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  1. Just now, skitzorat said:

    Another attempt at changing the goal posts.


    What do you mean no pandemic?

    That's not the vaccine I meant.

    Boris Johnson can't plan this.

    No one was murdered.

    Where you get 200 flu cases from



    Although you've been useful for some of us to re-share valuable information for new readers - stuff lost in the 4434 pages - I'm finding that continuing this discussion with you has reached it's end.

    Any further attempts to reason with Mr Logic here only pushes the stuff out of circulation and drives me batty.

    I've had my entertainment for the evening.


    /I'm out.

    I'm still waiting for where you got the 200 cases from ! It did seem a reasonable question

  2. Just now, skitzorat said:




    Evidence there is no virus isolate.


    Evidence the test is fraudulent.


    How do you get your pandemic with the test being fake?


    Answer us this?!


    Perhaps you were too quick to say I was "not all that rational" to have actually read the information and links/sources.... which says more about you.


    That was the rational bit. It's what came after that went a bit off the rails 

  3. Just now, skitzorat said:




    Evidence there is no virus isolate.


    Evidence the test is fraudulent.


    How do you get your pandemic with the test being fake?


    Answer us this?!


    Perhaps you were too quick to say I was "not all that rational" to have actually read the information and links/sources.... which says more about you.


    The pandemic and the test are not mutually dependent. 

  4. Just now, Youknownothingbutyou said:



    let me guess, Event201 being made a couple of months before the 2019 covid "outbreak" is also just a coincidence right?

    Well it had to be before it. Didnt it.. couldnt be after 


    How long before would it have to have been before you thought it was just a coincidence 

  5. Just now, sock muppet said:


    You wrote, who planned, as if there was no plan, as if all were incompetent and ignorant and did not know anything at all, which is complete BOLLOXS!

    It was a straight forward attempt to get clarification of your point 

  6. 7 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

    Keep up sunshine.


    Patent US10702600 for the vaccine candidate mRNA-1273 was actually registered in its new composition on March 28, 2019.

    That’s 9 months earlier than the official outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in China and the provision of the official Wuhan sequence MN908947.1, the virus initially known as 2019-nCoV after which renamed by the World Well being Group SARS-Cov-2 to the sturdy genomic id with SARS of 2003 



    How does that effect the oxford vacine which is I understand is  somewhat different

  7. 2 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

    Now lets consider that a member of the venerable pirate council iamawaveofthesea created a thread on the old david icke forum titled 'disease X' back in 2018, two years before the covid casedemic


    So how could we humble 'conspiracy theorists' have predicted this two years in advance? That thread was then necro'd on this forum here:


    Predicting a global pandemic isnt difficult as one was inevitable sooner or later.


    Like a killer asteroid and Yellowstone going up

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  8. 12 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

    but there is no pandemic - I provided you proof of that.


    See how you ignore the evidence when provided? - the evidence, or evidence of the complete lack-there-of proof of there being "novel" virus to cause a pandemic.


     I also provided evidence of how the "cases" have been created/tested using a fraudulent test that the creator said can't be used for that purpose- even if you don't believe elderly weren't murdered and it was "overblown" and there is a real virus - how can there be any cases when the test is fake?


    Those two things, especially the test, under pin your entire believe system.


    but of course you ignore that and *the govt failed* lol


    Oh and BTW - all governments across the world, especially developed nations DID have "pandemic" preparedness and planning protocols. For decades, continually updated... they just ALL didn't use them, for some very curious reason!

    All governments just threw decades of scientific planning and advice out, simultaneously.

    But I'm sure that's just because Boris Johnson (and UK govt) is a silly man, right.

    Sorry mate I'm getting confused.  . What evidence did you provided there wasnt a pandemic. I certainly havent seen anything that fits a reasonable description of that

  9. Just now, Macnamara said:


    no the money had already been thrown at PRIOR to the plandemic as i illustrated above with that flowchart of gates money. If you click on that thread i mentioned in that post above you will find all kinds of information about the flows of money PRIOR to the casedmic


    The groundwork had already been done before anyone faceplanted into the tarmac in wuhan

    How had they thrown money at a vacination program that hadnt happen for a vacine that hadnt been invented yet

  10. Just now, Macnamara said:


     But they HAD planned for a global pandemic:

    How 'Disease X' has shaped the world’s response to the new coronavirus

    Encouraging pandemic planners to consider the unknown is now paying dividends, say the scientists who coined the term

    By Paul Nuki, Global Health Security Editor and Sarah Newey, Global Health Security reporter 17 May 2020 • 7:00am

    If vaccine or treatment for Covid-19 is discovered at “warp speed”, to use President Donald Trump’s words, it will be  in part because experts have been encouraged to plan for an unknown pathogen for which there is no obvious defence. 

