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  1. I think you most probably could build a wall throwing stones. It wouldnt be very high and a bit wonky. But a wall never the less.
  2. My god man. You have some stuff booked marked. Cheers on my list
  3. Well rock and iron and a bit of lead gold etc There was no actual soup involved. Its was quite a bit later than the beginning of time But other than that good try
  4. No I was referring to energy. And its conversion from one form to another. Which is short hand for entropy as that's rather what the process consists of . Please dont repeat the word contradiction as there isnt one
  5. Il watch that later. Thanks.
  6. I keep telling you life doesn't contradiction entropy. In fact it speeds it up. I'm not sure why you keep banging on regardless The fact there was life about when he wrote the law is a fair clue
  7. What do you mean initially. Petrol has an energy density 100 x lithium per kg 40 gallons is about 200kg that's a little less than half the weight of a battery which makes it 50 times more explosive. I know which I'd sooner be closer to
  8. It doesnt really matter if it reignited 6 weeks later it wont be parked in my drive by that time . Lithium is a metal! what distinction are you making The fire blanket was a joke. The comparison with the considerably more explosive 40 gallons of petrol was not Nether are a good idea if your in them. Near them or parked in your garage In order to progress this point you need to show that electric cars are inherently more like to go up than petrol. Which may be true. I dont know and never I suspect do you
  9. Just out of interest do you know the british were shelling there own people during the london blitz and blaming the germans. This may or may not have been on purpose but if it was accidental they knew it was happening and kept doing it
  10. There definitively not an ice wall round earth. Thete way be one round the universe. But entropy would melt it over time so every thing could fire off at any second
  11. Well they are likely to be universal in this universe which may or may not be the only one But reading between the lines. I dont think it says what you think it does in any universe . Which means we are likely to be at cross purposes. With your understanding not at all fitting with the explination I'm giving of why life doesnt contradict a universal law
  12. It's rather hard to say until we see the edge or ice wall
  13. Perhaps if you quote the universal law it would be clearer. I'm not sure it says what you think it says
  14. No im pretty sure you were wrong.
  15. I'm fine with that. But just for the record how did it meet the defintion of sarcasm. Sarcasm isnt the same as just being wrong
  16. So why did they want it to be younger in previous estimates? Nb we are not descended from monkeys. At least learn enough to put up a fair fight
  17. What concern would want the earth to be say 4 and half billion years old and why ? And why did they want it to be younger before that ?
  18. I'm fine with your claim. Well I would be if I hadnt lived longer than that which does make it seem slightly unlikely. Maybe a parallel universe of some type
  19. I've just explained a few posts back. I'm now not sure if you havent read it or failed to comprehend it.. Which leaves me in a quandary on how to answer.
  20. Sorry to have point out the obvious ! But" prove 4 billion years" is not a question, even if you put a ? at the end
  21. Im guy sat in his home having a chat about things on the internet I'm prepared to help you. It's not fair to make me responsible for educating you. It's like giving guitar lessons I advise, you practice on your own I can work google for you if your strugling
  22. Im beginning to think I may have to dumb it down a bit more than that. But hell il give it ago
  23. Its a) not a theory b) not my theory and c) not my job to prove it to you.
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