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  1. On 5/14/2021 at 7:21 AM, TetraG said:

    Answer to basic question is most certainly yes,,, most human beings avoid killing other human being(s) even when they would go that route if they could get away with it...and for such horrid creatures of our deformed species they turn on others of their own species.

    For those PSYCHOPATHS, that shy away from the law and don't kill another human being, they take to killing and torturing animals instead as "next best thing".



    ==> =The ultimate coward twisted satisfaction, just to "appease' their own demons or frustrations but it does nothing to appease by that twisted belief. 


    Violence simply feeds and solicits more of their own violence onto unsuspecting animals as if that were a remedy or acceptable solution. But of course it is anything but acceptable and nothing like an elixir for the soul the psychopaths kids themself it is... Yet for the abuser moral distinctions easily blurrrr. 


    This however does not change the fact IT IS OBVIOUSLY WRONG, AND MISGUIDED AGGRESSION and **Killing will not solve killing** because when you kill you kill your own mind making redemption infinitely harder the more you kill...... You become somehow de-sensitized AND where violence becomes a way of life and thats the excuse they use probably again and again.  


    It is aggression & violence sublimation less likely to have a person end up in jail, so animals become the misguided target of cruelty to take the brunt of human mind malformation. 




    I think the vast majority of the worst kinds of aggression against animals comes from demonic attacks. And AI. Very sobering. 

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