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  1. I have to say I admire everyone here for not giving up this battle. We do need to hold the line. We have been preparing and deep down new this time would come when we are in the crux of the NWO. If one to were give up now what would that say about their character? But perhaps checking out would be a better option in the future if things got dire if you wanted to preserve your dignity or whats left of it. 


    Something i am struggling with is patience and anger. I can no longer watch David Icke videos without going into a rage or getting deeply upset. I read information about how the public are being played. I am not going to engage in any convo with people around me. Those that love me claim "i am always angry" as if its a bad thing. And i am told there is "nothing i can do". 


    I am going to depersonalise myself if i am not already as if i am in a film and i am going to just observe. Depersonalisation, for anyone that has experienced it as a stress response is quite distressing along with derealisation. 


    But seeing this play out as i am a character in a film is the only way i am going to be able to live like this because i am becoming to attached emotionally. I am going to write this all down on paper. 


    I can no longer take this world seriously or the majority in it. 

    1. DarianF


      I think many of us are experiencing similar anguish.

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