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  1. 49 minutes ago, Youknownothingbutyou said:

    Thx for making this extra clear that your a shill

    As I said above I think the govenment were lieing to us about the nature and extent of it. There has been blatant disparities between the ons figures and what the govenment were saying


    Exactly what they were lying about and why is harder to pin down

  2. Just now, zarkov said:



    I'm not being evasive if the figure is one you or someone else has just made up.


    I'm assuming you mean world wide or do you. Helpful if you could say


    The ONS figures for the uk say circa 2000 deaths a month from influenza in 2020. At a very quick look.


    So where has 200 in total come from ?


  3. 1 minute ago, Youknownothingbutyou said:

    Ironic. Do you have google?


    numbers are on the wall. Flu gone, replaced by the exact same covid numbers (about 2millions per year).


    flu numbers actually match covid numbers. Flu= covid.


    if you dont understand this, nobody here can help your ass

    It's likely that they would be comparable as they were effecting mostly the same vulnerable group. 


    That's a case for saying covid was no worse than the flu, rather than they are one and the same

  4. 2 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    flu is re-entering the building slowly



    Well that shows, at least to my interpretation of data, is that the lockdown was a lot more effective at stopping flu than it was at covid


    To be clear I think much of the so called pandemic was a mix of incompetence and hoax. Possibly in roughly equal amounts.


    I dont believe the whole thing was a hoax.  But who knows you may be right


    It would just seem easier to actually release a virus that killed people than organise a world wide conspiracy and fake circa a million deaths.  That sounds like hard work



  5. Just now, Trufflepig said:


    can you tell me all about the asymptomatic case of the flu all the fucking retards had the past 2 years?

    Well the flu isnt as far as I know asymptomatic. 


    The covid vacine aparently is. To about 80% of the population. 


    What is it you specifically want to know. It not really my specific area of expertise but il help if I can

  6. Just now, zarkov said:

    when/where was crapola virus isolated, purified, photographed and characterised intact?

    FOI's show no such evidence exists. 

    Only composite insilico shitfuckery exists.



    Has google stopped working for you ?

  7. Just now, Trufflepig said:


    I loved the way the were calling it a disease, you know, the one that used to be known as the common cold.

    An argument it used to be the flu has some mileage in it. Even if its fundamentally wrong. An argument it used to be common cold has no mileage at all

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  8. Just now, Malbec said:

    What virus? 

    Well after applying critical thinking I'm sure as I can be that a) there was a virus and b) it did indeed kill a few folk. 


    After that everything else is up for debate.


    If you dont belive in it. Then there nothing much I can do to help



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  9. 58 minutes ago, SimonTV said:



    So safe and effective for children that it increases the chance of dying by 52x...

    You have to be careful how you interpret that  there isnt an increased risk of dying for any particular indevidual  who isnt pre determined to die from the vacine. 


    Some people are at precisely no risk. some have a probability of one. It's not a randomised event. 


    The same is exactly true for the virus


    There are serious moral ethics in the whole vacine program of near forced vacination of people who were  at insignificant risk to protect another group with a high risk profile .


    If that was actualy the true motive ! which it wasnt. It was for economic reasons which is even more un ethical 




  10. 1 minute ago, Itsa said:

    Well the NHS states that anyone aged 5 and over can get a Covid-19 vaccine

    So I need to know if they include people who are ineligible for vaccination in the cohorts figures


    Not sure why they would do that as it doesn't make sense.


    But if they do you're right and those numbers need to be deducted from the final figure



    I think the under 12s could get one. But they wernt included in the govenment drive or even actually recommended that they should. I did sort of loose intrest towards the end 

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  11. 17 minutes ago, zArk said:


    prices are going up up up. wages are stagnant and in real terms going down in value


    martin lewis suggests buying a electric body blanket


    delia smith says poor people shouldnt buy organic 


    there is a long standing dealignment of earnings vs costs


    this as we most on here recognise is a systematic drive to UBI , propertyless living, working bullshit jobs in order to qualify for UBI


    pretty soon 90% will be working fulltime and not meeting 30% of bills 




    Well that wouldnt be a sustainable model. So that's not the intent even if it becomes the reality. 


    Inflation is an inevtable consequence of printing to much money which they did to pay for the furlough scheme at etal.


    Companies are trying to claw back their losses over the 2 years of lock down so more inflation.  


    There an enourmas gap in the available work force. So higher wages equalta more inflation


    There will be shortages due to the Ukrainian issue so higher prices equals more inflation 


    It's more or less the!1970s over again. We didnt all end up in the poor house then. I doubt we will now.  


    Actually living within you diminished means ( stop buying things you cant afford) seems the the immediate answer. So far people seem to be complaining and not actually changing their behaviour/ purchasing practices . At the moment they are sticking all on the credit card. So a debt crisis to come as well


    There nothing at all wrong with the idea of heating one room rather than the!whole house or even sticking an electric blanket on your chair. Most people could just put a jumper on to good effect

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  12. 21 minutes ago, Itsa said:

    Not sure mate.


    On page 78 of the report it says from the eligible cohort of 63,130,182 that 43,945,696 accepted a first dose

    That is just for the covid-19 vaccine not including flu vaccination

    That's about 19 million.


    Hopefully this will be looked into further now so we can get clarification on the matter.

    I couldnt resist.


    That data is being masively distorted by the under 12s all 8 million of them who I dont think were ever on the schedule in the first place ?.


    So with out redoing all the % . That drops the rerefusals down to 11 million about twice what the govenment claimed.


    If you also remove the under 18s who were not actualy refusing themselves.


