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  1. I dont want to throw to much shade as they were undoubtedly lieing about vax take up. but that graph is a composite of both flu and covid vaccinations. So the 19 million refusals may not actualy be ( almost certainly isnt) 19 million covid vacination refusals.
  2. I may actually consider building a solar panel. I'm not at this stage prepping for no electricity. Which if it happened would only mean no phone/ internet of any consequence. Maybe a small phone charging panel would be good. They are not dear to buy I lived through the coal strikes of the early 70s. Black outs were more of an inconvenience than a tragedy . I got through the last winter doing the vast majority of my heating with a 5 quid candle that lasted a week and an air mover ( fan) my slow cooker also provides significant heat whilst cooking my meal I own a home built rocket stove. So I can cook and heat if the worse happens. There are no shortage of sticks in the park Back in the 70s, as a young lad I used to raid the slag heaps for coal to keep the family warm. Unfortunately that free resource has disappeared
  3. That's just silly. There is a queue of willing people behind boris all of which would toe the line, any of which could blow the whistle if they wanted to;, which wouldnt matter as no one would believe them anyway or more likely woukdnt care. Non of this is actually a secret
  4. People need to learn how to shop and cook. At a family gathering over the week end . Folk kept telling me how everything has gone up. Cant say I've noticed. My ten pounds a week for food and another 10 pn lecy seems to get my just as far as it used to do. How they asked I walk round 4 or 5 shops and get the best value from each. Bang it in the slow cooker and turn things off. Easy Spend more on ice cream than I do food
  5. 70 million years ago apparently and Antarctica had palm trees
  6. Though I think south America was more west africa at the time
  7. You could walk from Australia to south America via Antarctica at one point or other. It was a lot less cold then
  8. I got as far as " world wide pyramid power grid " I love ancient aliens. It's the funniest show on telly ever
  9. It's being tought in schools because of the influencing power of quite possibly only a few dozen people on twitter to set up a hate mob if you decline
  10. You can. I'm good with all feedback loops positive or negative. a five word critique may have been more useful. But you are possibly in a hurry
  11. Well no. The " woke revolution" that everyone here seems to rally against is being conducted and controled by a small number of influencers on the internet. Mostly Twitter. It's the most powerful of tools. They are just better and smarter at using it
  12. Ive told you before its demonstrable with density but only if you can manage the seemingly insurmountable hurdle of accepting gravity doesnt suck. I think I've said to you before. I've not taken on a mission of trying to raise the earths IQ in one deluded individual increments. I really dont care what you believe.
  13. People are being so judgemental of the bulk of the population for not ascribing to a world view similar to theirs. There not fools or sheeple or futile or any other pejorativeterm you want to throw at them. They are just rats in a maze like you. Only the dead go free
  14. Theres lots. But if you exspect rocks to suck you will indeed end up disappointed or as infact you dont want gravity to be a thing happy. Gravity is not a vacuum cleaner it doesnt do any sucking at all. Infact vacuums dont do any sucking. But that's a whole other issue The vast body of human discovery and knowledge is available to you. Largely for free at the movement of a finger. There was a time when opinion was that some people were badly uniformed or just plain stupid because they were financially deprived of information. That seems to have been some what over optimistic I would normaly suggest that you need to start with actually understanding why it doesnt suck. But that's not going to happen. So il content myself with just asking god for forgiveness for so harshly judging a fellow human in dire need.
  15. Unsurprisingly really some science need a bit more equipment than a fridge magnet and some cooking ingredients . They had more than that in the 1100s It was the printing press really that liberated people from having to get their science second hand from holy men or trying to establish the natral order using corn flower. It was a major step forward in not having to do it all yourself. The body of knowledge grew exponentially and available to everyone at least those that could read. Its 400 years since then and it still seems a big section of the population who can read. Still want holymen to explain it to them. Sometimes I wonder we ever got out of caves
  16. I 5think people are clutching at straws In all of human history there has seldom been a revolution were the many have overthrown the few. Mostly as the many cant organise it. Sure they can organise a mob or a riot. They can kill people or burn things down. But when the anger goes so does the uprising and if they managed to kill the few another ruling class appears to take over. Revolutions that could be viewed as successful have always been lead by the intellectuals. Who can organise it. But then you get a new ruling class of intellectuals. Who generaly seem to be worse than what came before. Slow social change on the mantra of " educate, agitate organise seem to work best. That's why they want to shut the internet down.
  17. Apparently the radio waves from our own communication will just be a fog of noise. So they are not watching east enders with out a licence. It has by now manged to reach a distance of about a 100 light years. Strangely enough. But would almost certainly be recognised as not natural even if they have no idea what we are watching or where its comming from The actual attempts at communication are very directional. We pick a constellation and blast a message at it on a frequency that's a dip in the frequency of hydrogen. Again almost untranslatabe but the very fact it's on the frequency it is. Should tell them it's not natural . The idea that they blast back on the same frequency. Which hasnt happened as yet Of course if it's the wrong constellation. Or they are not monitoring an obscure frequency . Have already given up radio technology. They wont get it. Pulsed lasers seems to be the direction of travel
  18. That seems unlikely to be honest. I was speaking of being technically advanced rather that culturally or spiritually advanced. I'd guess that they had advanced for much the same reason we had and thus their morals and leadership were no better
  19. The problem with alien attack is we have no idea what the risk actually is. If there is an advanced and hostile civilisation with in travelling distance. Then the risk isnt low it would seem to have a probability of 1
  20. If I had to sum it up in a short phrase I'd say society fails to be tolerant of other peoples intolerances That then becomes an attack on free speech. Which has never actually existed in the UK anyway. But what speech is free has change generation by generation Which victims are lacking in received tolerance. Poor /working class white males for one
  21. Well yes/no / maybe Lives are generaly futile to be honest. Very few of us leave any lasting mark on society. Even less a good one. That accepted what's the point of existance other than to keep yourself fed warm and entertained and possibly a few kids to pass on the genies Our society is reasonably good at providing the first three. And not to bad at facilitating the last. If you want to rise to a higher level of existance no one is stopping you. It's unfair to require others to join you if they really only want a few beers watch the football and a chicken curry
  22. It's not " tolerance that's the issue. It's a variable and! sliding scale of tolerance with some getting far to much and others no where near enough
  23. I supose its largly how effective you think a relic would be against a missile. Not very it seems The way the russians are performing they possibly need more relics
  24. That's a really intresting and insightful quote Its is a fair point when people ask for evidence of evolution to point not to changes in man physical make up but to changes to our culture by technology which will themselves be a driver to our physical changes. Much as fire changed our physical make up so will computers etal
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