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  1. Had to post this was listening to it last night some good breakdown of what is and what could be to come but also away from the more doomongery type content.
  2. I would like to mention a member of my household tested positive last week and we were all "house bound". She has come down to my way of thinking. The irony is her partner was ill quite badly I may add of flu which he is now recovered from. He took the PCR 3 times and tested negative. She didn't have any symptoms, but she was positive. She is more on my side of things but she decided to take it. I had a stern word and likened her to throwing a grenade near our trench and endangering her comrades. My number was not given to track or trace. Not sure if the fear got to her or if it wa
  3. Just trying to plunder through some information regarding the vaccine related deaths in Norway. So out of 33 thousand of the vaccinated 2 3rds of the fatalities in relation to the vaccine were over 80. So my maths might be off but 1 in 15 hundred who have had the vaccine have died and 68percent of those 1 in 15 hundred were over 80? I still think they are jumping the gun with the passports and what not and my hope is it will fail. I think will see a lot of pushback actually and think minorities and certain religions will be opposed to this. I am not a religious man bu
  4. Good good. Unfortunately i know 2 who are eagerly waiting. I don't respond. But i will not surprise me if they do get ill and die-although i am not expecting that, it could of course. Very sad that they are preying on the vulnerable but good luck vaccinated the compos mentis oldies. The dark side to this for me personally is i have seen a man who i have been close to all my life beat cancer twice. And he laughed at the fact i might not be able to buy bread to feed myself because i have not got a vaccine card. Yet people like me are the selfish ones. Seeing someone sit in front of
  5. I have not had anyone approach me but feel you mate. It does make you feel bad sometimes when you snap at someone but unfortunately i think this is what i would have done as well. I have no time waking these people up as its clear they are far too gone. I must admit i have nothing but contempt for these people. I would either tell them to do one or ignore. Even if it means myself getting beating up, which i don't doubt these weak individuals are capable of. I don't know i am a small bloke but i make a point of keeping my back straight and shoulders back most people wont approach y
  6. I deleted mine at the start of all this because of the amount of cowardly men scared little men on my feed. I knew it would get worse. Good insight for you though if you can disconnect your emotions on how the normies are acting. Too much retardness for me to deal with. Edit Could also give us an update if any of them die in the coming months.
  7. @numnuts I am a human being little man. Don't let it get to ya ;)
  8. 1Boris academically is obviously not a stupid person. But i think ultimately he is evil and cowardly. He had the chance if he had the courage of his convictions to do a trump and call out the msm and talk "to the people" via social media when the majority voted and supported him clearly now wrongly. But he is too interested in not pissing off his loyal party supporters and keeping in the press good books lol. This is why they are clearly all controlled. Every primeminister i can think of left office with their name in tatters. So why would you then not set out a 20 yea
  9. Yeah you sound me mate. Trying to normalise all this talking to each other through a screen. My grandad told me off the other day someone in our family brought them an Alexa and when they had it on I spoke to her with the contempt that whore deserves. "Don't talk to her like that" Merry Christmas everyone. Not going to lie it's the worst day of the year for me so I'm just gritting my teeth to get through it. On another level respect to all the Christians and people that love Christmas I am aware it's under attack along with all loving contact.
  10. I actually saw someone walk past my house with some over the top mask one of these "Ard men" I tried to take a picture but he took it off. I brought a gas mask in the begining of this to take the piss but I obviously underestimated the stupidity of the public. They would probably think I was serious.
  11. Pet peeves of the degeneration of our language. Where are you AT. Not where are you? Where are you AT! I know my English is terrible but I see this creeping in our culture from Anthony joshua to man children on the internet.

    1. Steph


      A small blue planet, third from a big light in outer space. I'm round about there somewhere, unless they are lying to me about the shape of the earth too. The people round here are crazy. That's where WE are at. Where IS you (singular personal pronoun form) at?


      How bastardised were our language betwixt thence an whence. I find thpelling two four-mal at x's

  12. Spooky little documentary I used to love. Worth a watch if you haven't seen it.
  13. Saw that interview it really is a joke. An ugly 50 something year old little creep talking about a nympho maniac destroying his anus. Trying to be edgy. Bloke can hardly talk. Complete trash low rent crap. As for the true geordie arrogant low iq moron trying to be a youtube "influencer". Just look at the lad not the brightest spark in the world.
  14. Page 666 after the winter solstice
  15. I hope so too mate. I will probably end up with a bunch of woke millenials knowing my luck. I haven't read the gulag archipelago in a while I can't remember if the Soviets shot you point blank if you resisted. Only that nobody hardly ever did resist. Taking the bullet or suicide may be our best bet. Merry Christmas everyone. On a serious note no surrender mate.
  16. There are some. But they are either in jail or dead or demonised as anti semitic far right or conspiracy nutters. And if they gain any traction on the internet they are deplatformed. Lovely isn't it. Edit Ah yes anti vaxxers and covid deniers. Dangerous that bunch. Need to be arrested. Nutters. *sarcasm*
  17. I am with you there i am not into the love thy neighbour stuff and i am not loving the weak bringing this on. And i WILL call them normies. No hope for the majority they are useless. They are not waking up until the food and money runs out FACT. I am not being negative. I said a few weeks ago i would be better off talking to my greyhound than the majority of normies. People thought i was joking. I wasn't joking.
  18. But but we have to stick together like we did in ww2! National prideee just put the mask on its only a mask. Millions have died from this. *sarcasm* Some plonker said that in comments on YT yestetday. "I hope you catch the virus and pass it onto a family member and they die". There is your morals right there
  19. No i mean the coronavirus. #ratarmy
  20. @rideforever yeah watching lee today his calling the rona bullshit out good for him and he said he is not taking vax
  21. Merry Christmas everyone here. I can never sleep Christmas. I stayed up very late and thought I'd caught a glimpse of father Christmas last year and I got scared and pretended I was asleep. I'll have to remember to leave some mince pies and some milk out for the reindeers.
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