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  1. Thanks for the update mate; yes, typical of that sort to try it on, and typical of those sorts of ‘McLawyers’ lol to get in the act. Excellent that the Sheriffs office didn’t back down, even carried it on
  2. @Golden Retriever ot for a minute. I tried to send you a pm but it said you weren’t allowed to receive them; really?
  3. Clown world strikes again Psycho entitled pos seeing how much money she can get.
  4. You are right; one often forgets both ‘sides’ manipulate.
  5. Seeing those altogether made me laugh more than anything else - though it’s not really a laughing matter; to me it’s a bloody farce that these ignoramuses keep putting this stuff out and the mental lefties believe/perpetuate it; idiocy at its ‘finest’.
  6. Bitch amongst bitches is right; instigating NZs ‘nanny state’ all the while denying it. The first sentence is just the first of such utter bullshit it’s a wonder (shame) she didn’t drown in it. Article from 2009 Clark rejects voters' fears of a nanny state Prime Minister Helen Clark has defended her government against "nanny state" claims, saying her attitude is to live and let live. http://i.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/127626/Clark-rejects-voters-fears-of-a-nanny-state
  7. Sold a monumental lie, and lost control. Otherwise things would not be as they are.
  8. Why would they be concerned? The world is the same as it ever was; them and us; they dictate, most of us bend over and take it as we have been doing since time here began. Who is going to ‘flip’ them from their seats of presumed power’? Hasn’t happened in millenia. There will always be those who will turn up for war. There are masses of people who believe in fighting for their country - and those who just enjoy killing. If these bankster leeches ‘overstepped their usefulness’ five hundred years ago, why are they still here? Absolutely no offense mate but your post is naive rhetoric; I would dearly like to see what you wrote come to pass but it hasnt happened throughout history; tell me why/how now.
  9. Thanks very much GR; I’m not ashamed to say they brought a tear to my eye; a reminder as well that many humans do so much good for our animal friends. We’re not an entirely lost cause.
  10. Another take could be that being psychopaths/narcissists that they don’t give a shit what anyone says or thinks about them; their arrogance and superiority complex leads them to believe they are well above such riff raff as we useless eaters; our opinions would mean nothing to them.
  11. These hideous pos need dealing to. Disturbing Video: ‘Drag Queen’ Shakes His Ass For High School Students https://www.infowars.com/posts/disturbing-video-drag-queen-shakes-his-ass-for-high-school-students/
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