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  1. Hi sorry for bumping an old thread. Have you researched depersonalisation and derealisation? Its the sensation of feeling unreal and disconnected from ones surroundings. . I used to get fleeting moments of this sensation when i was a child. I then to my horror had it for 2 years. Apparently it is very common but people who have bad drug trips can get it 24/7 and sometimes for life. I don't know if it was some sort of spiritual awakening but it sent me into turmoil at the time. I had a 1000yrd stare and dead eyes. It might not have been that but a lot of pe
  2. "Many a true word is spoken in jest" as the old adage goes.
  3. I'm going to dedicate this thread to Thomas Sheridan if that is okay with the mods. Most of his videos have an occult aspect and a lot of videos and the current situation others may feel interesting. He talks about ongoing events.
  4. He is such a strange man it's quite fascinating to watch. He is clearly a narcissistic perhaps even a phychopath. But a not very bright one and not very well disguised. No offence to anyone on here who did fool for this creature but come on lol. It still amazes me grown adults actually like the chap and thought he was genuine..
  5. I was watching a podcast not sure if it was ukcolumn, Delingpole, or corbett report but the guest was giving lots of interesting information on the city of Chicago and that Chicago would be one of the main testing areas of the smart cities. The premise was basically that globalism would be localised and the mayors would be giving more power.
  6. Look at him "do I wait over here mate, is that what I do?" Like a rabbit in headlights. And they actually don't mind being treated like a crackhead who has just walked in from the street and giving them their custom.
  7. Look at this fucking dumb fat fucker. Eats shit full of chemicals and proceeds to wear his mask because we got to keep people "safe". The irony of course being lost on this fat meat goblem. This type of middle aged specimen who just follow the rules for an easy life get on my nerves nearly as much as the millenials. Dumb c****. Apathetic brainless arseholes. Don't ever tell me about how naughty you are and hard once this is all over you absolute disgraces. Betcha YouTube are promoting him as well along with all the other degenerates.
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