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  1. In his latest book The Dream David Icke says that the Akashic Records, in effect an AI database, are located in "...the Astral level of the simulation which projects 3-D reality - the fake 'spirit world' in the reincarnation cycle" (p. 42).
  2. Britain's Prince Andrew, who no longer appears in public as an official member of the royal family, surprisingly appeared alongside high-profile UK government officials including British Secretary of State James Cleverly as part of a delegation that travelled to Kyiv, Ukraine in June of this year. News reports today said that Prince Andrew left Ukraine on a private flight bound for Paris on approximately June 6, 2023, accompanied by two children who an eyewitness said were "terrified and crying" after the Prince "touched (the two children) in inappropriate parts". The eyewitness is James Obasa, a VIP events host at CHI nightclub, also known as “Decadence House,” a high-end, exclusive establishment that caters to elites & the very wealthy. Mr. Obasa is often assigned to pay special attention to European guests because he speaks fluent English. Please read the story and Mr. Obasa's account of the events of June 6, 2023: Witness: Prince Andrew Kidnapped Ukrainian Children | by Deborah L. Armstrong | Sep, 2023 | Medium (Cut & paste into your browser's search bar). The first question I asked myself was if Andrew has truly been forbidden to appear or travel as an official member of the royal family (aka on the taxpayer's dime) what on earth was he doing in a war zone as a member of an official delegation from Britain? The eyewitness, Mr. Obasa, said that aside from British Secretary of State Cleverly there were several other people clearly travelling with Andrew, who were present most of the evening but left the nightclub when the children were brought to Andrew. For me, and I suspect for many of you as loyal David Icke readers & followers, one of the most 'interesting' points that Mr. Obasa made in his statement was this: “They were behaving in a weird way, you know? As if they were drugged, or they were drunk.” He noticed that the children’s behavior was now much different than when they had first arrived. “The Prince was agitated; his eyes were shiny, in a weird way. He told me to get the kids dressed.” I will leave you to draw your own conclusions but I know what I think of when I read about the Prince's eyes getting 'shiny, in a weird way'. While the children were being dressed ready to leave via the rooftop heliport, Mr. Obasa said a man dressed in a 'camo' uniform told the children they were being taken to Disneyland in Paris. Mr. Obasa said the children appeared to be 'drugged'. According to AirNav radar reports, the British delegation left Ukraine on June 6, 2023 and flew to the Paris-Orly airport. The royal family has a LOT to answer for, in my opinion, and here is just one more incident that both defies and demands an explanation. So, Charles, how are you going to spin this one? K.
  3. Agreed. I am one of those. I've been working for the federal government in Canada, a sinister operation, in psychology for the past 15 years, and years in mental health hospitals before that. I have experience so many things personally that made me search for answers and stumbled on David Icke's work when I was first off work during the fake pandemic. I had/ was forced to have 2 "vaccinations" and was so sick I couldn't work for almost 2 years. I hate seeing posts that denigrate those of us who had the "vaccine", and there is a lot of that on this forum. Trudeau publicly said "I never forced anyone to get vaccinated" but in 2020 he sent us all a memo saying we would be fired if we didn't. If you want to know something about him please read the chapters about his father Pierre in Cathy O'Brien's book. Also, his mother Margaret, whom I have worked with many times since she sees herself as a mental health advocate, is a Scottish Sinclair who was treated personally by the very evil Louis Jolyon West. I know people in Ottawa where I am from who say that Justin has been mind-controlled and I even know journalists who say he is a sick b*****d (I hate typing stars because it's just a word but I don't know the rules about that). I hate lately felt overwhelmed as you described because I know so much of this is true and happening. When some events started to be outed - like when Mel Gibson outed Hollywood and Oprah, when someone I know WELL who knows Hilary confirmed she is a witch and very dangerous - I wished most of all that I knew some like-minded people to talk to and to learn from. I am currently writing an article about this. Oh, and don't get me started on the "trans" thing. I was in the middle of that at my workplace when male inmates, all of whom are psychopathic violent sex offenders, suddenly declared themselves 'female' and were moved into my prison unit, which treats female inmate with personality disorders. These MEN are sexually assaulting female inmates at will, with almost no consequences. I did support one inmate and we managed to convince police to lay charges, but in only one out of 20 - 30 cases. The rest are lining up regularly for the "morning after" pill. One of the federal government's best-kept secrets. Sorry to go on but thanks for listening. Kelly
  4. Because young and fit athletes are dropping like flies on the playing field! But take a look at the replies of twitter/X and many responses insist those who think those who resist the "vaccines" are nutjobs or even conspiracy theorists (proud to be called such)!
