came along to help keep us warm Circa a million years ago give or take a few 100,000. It started with homo erectus in africa. Who could, as the first homid in history actualy, run rather than scurry. This brought about the practice of persistent hunting. Ie you chase the much faster antelope for 5 hours till it keeled over with exhaustion. This was however a bit of a problem on hot days with a big coat of fur. Hence the natral selection for the less hairy and a ready supply of animal skins to keep us warm at night . This is also about the time we got so many sweat glands, for much the same reason That also sort of answers your hunting question
  20. that's interesting. As far as I knew there were 5 types of stone and some bronze. What's the other 6?
  21. You need to cut them some slack. There near 24 hour propaganda going on both of those. It's very rare people who dont buy into it. My sister, who wouldnt trust Boris to tell her the time, got very cross with me over my refusal to buy into vacinate or die. Family are very important I avoid topics that will make her cross. It's pointless I cant counter the combined might of the Govenment, its agencies and the media. Truth will out. In time
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