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  1. Bit windy tonight stay safe all!

    1. legion


      My garden fence is safe, it can't fall down.

      It's already on the floor since the February storm :0)


  2. Is it just me or are people getting insane out there?

  3. @spideysensei wheres your avatar from? I like the artwork

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    2. Fluke


      Yeah been watching re runs on YouTube cheers mate 

    3. TetraG


      Interesting, thanks for explaining the art spideysensei.

      BrassEye......Don't think I ever got into that. Don't think it's for me much.



    4. spideysensei


      Neat find TG, haven't seen that before.


      Yeah Brass Eye as with all Chris Morris stuff is an acquired taste. He's been pretty quiet the past few years though.

  4. Anyone else notice the psychic weather has been flaring up lately? Lots of lunatics about

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    2. Fluke


      Just tonight mate saw a fat middle age bloke and his wife pulled over in a 4x4 and some knuckle dragging thug shouting saying his gonna knock him out and all manner of disgusting profanities. I'm guessing it was a road rage incident but kind of brought my mood down as I was walking by with my dog lol. 


      Not necessarily unusual incidents, not quite sure why the bloke pulled over to be fair and his wife looked shaken. Then everyone was hooting behind. It's windy too which usually brings the loonies out. Then it was dead quiet like no atmosphere then gust of wind came up like in the begining of the exorcist in the Iraq scene.




    3. Fluke


      @sickofallthebollocks no word of a lie on that same corner i saw a kid on the floor with his bike with about 5 of his mates, i was about to go over and see if he was okay but his friends were smiling and he didn't look too hurt. A midde aged bloke and his wife attended, and i heard his friend say 'did you get his number plate'. So it was a hit and run. They were not there when i got back. 


      But its been constant hooting from cars all day. 


      People are losing their minds. 

    4. sickofallthebollocks


      That's bad, a guy that I know was delivering the free 'the light' truth newspaper and one door he delivered it through, a large bloke came out and told him to fuck off and deliver his filth and lies elsewhere, and that his mum died of the rona and he's sick of all the bullshit coming from everyone that says there is no virus! 
      The good guy (delivering the newspaper) just tried to leave the scene but the thug followed him to the top of the drive and pulled a flat handed punch on the side of the good guys head and told him to fuck off again.
      The good guy (someone I know who is a very peaceful intelligent guy) walked on and just said "calm down mate"   The thug watched him as he walked away and was shouting bad shit at him.
      The good guys fine and dandy and seems not in the slightest bit put off delivering more papers.  What a dude eh?    I felt for him ( I mean - is this what you get for trying to pass on the truth of things?)
      I just put it down to one bad fruit in an otherwise ok(ish) box of fruits.  
      But yeah - people are definately not themselves.
      Hang on in there mate - I'm doing my best not to react (outloud)- ever - to anything negative at all.
      Might be worth starting a thread on this buddy what do you think?
      Peace to you Fluke you're a good'un mate.

  5. Jupiter in retrogade be vigilant and careful out there guys some absolute lunatics about.

    1. DaleP


      I think you meant to say Mercury rx, not Jupiter.

    2. Fluke


      Yeah mercury is in retrogade be vigilant and careful out there guys some absolute lunatics about.

    3. DaleP


      Typical Mercury rx reaction.... it confuses you. lol


  6. Good game on watford arsenal if you can ignore the ukraine and blm propaganda. Haven't bothered with the footy recently but had a stressful week so need to watch some light entertainment 

  7. It's amazing to me the amount of normies that will just comment "too many people on the planet" without knowing what they are talking about.


    Had a distant relative who I can't stand (bit of a fruit loop and damaged by drugs) going on about too many people. As much as I love the countryside, there needs to be more towns cities built as we live in the south east. Too many buildings going up in one place and if like me you live by the M25 you will know the south east is one big parking space. 


    See this shit all the time 

    1. DaleP


      Fluke: Yeah I couldn't agree more.

      Fruit loop: I'm sure the government is working in on it.

      Fluke: So are you going to volunteer for the reduction of population? You know, it's for the humanity and all that.

      Fruit loop: ....... 


    2. Fluke


      Exactly mate they never lead by example 

    3. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      Repeating media/propaganda narratives.

      I actually believe this planet is under-populated. With regards to food and other resources, there would be plenty for everyone, if everything was distributed fairly. Big corporations in 'developed' countries need 'consumers' though in order to continue the debt-based consumerist economy, where we just throw out stuff that is no longer useful - whether that is a broken tumble-dryer, or "out of date" tin of baked beans - just so we have to buy again. Never mind that the tumble-dryer could be repaired, or the tin of beans would last forever.

      People in 'third-world' countries are only starving because their own countries are being raped of resources by greedy multi-national corporations only interested in profits and satisfying their own consumer bases. While at the same time these multi-national corporations claim they 'care' and urge their consumers to donate to charities supporting peoples and communities in such third-world countries.

  8. Anyone ever notice the street lights are rarely orange anymore? Thety have changed it to bright white. I can understand for main roads.

    1. Grumpy Owl

      Grumpy Owl

      I grew up with 'orange' streetlights. Many in urban areas have been replaced now with newer 'energy-efficient' LED lamps.