  5. Absolutely we do. I am already hearing warnings everywhere it seems about a "new" virus that will necessitate lockdowns, masking, and again, fake vaccines. I live in Canada and if you ever want to experience a truly sinister government and a country where freedoms we should all have are disappearing every day. I wish I lived in the States or the UK where at least there are groups I could join full of like-minded people to garner support from and to be able to talk to others. We have nothing like that here as far as I have seen, mostly because of our current socialist on the way to communist federal government and the power of the so-called anti-Semitic racketeers. I recall that once David Icke wrote about bankers or something similar and his talk was cancelled for "anti-Semitic content". Mainstream media, especially the government-sponsored & funded CBC has daily broadcast to talk about how "Violence" and "anti-Semitic" attacks are increasing every single day. My belief that this is only because the protection racket expands the definition of A-S every single day. I know that I will NEVER again allow anyone to lock me down when I am perfectly healthy and I will never wear a mask again.
  6. Well, I know that since I was forced to have the "vaccine" for the imaginary virus (I'm a federal public servant in Canada) by the PM Trudeau Jr. (read about his father's and our previous PM in Cathy O'Brien's book Trance Formation of America) under threat of firing if I didn't I did have 2, as required, and ever since I've had extreme difficulty meditating, expanding my frequency/putting my intent out into the universe, etc. and have the distinct feeling I am being 'blocked' by something malevolent that is also causing depression and anxiety. I have been a long-time writer (psychology) and since this happened I can't write a word about the conspiracy without getting severe headaches and feeling like I am being subjected to evil.
  7. Yes, I am taking chloroquine for RA. Do you remember when Trump, when he was President, advocated for chloroquine as a tx for "covid"? Well at that time even the FDA was still recommending it, and continued to do so for a few years, and even recommended it for so-called long covid. Then, in the past year or so (could be wrong about that) the FDA warned they are no longer doing so because of the risk of heart problems, which of course has been caused by the s0-called vaccine anyway.
  8. Heavy smoking CAN absolutely trigger a 'dormant' RA. It happened to me.
  9. Great post, I have tried hard to understand it all. This is exactly what David Icke has been writing and teaching all these years. And I now know, more than ever before, that David speaks the truth. I only recently (and very serendipitously) learned about something called A Course In Miracles (ACIM). This refers to a series of information channeled from Jesus to a psychologist for 7 years in the 1960's. I have started the course and I am amazed at how closely this teaching aligns with what David Icke has been writing about since the 1990's. I have only just started today, but the similarities so far include: LOVE is the only truth; FEAR is a choice and one we don't have to make; None of us is sinful, and we do not need to be 'forgiven' by priests or anyone else; God did NOT make this world, it is of the 'serpents' and that is why it is filled with suffering; Inner peace and happiness can only come when we let go of the wants and desires of the ego (the world's goods); Anything we want can be manifested by our thoughts, just as it was back when we all were at 'home'; 'Like attracts Like', i.e., we have a frequency/vibration that attracts others to us. Peace. Kelly.
  10. I'd love to "ditch it" but now everyone we are forced to deal with from banks to government services requires a 2-step login process, that involves them sending a code to your smartphone before they will allow you to log in, 'for our own protection'. Of course it is.
  11. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33923935/ Please have a look at this to start with - if you are still around. I understand you might be too embarrassed to come back since overwhelming scientific evidence - which you asked for - has now mounted in favour of NOT wearing masks. But we knew it all along.
  12. As a long-time mental health clinician and researcher I read a lot of journals. I remember at the height of the 'pandemic' journals were full of articles about how those in my field could take advantage of the situation by offering covid-specific information, such as coping mechanisms & other techniques to 'help your clients manage pandemic-related difficulties'. Many psychologists and counsellors wrote books within just a few months of the WHO announcement - almost as if they knew it was coming! (of course many did know). Anyway, one of the most popular topics for articles - and by that I mean most likely to be approved by the so-called 'peer-review' process - were articles targeting 'conspiracy theorists' and those who believed that covid was a hoax. I wanted to post this link for those who are interested in reading about how THEY were attempting to combat those of us who knew what was really going on and were attempting to spread the word. I think this article is a bit old but I came across this yesterday while doing a search for something else. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.socscimed.2020.113356
  13. A large, ultra-modern corporate-run dairy farm in Texas literally exploded yesterday, killing at least 18,000 dairy cattle. One person was injured, as reports say a worker was trapped in a small shed attached to the milking facility. Mainstream media reports are blaming the explosion on...yes, methane gas excreted by the cows, that may have been ignited by an overheating piece of machinery. Now I have spent a lot of time on dairy farms, and machinery that can produce sparks is just part of the operation, as well as electricity that runs the entire milking apparatus. Isn't it coincidental that those who want us to believe in human-caused climate change have been spending a lot of time recently demonizing methane. There may even be reports of the same crowd warning about the possibility of ignited methane causing explosions on-farm. Seriously, it's so transparent it's pathetic. I am waiting for even one reporter to ask if 'hot' machinery and even sparks from welding is an everyday occurrence of most if not all farms that produce milk or meat. I think I'm in for a long wait.
  14. Yes, I agree with your point, i.e., that there is a difference between the reptilians and demonic spirits. I thought that reptilians were the ones feeding off negative emotions such as fear and hopelessness. David Icke is currently writing a book about demons, as you may know, and I can't wait to read it!
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