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  1. Yes and I agreed with that then and now
  2. I have. not seeing any murder evidence though
  3. To be fair I didnt ask him for evidence. Mostly as there isnt any. Then we just play musical chairs. If he wants to explain his logic to me I'm happy to listen If you've posted something and I've missed sorry. It's not easy debating 8 people at a time What was it ?
  4. Well you seem to have arrived at that conclusion on very little evidence
  5. They didnt move sick and elderly into care homes who were not already in care homes. They did move people out of hospital with covid which ran riot through the care homes They did lock them up till many went mad. They did operate do not re sus Non of that is murder its was just incompetent and very cruel
  6. Yes lock downs destroyed the economy. The lock down wasnt required that's incompetence of the first order
  7. Yes that's true as well. It's still not murdering peolke in care!homes though is it. Lots died because of neglect though
  8. The incomptabce was tanking the economy in the first place. That was desperation to get out of the hole they had dug Governments lots of govenments are prepared to see the deaths of many for economic reasons. Second world war anyone
  9. I think the british govenment is incompitents as I've lived a long time under many of them and non were very competent
  10. They did. They need to jabs to get out of the financial hole they were in To be clear. They knew they were unsafe and did it any way. Coz the economy was tanked
  11. That told governments what exactly
  12. They had to organise the bit here. Bill Gates was going round killing everyone himself was he
  13. Yes to most of that Coz they couldnt organise a kiss up in a brewery The ONS stats regularly contradicted the govenments. If it was a conspiracy no one told them
  14. I said cock up And cover up. You have more faith than I do in the british govenment to organise anything remotely like your suggesting
  15. Incompetent that's the govenment and in adequately tested that's the vacines I havent changed my mind since
  16. I didn't and I had a lot if people fall out with me over it
  17. You seemed to go from fairly rational to not all that rational in one quick jump there. The whole thing was a cock up and a cover up. I'm a lit less certain they were murdering people on ventilators to be honest
  18. It will take a long time to unravel. The MSM wont get on board as they were part of the problem. Though I have notice they are becoming more critical of lock down policy. Shame they didnt speak up at the time. I'm beginning to suspect there was a d notice in effect There will be an official inquiry that will take most of a decade to report. By that time boris and his cronies will be all in the house of lord and not really care much. Just keep paying out vacines compo
  19. I loved science particularly physics , though it was a shit school and I didnt learn much I've had to teach myself in later life. The other lessons they couldnt have made duller if they tried I admitsto napping through geography
  20. Welm no they havent. They all set off doing their own thing which is why there is so much variations between countries. Hell even england scotland and Wales couldnt agree
  21. I feel uplifted and empowered by that quote. I love a bible verse. Il do you one in return later
  22. Science as we understand it in the modern world arose from the " age of reason " the reason was getting rid of superstition and relying on actual evidence that wasn't in a holy book
  23. Well mostly because WHO said it wasnt a pandemic when it was and no one belived another word they said after that
  24. Peopke seem to be arguing with points I havent made. I think lock down and by extension vacination was a terrible idea that did far more harm than good and I mean far far far more harm than good
  25. Just tell me where you got the 200 deaths in the entire world from flu figure from. It seems a reasonable request allowing that there were circa 20,000 reported in the uk alone
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