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  1. Nor did mammals turn into birds or vice versa. Your struggling wiith the basic concept . Il see if I can find a lady bird book for you
  2. I didnt actualy offer proof I offered guidance . If you rephrase the question so it's in line with my offer il do my best to help you
  3. Well they too are part of the entropy mechanism. The law doesnt say that it must go from order to disorder directly it says a closed system so that's the whole universe in this case TENDS toward to entropy over time . So blips in the graph are fine we are still on our way to the heat death of the universe Or" how are we going to get rid of all this hydrogen? I know we will set fire to it. That will work"
  4. The process didnt go from fish directly to mammals so that's an unlikely find And your unlikely to ever find a 50/ 50 split between two species coz that's not generaly how it works and if there was such there would only be one generation of them out of a few hundred million years of generation. So a bit hard to track down
  5. Well theirs is an an arbitrary decision as well and your doubting evolutionary science and then quoting it when it suits you
  6. I cant prove 4 billion years. But that just about the time the late heavy bombardment stopped and life got going. I didnt offer proof by the way. I offered guidance to help you out of the maze you've wander into
  7. Well thats an arbitrary decision on what constitutes a different species. Made entirely by you Snakes it seem used to have legs. The legs got shorter and shorter over time. The remnants are still there. It's difficult to say exactly at what point it became a snake rather than a quadrupled. For a while it had 4 legs it didnt use So it did snake things but with useless legs That's a different species than either a snake or what ever it used to be. This specization thing is tricky
  8. The cause of the battery fires is very clear. It's the degradation of the insulation over time. Why the insulation degrades may be less clear or poor design of insulation/ quality control in assembly I've had a considerable number of lithium batteries over the last 25 years and precisely non of them have set fire nor have any of the batteries of anyone I know. It's a theoretic possibility not a likely out come at least not from branded batteries ebay specials may carry a greater risk I'm not convinced that 40 gallons of petrol going up is less of a problem to life limb and property than a Tesla battery to be honest How likely each is to happen is a bit hard to calculate . You could always cover it with fire blankets before bed
  9. I spent all that ink and you are still calling it the theory of evolution. And if you do indeed know what a theory is you know that is its self pretty concrete As I said above. It's not on thing that's conclusive . ONE thing could never be conclusive. It's the sheer volume of evidence over a 150 years thats conclusive. And I've nether the ability or the time to cycle through that for you. Just to save you the bother of putting you tube on. why not just tell me what you find unbelievable and il do my best to guide you. The process of continued diversification through adaptation over 4 billion years is straight forward enough for a child to grasp. So it cant be that.
  10. Not necessarily disagreeing with your sentiments. Just making a few points for clarification. The Pfizer data was released very reluctantly after a court case. Its wasnt voluntarily put into the public domain. It's fairly damming. But hasnt been picked up by the MSM. Surprisingly Most medicines and nearly all vacines carry a risk of fairly damaging side effects. The govenment takes a view if the benifit to society outway the risk to the individual based on just how many what they are trying cure will injured compared to the damage the " medicine" will cause and of course cost. Cost of the " medicine" cost of the damage done by the illness/ cost of looking after/ compensating the injured from the " medicine You can take a view on the morals of that with vaccinations in general. But in this case the cost to society of the illness was increased many fold by them putting in control measures that wernt necersary in the first place Thus this decision of if the vacine was good for society as a whole was screwed by the fact the lock down was costing 100s of billions and not on a proper risk benifit analysis. In short they would have approved nearly anything at almost any cost to the individual if it meant they could end the lock down and in particular the furlough scheme It's not at all surprising therefore that there are casualties. Its surprising there arnt more. Which there maybe iif they ever actually tell us the truth
  11. I'm glad you asked that, I knew eventually the book I read on how life fits in with entropy would come in handy. It's been a long time In short with out reproducing the book Life exists in an energy gradient' were energy is transforming from one form into another. That's the fairly organised photons from the sun changing to a less organised heat glow from the planet . 5hats entropy in action Life doesnt slow that process in fact it speeds it up by converting it quicker than just the planet could on its own, admittedly by a marginal amount. But the fact we are warming the planet up by our byproducts and action is all helping the cause We are infact entropy machines. If the defining purpose of the universe is to reach a state of equilibrium. Then life becomes inevitable. our organisation is only very temporary. Before we too convert in to a less organised form of energy
  12. The fire and how likely that is, is only part of the equation The main issue is the sudden and catastrophic release of stored energy and how much energy is stored to be suddenly released Or in short the battery shorting or the petrol tank going up. Nether are particularly easy to put out. Batteries tend to burn slightly slower in the release and explode less. Either means your looking for a new car , and possibly a garage , house Petrol has a 100 times greater energy density than lithium per kg. But then the batteries on electric cars weigh 500 kg so there is a considerable amount of stored energy in a fully charged battery. Considerably more than a tank with a tenners worth in it Petrol tanks dont catch fire on their own it needs something else to go badly wrong or arson . batteries it seems do and especially when being charged. The standard advice from fire brigades is not to leave any battery charging unsupervised, particularly over night. Which practicably no one. Including I suspect member of the fire brigade takes any notice of. And a fair few do catch fire. But it's a tiny % of all rechargeable batteries in the country and seems from news reports to almost always be the batteries on e scooters and ebikes that go up. which is probebly a quality control issue at the back street manufacture in Shanghai that made it That any Tesla goes up, means that their quality control is suspect. There is no good reason why they cant build batteries that never do that other than cost
  13. All the evidence has grown exponentially. 150 years ago there was very little evidence in total now there is so much its incontrovertible Along that journey it stopped being a theory and just became. There are any number of books and videos where experts, (Which I'm not, just a guy with an intrest in understanding things,) will take you through what we know, what we think we know, what's still a theory , whats a hypothesis and what's wild conjecture. I'm not in a postion a few 100 character at a time to take you on that journey. I can only guide you. Its takes a certain intellectual honesty from yourself, if you have doubts and you clearly do. To actually research the topic and if you still disagree, to present an alternatively hypothesis which explains all the evidence. Just arguing from a position of personal incredulity isnt really an honest attempt to debunk evolution
  14. There little doubt the vacine has caused both deaths and significant injury. No one outside of the propaganda machine is disputing this. And even they are just saying its " safe" rather than categorically denying serious health effects. Its unclear if all the vacines carry the same risk ' how much is due to bad injection technque or an inherent issue with the vacine and particularly the crucial information to make an informed choice. Just what % of the vacinated experience significant side effects. Pfizer have released its data showing the vacine lead to 1400 deaths in the first 3 months and I think 4000 serious injuries. But With out the info to know what % it is of the vacinated population its rather meaningless data
  15. It's not strictly speaking commonly called the THEORYof evolution. Apart from people who are throwing doubt on it, who also seem to completly miss the scientific definition of a theory. Ie it's some what more concrete than a wild guess. It was called the theory of evolution 150 years ago. Now it's just called Evolution( at least by people who understand it ). In the intervening period the body of evidence to support has grown exponentially to the point that there is absolutely no reasonable doubt that evolution happens and the mechanisms that drive it. Some of the fine details are still lacking. But that's just a matter of time. Its finding the dam fossils that slows it down. For some reason they are all covered with earth. Evolution research its self is in constant transition, ie its evolving.
