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  1. Something to look forward to I suppose. Nothing on the TV lately.
  2. I wrote an article about this referring to the wild west days of the internet. I'll post it soon. As anti says it was largely social media that destroyed it but there are varying factors.
  3. Good for you timelord. The key thing is you felt good. The reason for that is you took some of your power back and didn't give it away. You've basically declined to be on the chess board. I feel similar and will not be voting at all in the future. I voted in the London election just to try and get khan out. But it's not something I'm planning on doing again and I haven't been following the election religiously. Basically I'm not emotionally invested. I won't be voting in the general and to be honest I can't see myself ever voting unless perhaps a referendum comes along or something.
  4. Dannyuk great taste in music
  5. Actually agree with the police here. Should really be sending our a red balloon and playing don't look back in anger. This is making me sick sorry to rant ill stop posting in this thread now I'm on my phone and I'm shattered sorry to detail.
  6. But I don't think that just happens on social media it happens in real life. That mentality. I've noticed it in older people than genz millennials and even gen xers. Especially among socialists but whatever their politics npcs. Whether social media has caused some of this is another question. But the need to be seen as right rather doing right and the fact that they are terrified of being seen as being bad boils my blood lol.
  7. I only ever browse Reddit when it comes up in my search. I was reading about Manchester bands and a few people were just calling Morrissey a nazi and "of course his a terrible person" without actually offering reasons why he is a racist. And one said he holds dodgy views. That means views that dont align with theirs. The place is full of npcs.
  8. You recall it how I recall it. It did seem people in the alternative scene were a bit more open with concepts like the occult and the old forum. I remember David ickes first or second book were quite fortean in and of themselves as well, he wrote a lot about ley-lines and energy centres. Just my two cents great thread by the way.
  9. He was definitely one of our mob mate. Not from Essex. But they'll probably try and say he was Asian soon anyway. Moh Mahmood across the street is a direct descendent type think.
  10. Anyone else think UK should bring back the nee-nawww for emergency vehicles? I hear it sometimes on ambulances in London and I think fire brigade. But it seems to be dying. Next they'll be replacing the bobby traditional tall hat. 

    1. Mr Crabtree

      Mr Crabtree

      True story, when I


    2. Fluke


      It's called two tone I think 

    3. Mr Crabtree

      Mr Crabtree



      It must be on digital, because if it was on a record the needle would skid as they slammed around corners?

  11. Fluke


    Mistake* sorry I've killed the joke now haven't I.
  12. Fluke


    I actually did do that on purpose mate.
  13. Fluke


    You're* sorry that's grammer.
  14. I was gutted I couldn't see it. Did anyone in the UK manage to catch any snaps? I'm in London and it was raining lol
  15. Shame really Doherty's got a really good voice and is actually talented. Guess he was always a middle class boy. White English man pushing around an Iraqi refugee in this video.
  16. They don't have the self awareness to realise. They will be saying good on nige the world has gone mad it's stupid.
  17. A lot of them are Irish do you think it stems from that and that's why they a chip on their shoulder?
  18. Never thought I'd say this but this David icke fella is awful doesn't deserve the name.
  19. I can't believe this is real but it is
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