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  1. David Icke LIVE at 11am UK today speaking with Octavio Salvado where can I find this video, please? I'm very interested. thank you.
  2. its not hidden no more David. Unless you are truly blind and stupid or a satanist yourself it'll seem normal. To the people that can see it, I hope you try and lift the veil... you never know what word you say may turn their light bulb on... "They" are so consistent at a slow pace with this crap that it desensitizes people and they dont even notice until its to late...
  3. yes it is a shame. rappers like KRS ONE and Jurassic 5 get wiped out because they expose. even Krayzie Bone exposed the music industry as well.
  4. thanks.. i have been reading some about it and it seems they say it goes back to the royal arch or its some kind of three gods mixed in one. yeah its a weird looking thing.
  5. she doesnt even let her daughter listen to her music... hmm i wonder why. it sad how they push that stuff on society and are aloud to. They dont let their kids listen to it because of what it represents. just like how steve jobs and gates dont let their kids on social media or on iphones or the guy who owns pepsi doesnt drink it or let his family. hiphop has turned into a mind control to turn the population into drug addicted addicts and prostitute's calming they are bad bitches or boss bitches lol. and to promote demonic clothing brands to the community. These music artsts are trash devil worshippers take care friend =)
  6. No problem =) I have the hardcopy i got from his shop. The story from Don Juan the Mexican Yaqui is a must read in that book. Now are the Anunnaki the same as the Reptilians he talks about in the book?
  7. Also his book "Children of the Matrix" goes into great detail about the subject.
  8. Mike Lindell is back on twitter. Elon Musk unbanned him today.
  9. https://odysee.com/@DEADBUGsays:5/the-womb-raider%2C-taylor-parker-i:1
  10. Thankfully a civilian snapped a photo and posted the remains of the rocket before the authorities made it really seem like Russia did it. We would have been in WW3 by now. Biden want to send more money to Ukraine btw...
  11. Poland set to trigger Article 4 Ukraine war latest: Poland raising readiness of military units after Russian missiles feared to have hit NATO territory; experts suggest likely response | World News | Sky News
  12. yeah for sure.. here another link i found about it. Russian missiles land in NATO state Poland on Ukraine border killing at least two | World | News | Express.co.uk
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