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  1. Being that you live in a world that presents the occult to you in such an aggressive manner, you must be fully girded in the truth and have a level of understanding that defeats the lie. Only if you were to never turn on your tv & use the internet, never leave your house, or never communicate with the world will you be able to stay away from this influence. Being that for most the latter is impossible, you must understand what it is you are looking at and the history of it. The mystery religion of Ancient Babylon is the beginning of the occult, after the great flood that destroyed man. There is more to the story before the flood, but as things started new after the flood, we will start from this point. The Mystery religion has been told in many different stories, through many millenniums. A lot of names of many different gods that are all actually the same god. Different cultures, different times, different languages, all the same story, figures, and structure. To clarify and explain in the simplest of terms, what the mystery religion of Babylon is; it is Polytheism and/or Paganism. The belief in many gods, with different purposes. In polytheism the masses believed in many gods. The true knowledge of the goal of these gods was only given to the few. They held the secret knowledge which gave them power over the ones who did not have the knowledge. If someone knew about the sun and when an eclipse would occur, they could seem as if they could control it, the people would then worship & follow that man. In polytheism, in most cultures you will see the same structure. One man who is God, one virgin woman who was the mother of a god, and a son of the mother who was impregnated from the main god. There’s father god, mother god, and the son of God. This only relates to Christianity through Roman Catholic doctrine. The doctrine of Catholics. They worship the Virgin Mary as mother God. But in true Christianity, there is only the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and while they’re 3, they’re still only One. There is no feminine nature of God. The mystery religion is polytheism that has deeply rooted secrets that have not been given to the masses. In the end it all leads to Satan. From the line of Ham, Noah’s grandson son Cush did the complete opposite of what God commanded. God commanded them to flourish the earth and worship Him. Cush gained followers and became a leader, bringing people all together to live under him. He promoted pure rebellion against God, leading to the creation and building of the Tower of Babel. They wanted to ascend into heaven and defeat God. They all spoke in one language and decided rather than move away from each other, they could build a kingdom for their own dominion. The Tower of Babel is a very important symbol in the occult world. It illustrates rebellion against God & masculinity. They all look the same. The bible does not explain in detail what was going on with Cush and his followers, all that he was rebellious and led people to be rebellious by building the Tower of Babel. When God came down and saw what it was they were doing, he was not happy. He decided to confuse their languages that no one could understand what either was saying. They were not able to communicate with each other. The building of the tower had stopped. God confused their language creating the name: Babel for babbling. Cush was disgraced, but still respected. Because the building of the tower had started, some went on to build the new site. It would be called Babylon. What you gain from this unedited truth is that after the flood, there were 3 lines, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. We know that from Shem’s line came the line of Israel, King David, and Jesus. We now know that from the line of Ham the rebellion against God began again. Now after Cush, there was Nimrod. Nimrod was a very powerful hunter. He was mighty. He was also very determined to finish the plan his father started. He conquered all animals and then men. He is the first to start the first empire following the flood. He became leader of the Assyrian/Babylonian empire. Nimrod is the beginning of all the stories that have been passed down over time about the “gods” that everyone refers to when denouncing Christianity & Judaism. His story has developed and transformed him into a god. It all starts with him. Following the occult will lead back to him but still goes further back to Cain. Either way it is his story that must be understood to understand what the minds of pagans believe. It was said that Nimrod communicated with the spirit world which guided him to complete great accomplishments like the Tower of Babel. They obtained occult knowledge that gave them power over their people. Nimrod started the first world government, where they all practiced the same religion and were governed under him. They performed human sacrifices and were in control. Nimrod found rebellion only from his uncle Shem, Noah’s other son. Shem abhorred the abominations that Nimrod had done. Shem followed the commandment of God. He plotted with other conspirators and killed Nimrod. More than just kill Nimrod they cut him up in pieces and sent the pieces to all different cities that were under his rule. Shem did this to show that Nimrod was not a god, and for the people to stop what they were doing and start worshipping the One True God. His followers were nervous and frightened. It was obvious that Nimrod was not a god, and his father was already defeated. They did not know where to go from there. The next part of the story brings the real twist and connection. The answer came from a woman. The story of Nimrod is pretty simple to understand. A man in the beginning claiming power over other people. It’s a easy concept, the real twist starts with the woman. This woman who comes into this picture is Semiramis. Semiramis was first the wife of Cush. She was the mother of Nimrod. She claimed to be divinely born. After Cush lost power, in order to stay in power she did the unthinkable, and married her son, Nimrod. After Nimrod was defeated, she found a way to stay in power. Shortly after Nimrod was killed, she became pregnant. She told the people it was the spirit of Nimrod that impregnated her. Her having a “virgin” birth from the spirit of Nimrod. Semiramis slept with no man and was impregnated by Nimrod’s “spirit”. Nimrod was now a father and Semiramis was the mother. This is the start and beginning of Father & Mother god worship. It is the primary driver of polytheism, but most people never make the actual connection. Semiramis was able to convince Nimrod’s followers, that her son was the fulfillment of God’s prophecy in Genesis 3:15 (KJV). And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, And you shall bruise His heel.” The people believing that her son would be the savior to defeat the serpent. Reality being it was the actual serpent that they’d be worshipping. She managed to convince her follwers Nimrod did not die, but he ascended to the sun. She claimed it was the rays of the sun-god Nimrod that caused her to conceive. He was now to be worshipped now as “Baal”, the sun-god. She made her self a goddess claiming that she was divinely created. She was in fact the moon goddess. She had them believe she came down to the earth from the moon in a giant moon egg that fell into the Euphrates River. 
