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  1. I suspect that's an opinion. Whoch of course your perfectly entitled to have and state Can I ask how you arrived at that. At the very least it substantially reduced road deaths
  2. I'm not disagreeing with any of that. The official narrative is fatally flawed. But if someone tells me that there have only been 200 flu deaths in the entire world. It seems reasonable to ask were he got that figure from. Otherwise I'd be just as gullible as the people who dont challenge the govenments narrative.
  3. That's the most fundamentally wrong thing you've said out of a very long list of candidates. The church hierarchy were and still are in some places, self serving leeches who want to suppress the progress of humanity so they remain in control. I've got a hot line to god. He tells me what he wants ! was a con trick played in very early human culture and people are still falling for it 50,000 years later. To be perfectly clear. I'm not totally opposed to people believing in god. I've said a prayer or two in my life. I am opposed to holy men telling me what god wants me to do or what shape the world is
  4. I've never tried it but that is aparently not true. Cyclones do. But not bath water I'm not what your first point is to be honest. Science was distinctly separate from the church as they kept killing scientists. That tends to cause a bit of a rift in my exsperance And to fair to you that's the first thing you've said in week that's true. The globe earth is indeed a bit of a key foundation of science. They had only just discovered density when they figured it. Clever them greeks
  5. I think that's an unlikely out come to be honest. I think the truth is already starting to leak . I mean the real truth not things soneone made up on the bath An academic paper says two years of lock down saved 3000 lives. That about a 100 million quid a life. Which is quite dear in the run off things
  6. As I said above I think the govenment were lieing to us about the nature and extent of it. There has been blatant disparities between the ons figures and what the govenment were saying Exactly what they were lying about and why is harder to pin down
  7. It's ironic that the church most of them to be honest rather than just the Christian church used to regularly imprison and not uncommonly executed people to suppress knowledge. For more or less a thousand years. Just imagine how far we would have got as species if they hadnt kept killing the cleverest men in the world. Considering we went from hand carts to supersonic flight in just 300 years once they packed it in. There is a conspiracy of greed and power. But it's the die hard religious fantastic that are behind it
  8. I'm not being evasive if the figure is one you or someone else has just made up. I'm assuming you mean world wide or do you. Helpful if you could say The ONS figures for the uk say circa 2000 deaths a month from influenza in 2020. At a very quick look. So where has 200 in total come from ?
  9. The jury is still out on dark matter and energy the big bang almost certainly isnt what you think it is. Judging by your grasp of school science and far from an established fact if you knew what it actually refered too Globe earth and space are pretty bolted on by the third millennium
  10. Where has the 200 number come from ?
  11. It's likely that they would be comparable as they were effecting mostly the same vulnerable group. That's a case for saying covid was no worse than the flu, rather than they are one and the same
  12. Well that shows, at least to my interpretation of data, is that the lockdown was a lot more effective at stopping flu than it was at covid To be clear I think much of the so called pandemic was a mix of incompetence and hoax. Possibly in roughly equal amounts. I dont believe the whole thing was a hoax. But who knows you may be right It would just seem easier to actually release a virus that killed people than organise a world wide conspiracy and fake circa a million deaths. That sounds like hard work
  13. Why are you asking questions which it seems you 5think you know the answer to ? That's a pointless waste of everyone's time If you have facts you belive in, make statements of fact
  14. Well the flu isnt as far as I know asymptomatic. The covid vacine aparently is. To about 80% of the population. What is it you specifically want to know. It not really my specific area of expertise but il help if I can
  15. Has google stopped working for you ?
  16. An argument it used to be the flu has some mileage in it. Even if its fundamentally wrong. An argument it used to be common cold has no mileage at all
  17. Well after applying critical thinking I'm sure as I can be that a) there was a virus and b) it did indeed kill a few folk. After that everything else is up for debate. If you dont belive in it. Then there nothing much I can do to help
  18. That's why debating with FEers etc can be an amusing distraction. But impossible at a few hundred characters at at time to make up for the fact they slept through high school science class
  19. But you seem to be misunderstanding the inter personal relationship here. All that you require is a few books from the library or a quick google and your answers will materialize. If you lack the capacity to understand that info, people will I'm sure assist. Just demanding that people who have bothered to try and understand, what is really childhood level science, should jump through hoops to assist you to then make no effort to apply logic , probably isnt going to happen, at least they wont do it twice. Why would they bother to help you when your so ungrateful
  20. You have to be careful how you interpret that there isnt an increased risk of dying for any particular indevidual who isnt pre determined to die from the vacine. Some people are at precisely no risk. some have a probability of one. It's not a randomised event. The same is exactly true for the virus There are serious moral ethics in the whole vacine program of near forced vacination of people who were at insignificant risk to protect another group with a high risk profile . If that was actualy the true motive ! which it wasnt. It was for economic reasons which is even more un ethical
  21. I'm not surprised you are blocking people, so you dont have to hear their views that disagree with your own. That happens a lot with the whole woke thing I am suprised that your insulting his brain power with seemingly no sense of irony
  22. I think the under 12s could get one. But they wernt included in the govenment drive or even actually recommended that they should. I did sort of loose intrest towards the end
  23. Well that wouldnt be a sustainable model. So that's not the intent even if it becomes the reality. Inflation is an inevtable consequence of printing to much money which they did to pay for the furlough scheme at etal. Companies are trying to claw back their losses over the 2 years of lock down so more inflation. There an enourmas gap in the available work force. So higher wages equalta more inflation There will be shortages due to the Ukrainian issue so higher prices equals more inflation It's more or less the!1970s over again. We didnt all end up in the poor house then. I doubt we will now. Actually living within you diminished means ( stop buying things you cant afford) seems the the immediate answer. So far people seem to be complaining and not actually changing their behaviour/ purchasing practices . At the moment they are sticking all on the credit card. So a debt crisis to come as well There nothing at all wrong with the idea of heating one room rather than the!whole house or even sticking an electric blanket on your chair. Most people could just put a jumper on to good effect
  24. I couldnt resist. That data is being masively distorted by the under 12s all 8 million of them who I dont think were ever on the schedule in the first place ?. So with out redoing all the % . That drops the rerefusals down to 11 million about twice what the govenment claimed. If you also remove the under 18s who were not actualy refusing themselves. You can see where they got the figure from the figures
  25. I've certainly not got as far as page 78 . It could be so. But the graph certainly suggests other wise. Unless the flue refusal and the covid refusals are the same people. Which seems unlikely as the flue jab is only offered to the older eliment who were also the most likely to be vaxed I dont realy want to spend the rest of the day interrogating the data in the report. So il leave it for now
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