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  1. I'm still waiting for where you got the 200 cases from ! It did seem a reasonable question
  2. RNA is gene therapy. Almost by defintion
  3. That was the rational bit. It's what came after that went a bit off the rails
  4. The pandemic and the test are not mutually dependent.
  5. It's an experimental vacine. By injection ! Hows that ?
  6. Well it had to be before it. Didnt it.. couldnt be after How long before would it have to have been before you thought it was just a coincidence
  7. It was a straight forward attempt to get clarification of your point
  8. How does that effect the oxford vacine which is I understand is somewhat different
  9. Predicting a global pandemic isnt difficult as one was inevitable sooner or later. Like a killer asteroid and Yellowstone going up
  10. Sorry mate I'm getting confused. . What evidence did you provided there wasnt a pandemic. I certainly havent seen anything that fits a reasonable description of that
  11. How had they thrown money at a vacination program that hadnt happen for a vacine that hadnt been invented yet
  12. Who had planned ? Not it seems the british govenment who removed funding for such
  13. It would help if you formed an orderly queue to just attack me one at a time. I'm trying to respond to all
  14. I've put a great deal of thought and consideration into it. I'm angry as fuck at them. I'm not absolving them of blame at all
  15. I'm not aware the british govenment was responsible for global jabbing How!did they jab the uk population? By throwing billions of pounds at it
  16. A long predicted global pandemic they had nether prepared or planned for
  17. At this speed all I have is logic. Sorry if logic doesn't work for you
  18. Wouldnt know no ones ever asked me to join. I'm not the!sort to be Invited to a secret society
  19. The vacine? No one currently. If anyone was forced rather depends on your defintion of forced
  20. Welmml they should have been planning for a pandemic. It's been long predicted. I saw no evidence for other than it caught them completely unprepared for something that was inevitable sooner or later
  21. Yes the lock down rules were not the same ones the police thought they were enforcing . .I had several debates about it myself with the forces of law and order I thought you had a judgment on if lock down was unlawful. Which it possibly was
  22. I said vaccines. It was in my post! So keen were they to stop the lock down they issued unsafe vacines.
  23. It's not easy to put together essays at this speed of reply/ response They were locked into a cycle of cock up and cover up whilst being advised by scientists who were briefing against the government attempt to row it back
  24. Who lawyers up in the uk and got a court judgement. They passed out unsafe vacines so they could get to the end of it
  25. I'm in much agreement with most of that
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