 The Queen of Babylon, Semiramis became known as the moon goddess, “Ishtar” which is pronounced “Easter”, and her moon egg became known as “Ishtar’s” egg.” The son’s name was Tammuz. When he was killed by a wild pig, Semiramis, now Ishtar said he ascended to the sun like his father and now are a union. They are now father, son, and spirit. This is satan’s unholy trinity. After Nimrod, Semiramis continued on with their worship & sacrifices, but because of Shem, and their constant defeat by God, they changed their approach. What was once done out in the open, would now be done in secret. All practices driven from Cush & Nimrod stemming from the channeling of spirits would now be done in the dark. It would now become a mystery. Only completely revealed to those worthy. These figures were now gods. The Sun and Moon God. This mystery religion spread through the many different cultures and was only challenged by the Israelites, who claimed they were in communication and chosen by the One True God. The battle of monotheism versus polytheism was fully in effect. Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz were immortalized and worshipped. Their names being different, but underlying point of the story is clear. The ultimate goal is rebellion against God. To defeat Him and have the world worship “Baal” as the father, Mother God “Ishtar” will again have a virgin birth from Baal, birthing their savior, Baal reborn. To bring about their rule and dominion again on earth. It’s the same story over and over. Regardless of the name of the god, the story and prophecy is the same. This is the ultimate goal and main deception of Satan. Now you must understand there are plenty that worship satan as a god already, knowing completely in whom they serve. But there is a majority that worship these 3 gods, through other names. This needs to be understood that they are in actuality worshipping satan through deception. Many of today’s practices and traditions are centered around this deception. You now have a base foundation for stronger understanding and connections Based from the story of Nimrod, the mystery religion was created. This religion spread among the different ancient empires of Babylon, Egypt, Persia, Greece, & Rome. This is what paganism is. The purest definition of it. Paganism is the collection of all polytheistic beliefs centered around a central belief. The stories may change, but there are always 4 central figures. They are: • Father god • The Sun god • The Moon goddess (a.k.a Mother god) • The son of god Now we do not pretend to be luciferin experts. Nor do we contest to being scholars of greek/roman mythology and other religions, but in today’s Information Age, there is enough information available for anyone to gain a broader understanding. The chart below illustrates the god & goddess worship of the pagans of different cultures, empires, and religions. It’s impossible not to see the connection from all the stories of these gods & goddesses. The easiest distinction you will find when identifying pagan worshippers is if they worship both Father & Mother god. If there is a both masculine & feminine god in their belief system, then they are a pagan. Pagan god List Now with all of these sun god’s and moon goddesses, another similarity is that they are all birthed from the same father. This father is the ultimate god. He is the creator and bearer of light, of knowledge. He is Father god like referenced earlier. The main connection that most people do not make is that all of these names refer to actually one god. That is lucifer. It’s the same story just different names. Same purposes just different names. Satan is the master deceiver. This is how he will unite the world to worship him. They already are. They’ve been doing it in his name through silence and secrecy for thousands of years. He has created many gods & beliefs centered around him that people all around the world accept & worship. It doesn’t matter which god it is they choose because if it is not true belief in Jesus Christ, it will lead everyone to satan. This is part of the great deception. A lot of the prophecy matches God’s true prophecy of the messiah through Jesus Christ. Satan the deceiver has used God’s plan to deceive man. This is what an Anti-Christ is. The basis and understanding of this information will allow for greater understanding of the traditions the world keep. It will make you think about what god you actually might be serving without actualization. The key points to know are: Lucifer is the sun-god The birthday of the sun-god is December 25th, the Winter Solstice, the time when the sun is closest to the earth. Pagans worship the moon, the moon goddess, Goddess Diana, Ishtar, and her many other names. She is the female, fertility deity. The virgin mother of god. She is worshipped on Easter, to celebrate her return each year The son of god is always prophesied to return to be a savior of earth This is just a summary of the overall connection. -------------------------------------------------- William Cooper - Mystery Babylon Complete series (edited)
