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  1. I said it in the thread I wonder if this is more to do with an excuse of censorship. As you said, just investigate through police. Not a fan of witch hunts to be honest and all the GB news Dan Wotton stuff Eamon Holmes just saying he was a narcissist well Its not exactly a surprise to anyone with half a Braincell. Can't remember who it was but someone on here also made a great post about them focussing on the words deceit and lying etc. Is he a nonce or not lol.
  2. It is a bit insane eamon holmes tweeting to schofield if you want a fight you picked the wrong one
  3. On a serious note. I had a thought last night. Online harms bill etc censorship. Think this could be used or used for pushing more censorship?
  4. I know i like her. Agree as well. I feel a bit ashamed i am watching all the gossip but my mum sent me the dan wotton link ans im gripped
  5. I don't feel sorry for any of them to be fair. They are rich. Just want to find out if his a peado.
  6. A lot of islamic killings have been happening to farmers animals as well through Ireland and England.
  7. Wouldn't be Satanists. Satanists are actually quite sound to be fair. Definitely odd occult groups around that area though. Wiccan was actually creating down that neck of the words.
  8. Sorry to copy you mate, but apparently I act like Rodney according to my younger brother I've heard stuff about David before. Has anything significant come out though?
  9. On a serious note hope not would taint a lot of my childhood. Will just have to disassociate del boy and David Jason
  10. Dont know if he is a nonce or not but i suspect more will come to the light in the coming days weeks. Cant stand any of them. He is definitely a narcissistic bully. Cant stand little miss piggy either. Awwwwwwwww nations little sweetheart. Fakes and both bullies. Typical condescending type who aren't up front appaearing as "nice people".
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