      Yeah, I know there are people who claim that LED streetlamps are 'military-grade weapons' and all that, but having lived for several years in two neighbourhoods that have LED streetlamps, I have to admit I quite like the effect. For me personally its more of a 'natural' light, and there's nothing quite like walking around local streets of an evening, especially if it is snowing or has snowed recently.

      And the local wildlife don't seem too bothered either, whether it was prowling badgers at my old place, or foxes where I am now.

      But sometimes, it is nice to walk around somewhere where the streetlamps haven't yet been upgraded, just to get that feeling of nostalgia. The orange glow does have a kind of 'warm' feeling to it though.

  9. My mates girlfriend put mascara and lipstick on when I was passed out drunk last Saturday. Does this make me non binaury or trans? 

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    2. peter


      No It just makes you pissed and associate with people with a sense of humor,lucky none of them were tattoo artists 

    3. Fluke


      Gender fluid?

    4. peter


      No just fluid and plenty of it I suspect

  10. Lots of passive aggressive pychotics flaming up in the real world today people. 

  11. Happy new year all

  12. Serious question anyone know anything reliable I can purchase for a chipped tooth before I go dentist? Chipped side tooth on a tea mug ffs

  13. Is it bad that I'm not even 30 yet and I look forward to going bed? Literally excited for my head to hit the pillow 

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    2. Fluke


      "Going to bed is the highlight of everybody's day. I like to be hidden, and I like to sink, and I think we all love to go to bed and we love to go to sleep. It's the brother of death, it means we can just switch out brains off when we go to bed and forget about ourselves, hopefully." - Morrissey

    3. Fluke


      @Ethel I only have a quilt. 

    4. Ethel


      Trust good old Mozzer to come up with a quote about one of my favourite things in life

  14. good morning all how are we all today? ☺️

    1. TetraG


      Normality on a conspiracy forum?  Hehe... Thats the softest Fluke message I ever saw from you, in a nice way.  And NOT to mean weak do I say that.. Well, to answer you, I would guess VERY MUCH since Austria is going to force jab all its population beginning Feb1st, I think we all could be better, but thanks for the cheery side of Fluke we don't often see anyway! ;-) Cheers. 

  15. Cannot wait for bonfire night 🔥🔥

  16. Missing Oz and his posts about Karl mollison and channelers. Hope the bloke is okay. 

  17. The world now is like a washed up rocker who's old and finished but is just going through the motions. It's not dead yet. But the singer is a train wreck.

  18. I think it's time to start getting close to god again  I felt Jesus was calling me last night. I haven't read my Bible for years. I wonder if I was subconsciously inviting him in. I was in tears. But god's giving me the strength to fight these bastards.  

  19. That's another thing that pisses me off about these condescending twats in the media and in their little pursuassion and slander campaigns. Not only, as we all must know by now, are they not afraid of hiding their contempt for your average citizens in general and no longer seem to care whether they are supported by the wider public or not. Something I noticed in 2015 get worse and worse. If we say that some of them are genuinely trying to sway us to their way of thinking, and give some of them the benefit of the doubt that they actually think it's for the greater good. They never seem to have self reflection, you ever noticed that? So they slander people and call them crackpot conspiracy theorists and throw in cheap jabs about certain people believing microchips in the vaccine, but they never seem to actually stop and think to themselves, why are more people turning to these theories? Is it something we are doing wrong? What is it about our delivery? Do they have some points? They seem to have no self reflection or doubt.


    And then they turn to the obscure "counter culture" types and call people that might believe in Bigfoot to be an extremist. This is literally how insane it's got. I witnessed an NPC a few months back get incredibly angry because someone said "space time continuum" he mistook this as something to do with alien aircrafts and for some reason became angry. 


    The irony being that if a so called staged alien invasion were to happen as James Corbett has covered frequently over the years, the normies would probably believe it because the newspapers said so. 

  20. Got a feeling in the pit of my stomach things are about to get a lot darker. 

    1. elongated1


      Out of Likes. LOL

  21. Having an elderly confused family member insist I hold out my hands so he could spray it to make him feel better because I helped with the shopping and might have touched the box. Like some weird ritual of holy water to wash away my sins.


    Sick of playing into people's insanity. I'm very sad at what's been done to my relatives. 

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    2. DarianF


      Long term, @Grumpy Owl, the real winners will not be those who religiously sanitize. Instead, it will be those of us who ignore all this shite. Our immune systems will be stronger for being naturally exposed like humans have been since we existed. All the health paranoid freaks will wipe themselves out. However, in the short term, we will be screwed and they will be rewarded by the slave masters. But this can't last forever. Play the long game.



    3. DarianF


      It makes me sick, how they are experimenting on the elderly. https://write.as/darianfentos/astra-jab-for-over-65s-media-hype-vs-safety-data

    4. CosmoGenesis


      I dont even wash my hands after I piss 

  22. I have joined a sherds internet group for posting about pottery sherds found. A bit  trainspotting territory? I am genuinely interested in antiques/bits of old relics/artifacts and geology. They all seemed pretty pleased with my findings anyway. 

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    2. Fluke


      It wasn't a sarcastic laugh I'll check him out 👍

    3. Coldrum


      Hello Fluke i metal detect and mudlark and dig old privy holes for fun 

      Check tide line art and sci fi finds on chewtube

      Great hobby 

    4. Coldrum
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