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  1. video you asked me to find instead of a cartoon with a claim. and this is easier than you think. all stars rise in the east and set in the west
  2. doesnt 99% of american people believe the earth is a ball flying through space? can you post a video of what you are trying to say? the cartoon really doesnt help, bro.
  3. the surface curve. there must be a post here somewhere. and this is just an observation from watching this play out back in 2016/17... sums it up?
  4. any fellow truth dawgs out here in the middle of this trollfest? I'll ask again if I can be directed to the post where they measured the actual curvature?
  5. can you direct to a post or a link that shows where they measured the curve? good question, but you seem angry about this stuff. fwiw, you need to look at what happens with magnetic declination especially the further south you travel and historically, there have always been great problems and terrible tragedies south of the equator at sea since they ramped up the globe propaganda. this was posted on stolen history... pretty good site for this stuff.
  6. good find! dats the shit we talkin bout! Now this is real... and if an idiot in moms basement can do that...
  7. damn... what is so hard with topic? and why the anger? does water curve? has that curve been measured? is it anywhere close to what trust the science says?
  8. Bros! stop deflecting, trolling, burying information... please! this thread started because I wanted to show all the obvious hoodwinking they pretend is real. i encourage everyone to post their pics and vids that cant be debunked. thats it. like this...
  9. everything! how long you been reading here? you still think an atmosphere (gas) can exist next to space? whole thing a sham bro also... look like you got a troll prob all love
  10. more iss clowns, but def not in space... buh buh buh i saw it
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