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  1. Just watched your video on Anne Heche and the real reason she was killed. I was absolutely shocked and literally threw up after viewing. Everything that Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillip said and wrote about that Clintons was and is true, and it's even worse than I thought. If only people know what they are. Thank you for having the courage to make this available. I worry about the safety of people like you, and of course about David Icke. Kelly.
  2. I read this with great interest, and (naively on my part) it was the first I had heard about it. Then today I read about how the American actress Anne Heche, who died in an L.A. hospital this summer after suffering severe burns in a single-car MVA, was at the time of her death producing a film about missing children and children and child sex trafficking, along with former Indiana Republican congresswoman Jackie Walorski, who also mysteriously died in a car crash in the same month (August, 2022).
  3. Midazolam has recently shown up in so-called illegal drug supplies purchased on the streets of Toronto, Canada, close to where I live.
  4. Maybe read Cathy O'Brien's book that describes how Mark Phillips helped her to retrieve her terrible memories from the time she was an MK Ultra mind-controlled slave. It involves doing a lot of hand writing.
  5. I was so excited today to see an article in the DM reporting that people in San Francisco & LA have voted to oust their recently-elected woke mayor & DA respectively. The article also interestingly reports that their election campaigns were funded by, who else, George Soros! Are people there finally starting to wake up? It's certainly a good sign.
  6. Is there something significant about June 5th? in terms of satanic activity? There was that shooting in a Nigerian Catholic church yesterday where 35 people were killed and the story describes it as "satanic". That may just be a figure of speech but it made me wonder for sure.
  7. Hi there, I work in Canadian government and they make us test ourselves (rapid test) 3 times/week. The fun starts when you test positive - which I almost always do - because they then deny you access to your worksite and at the same time tell me I can't work from home. I haven't been paid in 6 months straight now. They did set up a fund through an "independent" workers' association we can apply to for compensation. When I applied, they told me that the results of rapid tests aren't good enough to prove I have the fake virus, and neither is the fact that my employer won't allow me on site to earn my salary because I "tested" positive. We have all been denied access to PCR tests for 8 months now.
  8. Here in Canada, under the guise of protecting Canadians from "misinformation" about the war in Ukraine, the Trudeau government has recently renewed efforts to pass a bill to increase internet censorship powers. As Mr. Icke describes in his problem-reaction-solution concept, and as a Toronto Sun reporter writes, Trudeau is telling us he needs to make sure Canadians are protected from Russian propaganda, but then in true Cult fashion he: "...make(s) the massive leap that the solution is to bring in permanent changes to Canadian legislation that will impact things that have nothing to do with the war in Ukraine." https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/furey-the-trudeau-liberals-remain-obsessed-with-censoring-internet
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