    You can see where they got the figure from the figures 

  13. Just now, Itsa said:

    Not sure mate.


    On page 78 of the report it says from the eligible cohort of 63,130,182 that 43,945,696 accepted a first dose

    That is just for the covid-19 vaccine not including flu vaccination

    That's about 19 million.


    Hopefully this will be looked into further now so we can get clarification on the matter.

    I've certainly not got as far as page 78 .


    It could be so. But the graph certainly suggests other wise.  Unless the flue refusal and the covid refusals are the same people. Which seems unlikely as the flue jab is only offered to the older eliment who were also the most likely to be vaxed 


    I dont realy want to spend the rest of the day interrogating the data in the report.  So il leave it for now

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  14. 47 minutes ago, Itsa said:

    I dont want to throw to much shade as they were undoubtedly lieing about vax take up.


    but that graph is a composite of both flu and covid vaccinations. So the 19 million refusals may not actualy be ( almost certainly isnt) 19 million covid vacination refusals.



  15. 32 minutes ago, jack121 said:


    Solar panels will be a great investment. You can watch youtube videos on how to make your own for a fraction of the actual price.

    I remember last year the electricity went off and i had no power, no internet, no laptop, all the lights went off, sitting in the dark, stumbling around, falling over things, no cooking, no cleaning, it was terrible.

    You don't appreciate something until you have really and truly lost it. Then it hits home, something you do everyday and do not even think about, just flicking a switch.

    I spent my money, got the solar panels, so at least i know that when the system crashes i got my own juice to fall back on - it will be a massive help.b Take it from me, a word to the wise awake ones,



    I may actually consider building a solar panel. I'm not at this stage prepping for no electricity.  Which if it happened would only mean no phone/ internet of any consequence. Maybe a small phone charging panel would be good. They are not dear to buy


    I lived through the coal strikes of the early 70s. Black outs were more of an inconvenience than a tragedy .


    I got through the last winter doing the vast majority of my heating with a 5 quid candle that lasted a week and an air mover ( fan) my slow cooker also provides significant heat whilst cooking my meal


    I own a home built rocket stove. So I can cook and heat if the worse happens. There are no shortage of sticks in the park



    Back in the 70s, as a young lad I used to raid the slag heaps for coal to keep the family warm. Unfortunately that free resource has disappeared 

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  16. 18 minutes ago, jack121 said:


    I suspect they maybe concerned about BJ, the guy has a lot of followers on that twitter facebook thing, and a lot of serious influence, i mean one broadcast from him and all the sheep ran into their homes, locked their doors, wore masks, would not visit their friends or family etc - that'sa  lot of power

    Just imagine what could happen if BJ made an unscheduled appearance on Tv and confessed the whole truth not only about the pandemic scam but about ukraine, who really runs the country , the royals etc

    The true rulers have to be very careful about who they choose as their representative. They don't want another mel gibson scandal, when mel got pissed up and walked into a tv station talking about how all the wars in the world are caused by jews, wars are deliberatly done to make money out of, etc


    As to who could replace BJ That person will be very carefully vetted, that's why politicians are so old, you never get a young politicians, because they have to spend many years devil worshipping, paedophilia, climbing the freemasonic ladder, doing the most disgusting and degrading things to prove their loyalty to the system



    That's just silly. There is a queue of willing people behind boris all of which would toe the line, any of which could blow the whistle if they wanted to;, which wouldnt matter as no one would believe them anyway or more likely woukdnt care.  Non of this is actually a secret 

  17. 6 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

    Just read this:


    Why Food Prices Are Expected to Skyrocket



    • Food shortages and skyrocketing food prices now appear inevitable. The global food price index hit its highest recorded level in March 2022, rising 12.6% in a single month. On average, food prices were one-third higher than in March 2021. In the U.S., food prices rose 9% in 2021, and are predicted to rise another 4.5% to 5% in the next 12 months
    • Inflation was already ramping up well before Russia went into Ukraine, thanks to the uncontrolled printing of fiat currencies that occurred in response to the COVID pandemic. Governments’ COVID responses have also wreaked havoc with global supply chains, causing disruptions that continue to this day
    • Ukraine has ceased exports of wheat, oats, millet, buckwheat and cattle, and Russia has banned exports of fertilizer
    • Together, Russia and Belarus provide nearly 40% of the global exports of potash, a key fertilizer ingredient. Russia also exports 48% of the global ammonium nitrate, and combined with Ukraine, they export 28% of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium fertilizers. Experts are now predicting fertilizer prices may double as a result of Russia’s ban on fertilizer exports



    People need to learn how to shop and cook. At a family gathering over the week end . Folk kept telling me how everything has gone up.


    Cant say I've noticed. My ten pounds a week for food and another 10 pn lecy seems to get my just as far as it used to do.


    How they asked  I walk round 4 or 5 shops and get the best value from each. Bang it in the slow cooker and  turn things off. Easy 


    Spend more on ice cream than I do food

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  18. Just now, Pinkiebee said:

    You could walk from Australia to south America via Antarctica at one point or other.


    It was a lot less cold then

    Though I think south America was more west africa at the time

  19. 4 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    90 million years ago, you could walk from Australia to Antarctica. Shame it's so far away now.😢

    You could walk from Australia to south America via Antarctica at one point or other.


    It was a lot less cold then

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  20. Just now, jedidiah said:


    Well yes; we won’t see eye to eye on this matter, and imo, it’s a waste of time flogging a dead horse - or polishing egos - so, enjoy your opinions.

    Cheers. I unusually do

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