    This is the view of a panel of leading scientific experts who, in early 2018, added "Disease X" to a watchlist of contagions for which there were no known “countermeasures” in the form of  treatments, diagnostics or vaccines.

    The story of Disease X was picked up at the time by the Telegraph and went viral.  It was read by millions of ordinary people but also experts in laboratories, universities and governments across the world. 

    Those on the original R&D Blueprint panel say the inclusion of Disease X in the list - or at least the concept of encouraging pandemic planners to consider the unknown - is now paying dividends in the fight against the new coronavirus.


    They say organisations like the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (Cepi), which is leading the way in the global race for a vaccine, and the WHO’s clinical trials framework, which is coordinating research into the treatment of Covid-19, owe much to the thinking behind Disease X.

    Even rapid testing and the social distancing measures adopted by countries across southeast Asia early on to suppress the virus - including a stockpile of personal protective equipment (PPE) - stem to some extent from the concept of planning for the unknown. 

    On the down side, note several on the WHO panel, the concept of Disease X may have come too late.

    Although some countries adjusted their plans, most major western economies were still in the process of updating theirs or, as is the case in Britain, were resisting the idea.

    Dr Ana Maria Henao Restrepo is the WHO official responsible for overseeing the R&D Blueprint process and the strategy for rapid roll-out of research during pandemics. It’s aim is to “fast-track the availability of effective tests, vaccines and medicines” that can be used to save lives during a crisis of the sort we face now.

    Dr Henao Restrepo said that while the term “Disease X” was coined and popularised in 2018, the idea of planning for an unknown or “novel pathogen” was first adopted by the WHO in 2015. 

    She said the R&D Blueprint’s work from 2015 included rolling out “generic” clinical trial frameworks and vaccine development strategies, which are being used now to fight the coronavirus. But not all the planning for Disease X had been completed.

    “We discussed our priorities in December of last year… our internal plan of action was to complete all the work for the pathogen X. We didn't manage to do that but we have a lot of foundations there from our earlier efforts,” she said.

    These “foundations” included the WHO’s Global Forum, a diverse group of experts from around the world who can be scrambled quickly in crisis.

    “Because we had a network that existed as part of our work we were able to mobilise more than 400 scientists worldwide in a very short period of time,” added Dr Henao Restrepo.

    Jimmy Whitworth, professor of international public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, was also on the 2018 committee and says Covid-19 can be characterised as Disease X. 

    “The aim was to have a thought experiment to think about how we would respond to a totally unfamiliar pathogen that is causing an epidemic - a scenario where we wouldn’t have a case definition, a diagnostic test, a vaccine, we wouldn’t know if drugs work or how it is transmitted. 

    “That probably all sounds quite familiar [now]. Covid-19 is, to some extent, entirely new.

    “But then Covid-19 is also related to other coronaviruses, so we’re not starting completely from scratch. It’s somewhere in between - some elements for Disease X and some elements of [other] coronaviruses apply,” Prof Whitworth added. 

    Dr David Brett-Major, an infectious diseases physician from the University of Nebraska, thinks he may have been responsible for the term “Disease X” itself.

    “I’m not sure if it was me or another but I think it was me,” he said. “Anyway, it was used and it got picked up quickly in the conversation… it just stuck”.

    He added that the “disease agnostic” vaccine platforms pioneered by Cepi are the most high profile innovations to come out of the process of preparing for Disease X.

    But in hindsight he thinks the world put too much focus on “what we need to have rather than what we have to do” when new pathogens breakout. 

    “There is a gap in what we are experiencing now with the application of social [lockdown] measures. We really have no idea to what extent they have to be employed or how they work, so we are using them blind”. 

    The WHO and others have “done good work updating their pandemic guidance” to take on such measures but they have not been universally adopted, Dr David Brett-Major added. “Some countries have got round to updating their own plans - others have not.”


    Who had planned ? Not it seems the british govenment who removed funding for such

  11. Just now, sock muppet said:


    Maybe you should step back a bit and read the entire thread from the beginning, the amount of evidence that has been presented can not be ignored, you have to remember that there are serious seekers of truth here, and for all they know you could be that fat wanker currently in Downing street!

