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  1. Thats as close as your going to get from a politician to admitting to significant failures by the govenment. The govenment scientist and the media hype driving the responses. There a obscured admission that most if not all of the removal of freedoms was morally wrong and at best of no practical benifit He is rather glossing over the fact the govenment was largely responsible for that problem by pointing out other govenmentswere were worse. But hey. He is a member of that govenment. He is not going to throw them under the bus It's also the first official admission that I've seen that the vacines carry a risk. Something that has been strongly denied to this point During lockdown I was verbally attacked and called a mad conspiracy man for saying very much the same thing. So progress of some sort I suppose
  2. I havent. Can you link it or tell me when you posted it. So I can find it !
  3. I think your probably right. If they are capable of getting here in anything like a useful time frame they quite probebly already know we are here. Turning up tens of thousands of years from now with an invasion fleet seems a bit pointless
  4. Yea!!! that wouldnt have been my first conclusion of viewing the vid and I'd be slightly more concerned than the narrator of how they are having explosions that dont take the windows out
  5. That is possibly true to some extent. If the banking system takes against you as a leader or a govenment or a country then it wont end well But I highly doubt they are very concern about boris political career if he goes someone else who toes the line will take his place. To be clear we have a pretence of democracy. But in order to be convincing on the big stuff you have to let the small stuff run its course
  6. So what does to dissolve mean then ? It appears to mean a solid turning into a liquid. And that's what glass does and it's not by abrasions it's because its liquid
  7. Here is professor dave exposing cassy as a fabricator, cheat and all round %%%%
  8. Yesterday 16 +(4) 2 (0) (20) = 18 3x6 I'm betting I can do that for a lot of different dates that are not connected to war at all or alternatively there are very few days were there is not a war somewhere
  9. I've absolutely no intrest in convincing you. Non at all,or anyone else really .by the time the worms have eaten in to their brains to the extent they call anything from the discovery institute science. Then it really is a lost cause If they were posting I'd debate with them. But they are not you are. Il point out major flaws. You wont know enough to respond and just say " I didnt write it . Ask them." Which I cant obviously. So a complete waste of your time and my expertise. I've been round the block. It's like giving a donkey strawberries If you want to throw up your under! Standing il go to the trouble of trying to help ,other than that. Your on your own
  10. You explain why they are right. Your the proposer after all. This time in your own words with out cutting and paisting and il see if I can obligate Its not an adhom attack to point out he is part of an organisation set up to exploit the gullible or surprising that you fell for it.
  11. Glass sort of does dissolve or at least migrates so it's not where it used to be. Its permanently fluid and continues to flow downwards over time due to gravity. Quite a long time. But you can see it with naked eye after a 100 years or so
  12. I'm fascinated how you would question the differance between a convincing fake and the real thing. Let's say they death ray blast the white house to bits as an opening salvo, just to get out attention. How are you going to critically analyse that event armed with your fore sight ? Clearly the aliens are coming/ already here lot will fall for it hook line and sinker. The NASA is the devil lot will just say it's a false flag how will you steer a rational course through it ?
  13. I'm with you. The complete lack of intrest in local politics is to the deficient of our democracy
  14. Go for it then. That's the easy bit. The rest is quite a complex and possibly exspensive exercise of raising your profile enough that the small % of people who actualy vote and may very well be life long labour or tory voters have heard of you sufficiently they change their voting habits That's why opposing an unpopular bypass or some such is a good starting point
  15. I dont disagree. But that is not at all how the world ,at least this bit of it ,works. We know the whole institution is corrupt. How can you ever hope to change that with Democratic means with out first putting you nose in the trough
  16. Hard to get elected as an independent unless you have some buring local issue to exploite. It seems fine by me to use there time money and resouces to be a wooden horse candidate to then expose them. But I'm a cheap skate
  17. It's not particularly hard to get yourself as a candidate for one of the established parties. Just say all the right things. Then once elected they cant get rid of you for years. You can amuse yourself just messing things up and gobbling off whilst collecting your expenses. A sort of nigel Farage of the local council
  18. As the chance of a convincing fake and a real alien invasion seem to be of much the same magnitude it's hard to see how being prepared for one helps with the other or how you could tell the differance Let's face it you would feel a bit silly if you protested and were taken out with an alien death ray. I'm failing to see why something simpler wouldnt work just as well or quite why you or they wouldnt think they all ready had a compliant. Gullible population. So much so that there seems little to be gained from a deception on this scale It looks like the cold war is back on, that worked very well for 50 years. Everyone living with the acceptance they could be eviscerated at 4 minutes notice but for the care of their leaders. Not that the fabled 4 min warning wasnt a fable in its self
  19. I dont want to call her a fraud or delusional. I mean who knows being full of cancer treatment drugs may have made her german mentor delusional. But this is apparently a private conversation that there is no way of verifying . And even if an accurate account from a non delusional mentor. I'm not sure his undoubted skill at making rockets make him a good judge of American policy an unknown number of decades in the future. A fake alien invasion isnt impossible. But it does seem highly improbable. It seems less likely than an actual alien invasion to be honest Nether are at the top of my list of things I worry about It also seem a bit rich that someone who spent five years perfecting how to drop rockets loaded with explosive on the population of London, should suddenly get concerned about civilian populations
  20. I'm pretty sure you will but it's not a total waste of my time. As 1) its amusing me no end watching you try and wriggle off the hook baited with squirrels And 2) who knows the sheer incredulity of your responses may save someone else from a similar fate. Are we doing your explination of how density works or do you now want to try and not answer question about why there is no stratasphear crowded with squirrels
  21. I ask for clarification and you just make another claim you cant begin to explain. Either you know how magnetism stops squirrels floating off to the stratosphere or you dont. Just inventing a voltage gradient you cant explain either doesnt really assist in establishing clarity. Let's stick with how density effects can possibly occur with out the influence of gravity. That's by far the simplest concept to get your head round. If you want an easily demonstrated gravity experiment. Density it it. Just tell me how it could ever work with out the influence of gravity. It must have occurred to you by this point , as it has to me ,that the people you are cribbing off either didnt think it through or didnt explain it properly to you. Only you can explain why you chose not to ask about non magnetic squirrels yourself. I mean it doesnt have to be squirrels,cows pose much the same issue
  22. What are you claiming Bs on. That it is indeed the true cross. I think that very unlikely. The the war ship had a relic in it ? That may but almost certainly wasnt the true cross ? thats a bit more likely but not by much
  23. I dont really want to do a discusion by meme either. I'm sure you have much more than the ability to write a couple of cogent sentences describing your under standing of how electromagnetism work on squirrels As you now seem to have abandoned the magnetic squirell conundrum. I'm happy for you to do like wise about how density effects can work with out the influence of gravity. Nb they cant as far as my understanding but I'm prepared to be wrong if you can provided a convincing explination
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