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  1. Having an elderly confused family member insist I hold out my hands so he could spray it to make him feel better because I helped with the shopping and might have touched the box. Like some weird ritual of holy water to wash away my sins.


    Sick of playing into people's insanity. I'm very sad at what's been done to my relatives. 

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    2. DarianF


      Long term, @Grumpy Owl, the real winners will not be those who religiously sanitize. Instead, it will be those of us who ignore all this shite. Our immune systems will be stronger for being naturally exposed like humans have been since we existed. All the health paranoid freaks will wipe themselves out. However, in the short term, we will be screwed and they will be rewarded by the slave masters. But this can't last forever. Play the long game.



    3. DarianF


      It makes me sick, how they are experimenting on the elderly. https://write.as/darianfentos/astra-jab-for-over-65s-media-hype-vs-safety-data

    4. CosmoGenesis


      I dont even wash my hands after I piss 

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