  16. Every fossil we find is a transitional species. They were all transitioning from something else into some thing else It's a really arbitrary man made classification of how much it has to change before you call it a new species. Ie if an animal in is the process of loosing its legs. An example with shorter legs is a transition . is it a new species? Depends how short they are I suppose
  17. You may be right its impossible to quantify. There were lots of no mask people in all the places were enforcement wasnt likely. It's impossible to know how representative this was. But just going about my business it did seem about half of them. Never saw a single mask worn in farmfoods. Not one
  18. Yes. Thats exactly right. They would still be pretty super though
  19. I suggest that quite possibly for the first time in his life boris was telling the truth . The laws were so badly written he probably wasnt breaking them. But it's gone to far for that. If he contested it it would only bring more criticism when he won as being favourable treatment. If he got no fine at all even more criticism of the police and him I'm of the view that they have considered the best way out is a fine and prompt payment and move on quickly. I'm sure he asked for a ticket even if the police had no intent of issuing one. The only fly in the ointments is the local elections. I'm not sure that's the end of him if those go pear shaped. He has the durability of a cock roach
  20. Well you clearly didnt know there were stoic historian writing books and getting a % of the retail price. That was clear when you asked who funded them. It wasnt a sly insult so much as open mouthed astonishing you didnt know how book sales work. Well at least your better informed on book buying.
  21. Well yes it's for a small circle of people who can use a referance library. That is it seems an ever diminishing number or at least walk into a book shop and order it The internet age has conditioned us to a) want every thing for nothing and b) not actualy stand up. There are 1000s earnestly researching every time in history and every major and some times really humdrum events. The fact you dont realise these even exist really paints a picture. Who pays them. Well you do. That's how book sales used to work before wikipedia It's not blind faith. You pick a thing your intested in. Look for a book that actually names its source documents and then go on a journey of discovery as he or she guide you through the labyrinth. You dont have to believe them or take on their version of events if you dont want to. But you can at least say this is nonsence and actualy have a cogent reason why you think it is. History is really really fascinating once you get away from school stuff The time line from circa 1000 ad to present is pretty accurate. There are thousands of contempary documents for most events, the nearer you get to the present the more documents there are. Its really what really happened and why that's the issue. The time line before that is very iffy. It still probably happened. Just no ones sure quite when or why
  22. Yes and all that's true to some extent.. but people are researching history 100s of years later and correcting the rubbish that was writen at the time. If your of a " stolen history " every thing is a complete fabrication" state of mind. Except a mud flood obviously that happened. Then your lost. Really lost . Rather than I suspect this is bollux. Il find out If you want to spend the time and ussually considerable sums of money to read work by a number of genuine historians who have done ussually years of research. Who are clearly not being censored. then you get a volume of information you can interrogate yourself even if you disagree with them. You always end up better informed. It's a better way than just dismissing it all and claiming mud floods did it. Just some what more time consuming. Which I suspect is part of the problem I've agreed with you most school history. Most popular history is at best wildly inaccurate. That isnt however all the history books in the world The truth is out there
  23. Blimey you make me sound cheerful and I'm known for killing parties. Yes starving people tend to just starve they dont have the energy to do much else. Hungry people on the other hand get a bit unruly. You just have to kid them that help is on the way till they are to far gone to care I've taken a vox pop during lock down. It was a bit of a self selecting population as the people who belived that the lock down was necersary and or working were not crammed maskless n a pub smoking shelter or sitting around passing a joint around in the church yard and to a man. They said this is bollocks. Nobody actualy did anything about it. Revolutions only happen when the intellectuals get involved to organise it and they were all happy on furlough
  24. Well I thought back on topic for one and secondly if they understood even the last 100 years of history it may occur to them they dont live in a benign caring country that has the best interests of its population at heart at least no one has lived in that country up to now. there is a fair chance boris isnt any different Or do you mean why do I think they dpnt understand history! For all the reasons I outlined above That's the problem with denying history. You cant learn from it if you dont think it even happened
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