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  1. And if youuuu tolerateee this then your children will be next will be neeeeeextttt.
  2. Morning chunky. Because he is a gobshite there to steer the masses into trusting the courts. Hate to be that guy and I don't really care either way but to me he is definitely a freemason. People like him are just buffers for people who might be awake but are too scared or lazy to go all the way.
  3. Yes let me know please i know thry are sight hounds and prob came drom egypt.
  4. Its a greyhound but as a greyhound owner of over 7 of them over the years i am not impressed with the finish particularly the paws. I do own that greyhound coin though. I know they were owned by nobility at some point cant remember which king but he there is a famous painting of him with his greyhound. Not sure mate i buy mine via post trusted bullion dealers.
  5. Is giving oral to men okay? Not a homosexual but £100 is £100.
  6. Going to start a monkeyPOX mega thread later. You guys are so 2020.
  7. Don't care what anyone says still one of the best songs I have ever heard. Made my parents buy the cassette and cd for me when I was 4 and it still never gets old. Slightly smeared by the Viagra commercial.
  8. Seem to always get more depressed in the summer months
  9. If one should happen to fly through an office window and land in my lap.
  10. Tbf I am a bit of collector so if one those landed out of a back of a lorry I may keep it won't be rushing to buy it though and I get your point mate
  11. Still got a playstation 1 and sega
  12. The question on everybodys lips should now be are you prepared? I got my guns, got my gold, got my fuel so I can head for the mountains come the nukes, got my Bible got my hunting gear. Got a underground bunker up on the ranch my grandaddy built for us. Don't forget the 3 Ps. Practice, pray, prepare.
  13. Yeah but look on the bright side if she dies it might go up in value. What other coins are good? Thing is they are exempt from capital gains tax.
  14. @EnigmaticWorld somewhat of a hotspot around here
  15. Believe it or not I do actually work and am working today but I probably should grow up to be honest
  16. I thought you might have seen it it was over BH and Greenwich Saturday
  17. Fuck sake enigmatic you blew my hoax yeah
  18. Caught this 2 weeks ago. It just disappeared shortly after this clip right in front of my eyes. Checked the air tracker and nothing.
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