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  1. Hi sorry for bumping an old thread. Have you researched depersonalisation and derealisation? Its the sensation of feeling unreal and disconnected from ones surroundings. . I used to get fleeting moments of this sensation when i was a child. I then to my horror had it for 2 years. Apparently it is very common but people who have bad drug trips can get it 24/7 and sometimes for life. I don't know if it was some sort of spiritual awakening but it sent me into turmoil at the time. I had a 1000yrd stare and dead eyes. It might not have been that but a lot of pe
  2. "Many a true word is spoken in jest" as the old adage goes.
  3. I'm going to dedicate this thread to Thomas Sheridan if that is okay with the mods. Most of his videos have an occult aspect and a lot of videos and the current situation others may feel interesting. He talks about ongoing events.
  4. He is such a strange man it's quite fascinating to watch. He is clearly a narcissistic perhaps even a phychopath. But a not very bright one and not very well disguised. No offence to anyone on here who did fool for this creature but come on lol. It still amazes me grown adults actually like the chap and thought he was genuine..
  5. I was watching a podcast not sure if it was ukcolumn, Delingpole, or corbett report but the guest was giving lots of interesting information on the city of Chicago and that Chicago would be one of the main testing areas of the smart cities. The premise was basically that globalism would be localised and the mayors would be giving more power.
  6. Look at him "do I wait over here mate, is that what I do?" Like a rabbit in headlights. And they actually don't mind being treated like a crackhead who has just walked in from the street and giving them their custom.
  7. Look at this fucking dumb fat fucker. Eats shit full of chemicals and proceeds to wear his mask because we got to keep people "safe". The irony of course being lost on this fat meat goblem. This type of middle aged specimen who just follow the rules for an easy life get on my nerves nearly as much as the millenials. Dumb c****. Apathetic brainless arseholes. Don't ever tell me about how naughty you are and hard once this is all over you absolute disgraces. Betcha YouTube are promoting him as well along with all the other degenerates.
  8. She will be dead in about 6 months possibly sooner. It's actually a thing a lot of these virtue signallers are dropping like flies.
  9. What is also mind boggling and surreal is you cant talk to strangers out and about because where i live everyone seems to just be going along with it. I don't particularly want to hear your average member of publics opinion for obvious reasons but they are more than happy to talk and repeat the propaganda and shove it down our thoughts. I think it would be less painful if you bumped into your odd randomer and they were like yeah this is crazy what is wrong with people. And I thought last year i overheard someone in a vape shop say they were going to a protest. I misheard and was l
  10. Heh I was thinking the exact same thing walking my dog around the block, observing the pub. I've starting having little dialogues in my head as a self therapy from the madness as i have nobody to talk to. Pretty much said to myself "yep the masses will pretty much give up everything to get in the pub, and get angry over football. The establishment must be laughing at them". And then I'll try to tell my inner dialogue "yes i know its insane, its honestly not worth trying to have conversations, this is where we are at". What a sad state of affair
  11. Thank you very much for this response GOYK. Great post It resonates a lot. I concur 100%. I have thought that we are a different species for a while. One of the good things about this is you find your soul tribe. And although painful, people have revealed themselves the good and the bad and the damn right stupid. We very much are a different species now. I have been saying for a while now there is no point trying to have a conversation with most people as they just wont compute. I guess my mum was my weakness. But a part of her has fallen away now. But ultimately its h
  12. Vaguely i cant see the video though mate.
  13. Sorry to hear that Saved. Its sad isn't it. She knew i would go mad. But ultimately i told her to do her research and advised against taking the booster jab. I wont try and stop her even if i could. But yeah she was humouring me all that time.
  14. I am furious. Thought my mum was "awake". Invested hours into educating her this year and last into the nwo. Thought she was taking it in of course it seems now she wasn't. I asked her whether she had it earlier and she wouldn't swear on my life which she usually does. And she smirked which gave it away. I cannot believe it. And her boyfreind who i work with although a normie was taking a anti vax stance which i thought was good. Of course he was put up in this lie too. I am devastated. So thats my grandparents, both parents, and my brother the weasel wil
  15. It is gut rot as my nan used to say. Don't they have a secret ingrediant? I never drank fizzy drinks as a kid but starting drinking coke ( for some reason its better out of a can) at about 15 but i stopped. It is slightly addictive... could be caffeine. Sugar, aspartaine is poison. Tea has flouride in it, I haven't gone a day in nearly 20 years without at least 4 cups of tea (deadly serious.) I have been known to drink unhealthy amounts pretty sure i have sunk 30 to 40 cups in one day before. I tried to quit for one day once and it completley shook my life
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