    It would help if you formed an orderly queue to just attack me one at a time. I'm trying to respond to all

  12. Just now, Morpheus said:

    Yeah sound, logic. You see, for logic to work you need some evidence to give it reason and comprehension. But yeah, logic. Poooff, absolves you of any liability for a response. FML. 

    I've put a great deal of thought and consideration into it.


    I'm angry as fuck at them. I'm not absolving them of blame at all

  13. Just now, Macnamara said:


    if they were so unprepared how did they manage to give multiple jabs to billions of people globally?

    I'm not aware the british govenment was responsible for global jabbing 


    How!did they jab the uk population? By throwing billions of pounds at it

  14. Just now, Macnamara said:


    No as i have already explained to you it was gamed out in event 201. They were preparing for a coming 'disease X' since 2018. It was not a 'cock up'. It was a well planned out and executed war on the british people.


    They also knew that lockdowns would kill as they were being advised of that but they did it anyway. It is not incompetance it is all part of their agenda

    Lockdown may cost 200,000 lives, government report shows

    Research shines a light on the reasons why the Government has been keen to lift lockdown, in spite of experts claiming it happened too soon


    Welmml they should have been planning for a pandemic.  It's been long predicted.  I saw no evidence for other than it caught them completely unprepared for something that was inevitable sooner or later

  15. Just now, Morpheus said:



    Who said anything about vaccines? I said mandates. Also, vaccines are now not mandates. No one is being forced (yet). 

    Yes the lock down rules were not the same ones the police thought they were enforcing .

    .I had several debates about it myself with the forces of law and order  


    I thought you had a judgment on if lock down was unlawful.  Which it possibly was

  16. Just now, Morpheus said:



    Who said anything about vaccines? I said mandates. Also, vaccines are now not mandates. No one is being forced (yet). 

    I said vaccines.  It was in my post!


    So keen were they to stop the lock down they issued unsafe vacines. 

  17. Just now, Macnamara said:


    they were being advised by the group that advises the NHS that the lockdowns would themselves cause deaths and yet they persisted with the lockdowns


    They knowingly took actions which they knew would kill tens of thousands and will continue to kill people because they have created an unsurmountable backlog in the NHS for operations and treatments

    It's not easy to put together essays at this speed of reply/ response 


    They were locked into a cycle of cock up and cover up whilst being advised by scientists who were briefing against the government attempt to row it back



  18. Just now, Morpheus said:

    The world economy tanked in 2008 and has been on life support ever since. These measures were to finish it off, however, lots of people lawyered up and fought back against governments worldwide hence the repealing of mandates. It could also be the data analytics said we're pissing em off too much, ease off and smack the jackboots down at a later date when they let their guards down is a more likely scenario from here. 


    As Mac said, this has been planned way before it happened and was even broadcast to the masses to see and it's played out exactly as they said it would in that war game. Even the surpression of information has gone down as they said. Funny because they own the fact checkers, along with Facebook and the Clinton Foundation. 


    Ah, but what do we know, just a bunch of quaks right. 

    Who lawyers up in the uk and got a court judgement. 


    They passed out unsafe vacines so they could get to the end of it

  19. 5 minutes ago, Macnamara said:



    The covid chain of deceit


    The authorities around the world have used the 'PCR' test to establish whether people have a deadly virus or not. Former pfizer science chief Dr Michael Yeadon has told us that if you have enough viral load in your respiratory system that you can pass on that virus to others you WILL have symptoms such as a sore throat, cough, high temperature, headache and so on. This means that if you are not exhibiting symptoms you are not a carrier of the virus. Dr Fauci has admitted that no pandemic in history has been driven by 'asymptomatic carriers' and the chinese have conducted a study with a huge sample base of 10 million people that has shown that there is no asymptomatic transmission of a virus.


    Public Health England literature tells us that the PCR test should not be used to test for infectious diseases and the creator of the test Kary Mullis tells us the same. Even Dr Fauci admits that when the PCR test is cycled at more than 35 cycles of amplification it is not detecting viral fragments but rather 'dead nucleotides' and we know from the literature that the NHS is cycling the PCR test at 42 and above cycles in their labs as are other laboratories around the world. This means that the PCR tests are creating 'false positive' test results. The governments around the world are then falsely claiming that those people who have tested positive are carrying a deadly new virus called 'sars cov 2'. Many of those people then say 'but i feel fine, i don't feel sick and i have no symptoms' and that is because they are NOT sick and therefore are NOT asymptomatic carriers of a deadly virus.


