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  1. you have great eyes. i can barely see a dot when looking at the planes only 5 miles up.
  2. yo sick, dont know why youd pull back from that. i say own it. isnt that really the ultimate issue? the indoctrination it takes so people can think they can walk upside down, and drive vehicles, use tower cranes etc?
  3. if none of us have been there, do yo not have to be crazy for pretending to know what is up there? or should we trust the science?
  4. this is the line - neom https://www.neom.com/en-us/regions/theline the prince said it will be done by 2030 it will begin at gulf of aqaba in the red sea and travel over 105 miles every depiction are like those above and if the earth is what they say then a massive amount of earth must be moved for this horizontal structure. this is because from sea level at the gulf where it begins, it must follow a curve that descends well over a mile. 7 years to truth? and sorry, not a globe or flat thread, just a wait and see love always
  5. none of us know what space is and damn right my brother good shit - thanks would love to just focus on the most obvious shit these clowns release to the public for this thread excellent observation this is not a nasa thread my man... its all of these mofks... chinese clowns in space that they released... Since the International Fake Space Station (ISS) has no running water, no sinks, no showers, or normal toilets, so you can imagine that this would pose a challenge for astronauts. Because according to their narratives, water would float away from the container in microgravity, drinking fluids in space require astronauts to suck liquid from a bag through a straw. These bags can be refilled at water stations through a low pressurized hose. Here's a link https://youtu.be/WPKZaI5ACC8... tools! all these bitches thanks for the comments out
  6. "Green screens, chroma-key screens, zero-gravity air-planes, video manipulation, wires, and harnesses. Just some of the ways that space is faked. What does it say about a society that has ignored so much evidence?" short and just a great compilation of some of the dumbest shit they actually released... this is important, more now than ever. this is because of how fast their technology is accelerating. in a short time, no one will be able to tell the difference. i recommend saving this. youtube hates this and since their algorithm missed it, teams of trolls will be flagging this for some kind of hate speech and as a dangerous conspiracy theory. and then post it wherever and email it to all your homies that still don't get it. all love
  7. nope, not right, youre just another beLIEver my great gramma, born 1898 called out apollo immediately as did the majority of her entire generation. my gramps was a major activist. there are proofs everywhere with just a basic understanding of their storys double standards. people know. sure you hard, but where i from, homies count. a badass internet tough guy like you can go it alone. there must be great meaning there in seriousness, all love
  8. study up never put it up as evidence, just a nod for a laugh to my homies who get it
  9. nope, they never went and its from a famous live broadcast. i think it was right around when they were having differences of opinion over whether they could see stars or not lol the lesson here is to get your story straight before the cameras come on
  10. any bears up in here? they talks lotsa shit on owen. hes racis, antisemitic, right wing, commie, name it. but hes doing something and it might be catchy... https://buildingbeartaria.com/ i finally had time for part 2, wife almost in tears, but watch both if you want soemthing uplifting in this world. all love
  11. interesting how they got the world to accept their jewmason vommit as entertainment. that said, any π fans?
  12. In recent centuries, great efforts have been made to make us humans forget where we come from and who we are. The destruction of the old knowledge of physics and biology was particularly powerful in uprooting us. Einstein and Darwin represent the inversion of the old knowledge into a nihilistic worldview; with man as a meaningless, random something, adrift in an endless and cold universe. These anti-life models about reality were perfected only recently - in the 19th century - and could even fully prevail only in the 20th century - too great was the resistance even in academic circles of the early 20th century. The so-called Big Bang theory is a good example to understand how religious-esoteric concepts entered science. The Belgian Jesuit and priest Georges Lemaitre created the Big Bang theory - not on the basis of scientific facts, but on the basis of a religious conviction, a notion of a primordial or cosmic seed from which everything evolved. At that time, the Jesuits were given the task of embedding the myths of the origin of the world in a scientific-sounding framework. A few decades later, in 1951, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences accepted the Big Bang theory. This long wait for the Pope's acceptance was not due to opposition from the Church, but from the general public - after all, the Big Bang theory originated from the hands of the Vatican itself. Ironically, the irrational Big Bang theory is still part of our modern worldview, and still not a single proof has been presented. The nihilistic and mechanistic world view, represented by Rosseau and other so-called masterminds of the "Enlightenment", could only flourish on the breeding ground of industrialization. After all, industrialization turned man into a mechanical being who was reduced to material aspects. Industrialization must be seen as a turning point, and as the most notable event that is still comprehensible and visible to us today, as a result of a reset in the 18th or early 19th century. This reset followed an event that also brought about the so-called mud flood - all over the world, the buildings of the old world were partially submerged in the earth, and the former first floors were thus usually converted into cellars. Little is known about the cause of the mud flood, possible is a world war we don't remember or an electromagnetic plasma event. Velikovsky again on this: According to biologist Rupert Sheldrake, collective memory is "inherent to nature" - living systems have a collective memory of all past experiences of the entire species, this memory exists in an invisible but real energy field. Our collective memories are still there, but since the dawn of modernity they mainly break through in supposedly fictional stories, e.g. in Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" universe. Tolkien wrote down his story, rooted in Germanic mythology, during the First World War - at exactly the time that can be recognized as the final destruction of the old, magical world. World War 1 marked the beginning of the civilizational descent into soulless modernity. Perhaps Tolkien had to write down his vision of Middle Earth because the human psyche cannot survive without a connection to reality. Even if this connection is maintained via supposedly fictional stories. It is interesting to note in this context, that fantasy stories are also an invention of the industrial age - it was only around 1850 that fictional novels became suitable for mass consumption. Could it be that people were not interested in immersing themselves in dissociative worlds at all as long as life itself was full of meaning and conveyed a higher purpose? The more hostile and cold our society becomes, the stronger becomes the urge to escape into imaginary worlds, and as these imaginary worlds are fed by our collective memories, it is this repressed energy which breathes life into them. With the destruction of religions by so-called science founded by secret societies, people were deprived of one of the last connections to the past. But the truth wants to come to light again and it will eventually resurface. Enormous efforts are being made to keep humanity asleep, because our potential and true power is almost limitless. lots of great members on that forum and some of the best posts on the internet, but there is a controlled element there that sucks. love listening to jonlevi... funny guy.
  13. they made up dinosaurs for their bs evolution narrative. hoax after exposed hoax after exposed hoax, but trust the science. there is much information on this.
  14. the narrative for when and how these things were built is full on bs. im not sure we have the machinery today to do this and the power required would be extraordinary.
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