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  1. I had an epiphany last night. First off why is space dark when you get there? Why isn't the sun making it daylight? And secondly what if the world isn't flat or round. But the earth is cigar shaped, triangle like structure? I've had visions of this in the past. You could prove it with a jet engine airplane.
  2. David's been appearing on Alex Jones for years and why wouldn't he? Alex is literally a fellow truth seeker.
  3. He isn't popular with the trumpers either. The guys a complete lunatic.
  4. Anyone remember the last time this happened? I was a young kid and i clearly remember a shortage of petrol and generap carmage think blair was in. Must have been 20 odd years ago.
  5. @Grumpy Owlthanks the insight. I don't think there will be a genuine food shortage, i do think its possible we will see empty food shelves and possible rationing. All manufactured by the elite.
  6. Just another example of how easily manipulated people are and how easily panicked they are. Still I thought we'd have food shortages. The media are basically using the brain-dead as weaponry now. I said a while back in the mega thread it's scary what pyops they could use next.
  7. I think there's no denying there is an agenda on pushing gayness. It's up to homosexuals to realise that these lobbyists aren't there for their best interests. They are simply virtue signalling and backed by big NGOs. Why wouldn't they? THEY don't want us breeding. And that goes for the commie nonsense these arseholes promote they need to to give them the middle finger. My attitude is if someone is homosexual it shouldn't matter. If you like cock you like cock. Just don't shove it down everyone throats because that is quite rude.
  8. It should be in the interest of homosexuals to not want third world immigration surely.
  9. Cheers for this MR H. It ties into everything one of the commenters suggested the technocracy and great reset and I can tell you for a FACT it all ties in.
  10. And the masked goblins are probably thinking wow this lady is a bit mad. Nope it's you that is mad. In the words of Alex Jones she's got the fire of human liberty.
  11. Shortage of brain matter and critical thinking.
  12. Toilet paper shortages coin shortages power shortages ventilator shortages hospital bed shortages labor shortages. And any other shortage you can think of. Its all spontaneous of course. Just a coincidence nothing to worry about. A lot of us said last year people won't stand up until they go hungry or it starts to impact on them directly.
  13. I think he is on his last legs anyway. He has been hanging on to life by a thread for the last four years anyway. But if he dies regardless of of he had a vaccine or not they'll still probably say it was covid. Then that will reinstate the dangers of covid.
  14. Well put and well spotted Velma! It's an absolute disgrace that nutrition and a healthy lifestyle wasn't promoted from the start. Probably because the thing doesn't exist. What's scary is that people of all ages especially the ones older than us millenials are encouraged to think that getting jabbed for the normal flu and the convid is the way to go. Common sense should tell you you need the right nutrition fresh air and exercise. I knew this as a kid..
  15. We've had the suggestion of cancelling classical music too grumpy. It's not about good ideas imho I think this isn't in good faith. We are seeing the complete distraction of everything we've known. Joy, art, beauty and nature. To me this seems a reality now. I've said it before on here around 2009 maybe a little later we were getting on fine. Perhaps we were getting on too well so they started to try and divide us. Add the communists radically changing the Instutions along with unprecedented immigration the country is well on its way to destruction. When I joined a job last year we a section on diversity. Why it was good that we are "different". And then had to listen to childish analogies about how a bouquet of flowers and that if all the flowers were the same it'd be boring. Of course diversity of opinion wasn't up on that list just that diversity was good and diversity of people make the team better. The irony in this was the foreign people that had presumably just come here couldn't understand what was being said and held the rest back from learning about the role. And then there's the jokes and satire that British people and sometimes Europeans bond over so that we feel comfortable around each other. Now it's not like that. These people couldn't give a shit about racism. They are pervert control freaks who want to micro manage everything. This along with the politics behind climate change and the assumptions of people that everyone cares about this or that it is an established fact is lost. So I'm just left ripping my hair out seething whilst trying to earn a bit of Dosh. The countries fucked.
  16. Yeah I meant the protesters. They were down the road from my house the other day if I'd known I'd gone and shouted abuse at them.
  17. Exactly they'd just beat us. All part of the plan. This lot are paid off.
  18. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the hokey dokey dokey ohhhhhhhhhhhh the hokey pokey wokey ohhhhhhbbhnnhb the hokey pokey pokey cause that's what it's all about da DAaaaa! @DarianF @BossCrow
  19. @Macnamara last thing I'll say then I'll quit posting he just seemed to me to be a rich man inherited wealth with too much time on his hands summoning up imaginary friends. A scumbag too.
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