    The governments however want 'cases' so that they can claim the situation is worse than it is. A 'case' used to be someone who presented, with symptoms, to a hospital and the doctor inspecting them could identify the symptoms and say 'yes you are sick', however the World Health Organisation changed the definition of a 'case' so that now a case is someone who tests 'positive' with a PCR test however as we know a positive test result with a PCR test (when cycled above 35 cycles) does not mean a person has a deadly virus as the test is really just detecting dead nucleotides from the genetic sample.


    Its worth noting that in 2007 an article in the New York Times spoke about a situation that developed in a hospital in which people falsely believed an outbreak of whooping cough was occuring. This situation developed because the PCR test was used to try and establish if people had the whooping cough and the test created false positives which were then counted as 'cases'. This then created a 'casedemic' which is to say a false perception of a pandemic created through fake cases. Lab tests using isolated whooping cough then affirmed that the people in fact did NOT have whooping cough.


    In order to explain to people how they can test positive whilst not feeling sick the governments have created the idea of an 'asymptomatic carrier' which is to say someone carrying a deadly virus and yet being completely unaffected by it. This then allows them to trick all of those people into believing they are a 'case' which then boosts up the case figures. When the corporate media claims that 'cases are rising' what they really mean is that the government is testing more people and creating more false positives which they then falsely claim are 'cases'. These fake cases have then been used to justify lockdowns of healthy people when in the past the measure used to prevent the spread of disease has been to quarantine the sick. The point of the lockdowns being not to contain the spread of a virus but rather to remould the economy as part of the world economic forums 'great reset'.


    The graphs of flu around the world show that the flu virtually disappeared during the lockdowns and we are told by the authorities this is because of mask wearing and social distancing but really it is because anyone presenting at the hospitals with flu symptoms was then classified as a 'covid case' to boost up the figures so that the flu because relabelled 'covid'. The flu did not dissappear and tens of thousands of people die of the flu every year which are now being counted, along with pneumonia deaths as 'covid' deaths to boost up the figures.


    'But people are dying' say some. What we have seen is people over 80, with comorbidities, dying as part of a scandal involving the use of the drug Midazolam which is used as part of an assisted dying scheme, in the NHS, known as the 'liverpool care path way'. This spike of deaths of old people, drugged with Midazolam, is what cause the small spike of deaths in the winter of 2020 when we were told there was a 'pandemic'. Even with these criminal deaths occuring the all cause of death figures of 2020 were unremarkable when viewed against the all cause mortality rates over the last 30 years.


    The death rates ARE now increasing in 2021 but this is not due to a 'variant' of sars cov 2 but rather because of the roll out of experimental jabs that trick the bodies cells into producing spike proteins which then travel around the body latching onto membranes causing blot clots which is leading to upticks in strokes, heart attacks, myocarditis and pericarditis etc.


    The masks which we are told have made the flu dissappear are not of a small enough weave to stop the movement of viral fragments nor do they prevent the breath of the user from billowing out the side of the mask.


    Now people are dying from the jabs the authorities are creating a new deceitful narrative that there is a pandemic of the unvaccinated which is not supported by the official figures which show that the majority of hospitalisations are made up of those that are jabbed. Even the claim that the jabs are 'vaccines' is a deceit as they do not inject a weakened virus into the body to teach it to defeat that virus. These covid jabs are messengerRNA jabs which trick the body into producing spike proteins which means that they are 'gene therapy' not 'vaccines'.


    There are many more deceits at work for example how anyone testing positive with  PCR test within a certain timeframe who then dies is counted as a 'covid' death even if they died of something unrelated and how the two jabs people have received have failed to prevent infection or transmission and yet a third jab (they are calling a 'booster') will miraculously make that happen (third times a charm!). We know that Israel are already on to their fourth jab so clearly that is what will happen next in the UK. If the jabs can't protect people then how are 'vaccine passports' supposed to work?


    There are so many more deceits that could be added to this list but this list outlines the broadstrokes that have allowed fear to be ramped up through a tissue of lies that are ultimately aimed at coercing people into accepting jabs that were given 'emergency authorisation' before they had even completed their safety trials which means that anyone receiving the jabs prior to 2023 (the completion date of the trials) is participating in a giant drug trial. As people have not been informed of all of this they have not given 'informed consent' and therefore all of the medical personnel who have given people these jabs are now in breach of the nuremburg code. The nazi scientists found in breach of that code were hung.

    I'm in much agreement with most of that

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