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  1. Hey - the brain stem actually controls very basic functions like breathing, blood pressure, cycling between sleep and wakefulness, and level of alertness. I believe you are referring to the CONTENT of consciousness, which involves different areas of the brain, such as the pre-frontal cortex, or the visual centers when you are thinking about something in front of your eyes. The so-called Reptile brain refers to the limbic system, a bunch of structures that are very primitive & play a role in emotions, memory, & learning. I'm sorry if that's not helpful. Interestingly, even though I have a graduate degree in psychology and have worked in the field for many years I've never heard of the limbic system described as the reptile complex before David Icke!
  2. Campion - You are referring to the limbic system, which David - and many others - call the reptilian brain. The limbic system is the most primitive part of the brain, and contains structures involved in memory and emotional responses. The most well-known structure is probably the amygdala - ever heard the saying "No amygdala, no fear"? The amygdala sits there and constantly scans the environment for danger and then alerts the nervous system, setting up the body's fight, flight, or freeze response system. The problem is that the amygdala isn't too bright - it can't differentiate between for instance a real danger and a not-s-real danger and will respond the same to a car backfiring as it will to a gun shot. Rule of thumb, and David makes a note of this for sure - if you can take a metaphorical step back and just notice your thoughts, especially the ones that drive you crazy, then you know for sure those thoughts are not you - you are the observer of those thoughts. This is what the whole mindfulness practice is based on.
  3. I would like to start by saying that I've noticed many of the topics here have little or even nothing to do with David Icke's work as was distinctly requested by the moderator. So I have started a new topic. In a few of his books - I have read almost all of them, and I mean PORED over them - Mr. Icke talks about how the Reptilians, as cunning predators, have given us their minds. He says this very directly when he quotes Carlos Casteneda's conversations with Don Juan, and again when he talks specifically about how the Reptilian consciousness has given humans constant thoughts coloured by fear, anxiety, guilt, depression, et al. At one point Mr. Icke urges his readers to "observe their own thoughts" and to note that the being doing the observing "is you" and so the very troubling, anxious thoughts cannot be our own, but must be someone else's, inserted there...".I have found this to be true. As a trained psychologist, most of the patients I see are struggling with this very problem which we call "rumination" - going over and over depressive or anxious thoughts, often seemingly endlessly. By following David Icke's advice - by just knowing these thoughts are not my own - as he says, the brain does not produce thoughts as science tells us but rather it processes information - that they have been put there by a negative force for its own negative purposes, and by pairing this with focusing on the heart, I was able to 100% eliminate such negative "chatter" since about a year ago when I started to awaken, and they have never returned.
  4. OMG. I have read all of Mr. Icke's books that I have been able to order from his site. And I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong, but I do tend to bow to his wisdom, and to take him at his word - so that when he writes about, for example, a girl he chose to call simply "K" in one of his most recent books (The Trap) I believed him when he said that "K" was the first initial of her name and that he was using it to refer to her instead of her full first name. I didn't for a minute suppose that he was referring to a substance such as ketamine, or anything else, other than the name of a childhood crush.
  5. OMG of course! Mr. David Icke talks about Louis Jolyon WEST NUMEROUS times throughout his books. He is notorious for his connections to mind control and to MKUltra. His name often comes up also in Cathy O'Brien's excellent book The Trance Formation of America. She sells it on EBay for $20 and I highly recommend it.
  6. Hi there, I know it's been a while since you posted your question, but it sort of spoke to me considering a dream I had recently that made me think of a possible answer, although perhaps not the right one, i.e., the one you are looking for. In the remake of the 1990 movie Total Recall, the leader of the resistance meets with our here, who asks him how he can find out who he truly is. The Wise One tells him to ignore the past, that it is a construct that tries to fool us. He says: "Open your heart. The heart wants to live in the present. Look into your heart - it's there that you will find your answer". That, and, the lyrics of the song you say is playing on the television in your dream are especially relevant to me where they say: Just look into your heart my friend That will be the return to yourself The return to innocence. Kelly. Peace.
  7. YOU have figured them out? Sorry, but have you ever read any books by this really smart guy, actually I think he's an f'ing genius, he has made this point over and over (but much more eloquently) you may have heard of him - his name is David Icke!!
  8. Hello everyone; I'm relatively new, so not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I know if I get it wrong the moderator will correct me/move it! Wondering if this has happened to anyone else recently? I am pretty used to my comments online being removed by moderators of news sites - and believe me, I would rate my comments as very tame compared to most. I am a female psychologist, over 50, so you get part of the picture. Anyway, something strange happened when I was replying to a few others on YT and my comments included the words "Zionism" and "ADL" and were NOT proceeded by "the greatest ever". The most recent was a discussion about how the late actress Audrey Hepburn famously repudiated any attempts by "others" to use her family's experience in the Holocaust to transform herself into a victim for their purposes. As I was typing this message the screen went black and I was literally booted off the site. This has happened to me on 2 other occasions very recently under similar circumstances. Has anyone else experienced this or am I being paranoid and/or likely just accidentally hit a secret exit key that I couldn't have hit in a million years if I tried?
  9. I am sure many of you have heard by now, but in Scotland, which in my opinion is woke "ground zero" for obvious reasons, the NHS now requires staff to ask all young boys presenting for treatment or health care assistance if they could be pregnant.
  10. Hi Quantumgirl65; I know you posted your Q in 2021 but I am relatively new and am just seeing it now. Anyway, I believe that, contrary to someone's reply to you here, you are correct when you say that Mr. David Icke had a "Kundalini-type" experience while in Peru. The incident you are probably referring to is not when he took Ayahuasca, as someone else said, but when he visited Peru for the first time and felt an explosion of energy that ascended through his body until it shot out through the top of his head. Anyway, that is what I remember reading. Best wishes, Kelly.
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-11280475/Harvard-hospital-claims-babies-know-WOMB-transgender.html
  12. Just watched your video on Anne Heche and the real reason she was killed. I was absolutely shocked and literally threw up after viewing. Everything that Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillip said and wrote about that Clintons was and is true, and it's even worse than I thought. If only people know what they are. Thank you for having the courage to make this available. I worry about the safety of people like you, and of course about David Icke. Kelly.
  13. I read this with great interest, and (naively on my part) it was the first I had heard about it. Then today I read about how the American actress Anne Heche, who died in an L.A. hospital this summer after suffering severe burns in a single-car MVA, was at the time of her death producing a film about missing children and children and child sex trafficking, along with former Indiana Republican congresswoman Jackie Walorski, who also mysteriously died in a car crash in the same month (August, 2022).
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