  2. Hope all is well with everyone... it's been a while since I've logged on, what's new?



  3. "the renowned particle accelerator located in Geneva, Switzerland, is gearing up for an exciting restart! After its annual winter shutdown, the LHC is emerging from hibernation, and progress can be tracked live on a CERN web page. Just last week, a proton beam briefly circled the LHC’s 27-kilometer circumference at its full energy of 6.8 TeV—a promising sign. The first collisions of proton beams are anticipated on April 8, once all tests and fine-tuning are complete. This marks the LHC’s final year in its current version before preparations begin for the next phase: the High Luminosity LHC, which will deliver ten times more intense proton beams." Accelerator Report: Protons or Easter eggs? Let’s hope for both | CERN (home.cern)
  4. Largest Covid Vaccine Study Yet Finds Links to Health Conditions (msn.com) im surprised msn.com is running this, its a interesting read
  5. here is the 2nd Batch of Epstein files. Epstein 2nd batch Jan4th here is the 3rd batch of Epstein files. EpsteinDocs-Batch3.pdf Jan5th
  6. the link i posted above are the real files. i seen a bunch of fake jimmy kimmel Q&As on X going around too.
  7. He's an elite so probably not which is sad. These are only 40 of the 250 files that will be released. I will post more as they come out.
  8. I posted it under the Epstein Document thread.
  9. Here are the newly released documents of the Epstein Files: 1324-epstein-documents-943-pages.pdf (documentcloud.org) Prince Andrew touching a young girls breast with a puppet that looks like him. "Q. Tell me what happened with the caricature. A. Ghislaine asked me to come to a closet. She just said, Come with me. We went to a closet and grabbed the puppet, the puppet of Prince Andrew. And I knew it was Prince Andrew because I had recognized him as a person. I didn't know who he was. And so when I saw the tag that said Prince Andrew, then it clicked. I'm like, that's who it is. And we went down -- back down to the living room, and she brought it in. It was just funny because -- he thought it was funny because it was him. Q. Tell me how it came to be that there was a picture taken A. I just remember someone suggesting a photo, and they told us to go get on the couch. And so Andrew and Virginia sat on the couch, and they put the puppet, the puppet on her lap. And so then I sat on Andrew's lap, and I believe on my own volition, and they took the puppet's hands and put it on Virginia's breast, and so Andrew put his on mine. Q. To the best of your recollection, you went and sat on Andrew's lap, correct? A. Yes. Q. On his knee? A. Yes. Q. And Virginia was not sitting on his knee, correct? A. I don't recall. I just remember I was -- she might have been on his other knee, like Santa."
  10. London Real is streaming David Icke: 8 Banned on rumble right now. If anyone is interested here's the link. He's been streaming all interviews he did with David the last couple of days.


    ROSE/ICKE 8: BANNED (rumble.com)

  11. good information. Thanks, I only use olive oil thats in dark glass. Vegetable oil reminds me of the stuff you stick in engines.
  12. im gonna say... a Cyber Attack on electric infrastructure.
  13. I agree but with sperm counts going down because of vaccines, poisons, etc. and cost of living increasing and national debt due to the crap policies people cant afford to have kids, which is sad. so they migrate people from poor 3rd world countries to fill the void knowing they will conform to their NWO rules and be shoved into 15minute cities when those start getting built. Question though.. say an illegal got a job with the police force and came to you and started telling you what to do, what would you do?
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