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  1. Fake. Good special effects for the 1800s though.
  2. To be fair if we are going to believe the narrative it wouldn't it make sense not to shoot it down immediately? Could be bio weapons etc.
  3. Yep flat earth being one of them. And the anti Jewish weirdos that we never used to see I'm convinced are shills now derailing threads. Very strange unhappy people often chronic cannabis users. I don't really like that Thomas Sheridan these days but he is bang on the money about the "troofer" types.
  4. I wouldn't say even he is that barmy. Whoever he is...although it would make sense if he was an operative to be a flat earther.
  5. That has got to be a joke article
  6. Yep very passionate people was his response when Morrissey commented on his Latino following. He has always been his own man. He can't be bought or sold. He is truly one of a kind.
  7. Same here matey. I liked his music long before I knew he had integrity too. Looking at this thread and the outer sphere he is triggering the right people as well.
  8. Are they ramping up the fear again? I know i sound like a consumerist but my amazon parcel was left at the end of my drive, I live on a main road. Kind of pissed me off it wasn't left in the porch dont really want to get the fella in trouble though so wont complain. I noticed when i went for a walk it was the same for other houses parcels left. ?
  9. What is actually wrong with the British public
  10. I don't believe all those described as MAPS are a danger. Take this man Todd for instance. Just an ordinary guy. He even said himself your kids are probably safer with him than non peadophiles.
  11. Anyone here those weird sex noises at the start on the BBC wolves coverage? I was with my nan at the time and had to leave the room
  12. To be fair the media and the UK in general have always had an obsession with the weather. They always dramatise it however we know there are agendas at play with "climate change".
  13. It's been annoying me as well very weird pulsating wind usually at night here in the south east. It is actually very annoying the wind isn't it? I can deal with rain because you know where you are with it but wind is annoying.
  14. Nonsense. Its never been the job of the media to present fair information only pump out information. Whilst there was a disgusting campaign to coerce the public when the time comes when they say "you had a choice" i will agree with them 100% because they did. Tough titties for those who couldn't be bothered to do their own research.
  15. They might change the narrative to "we are having some concerning reports that the vaccines rent as safe as we first thought but you did have a choice". And they would be right. They did have a choice. Apart from the poor kids and vulnerable..
  16. He does wear red and white though my mum took me to see him this year. Never seen him wearing anything else. Perhaps in his workshop.
  17. Not an insult to you but at what point does it become a fantasy that people are going to have some great awakening? Seems a harsh reality manu here don't want to face. If the NPC types are running their mouths then you come back at them and they don't like it well that's a different story. But on the whole just ignoring them tends to be a better option. If it's just ordinary folk then I have some compassion with them because I don't want to hear about this shit all the time especially politics. Your average Joe still thinks voting will change things . Then you got the immigration issue with people thinking it's incompetence. But I don't want to hear about how my countries being turned over 24/7 by people like the lotus eaters because I find it really depressing. I can't change it and neither can you. People don't want to hear negativity all the time.
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