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  1. What is the price of gas where you are at? 

    $4.79 at my location.  I will check this post in a few months to see the difference. 


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    2. Pierre-Luc


      I have a 35 liters tank and it would cost me about 70+$ if I fill it up. 35 liters is a small tank compare to many other models of cars or pick-up trucks. I go to work and do some essential purchase and i am able to make about 8 to 9 days with a full tank.

    3. Beaujangles


      @Pierre-Luc  Yes mine used to cost about $70+ before the hike. I have a med sized car. At the moment I'm not using it too much so like you I get a week or so out of it...but now thats $100. Based on your prices, Quebec is more pricey than Ontario... 😳

    4. Skotfreezy


      today cost me $106.89 to full up a 21 gallon tank 😭


      no wonder they poisoned the guy that invented the waterfuel cell.


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