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  1. Any information of what I am looking at? Read most of it. I understand its a document on the imports of pzfizer to albania. Excuse my ignorance but I am not trained in legalise.
  2. Which leads to the question is the time for debating these lunatics over and if yes what does that mean. They don't argue from an honest place and people on "our side of the fence" that do engage end up having to defend their own humanity. Whats the point in going in trying to debate in a civilised manner when you are dealing with rats like that.
  3. I just had a letter saying that I haven't had the jab. I read the entire thing and the wording of it is disgraceful. Treating me with complete contempt. I ran the 119 number and spoke to a lady but she said theres pretty much nothing they could do about the harrassment. She did try and help to be fair but I'm not going to start getting funny with her it's not her fault and it would be a waste of time. The only thing you can do is ask your GP practice to take you off.
  4. Same here and it's a common theme already. I don't take any pleasure out of it either to be honest I know they are stupid and I know where they are headed. I'm not interested in pricks getting egg on their face I just want a resemblance of freedom. (Not taking a dig at anyone) It's just surreal to see it play out. Although saying that it is one less NPC to deal with I won't dance on their grave though.
  5. When the 'left' seemed to have integrity.
  6. Sky News Australia is owned by a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp and has 1.85 million YouTube subscribers. The ban could affect its revenue stream from Google. A YouTube statement said it had "clear and established Covid-19 medical misinformation policies based on local and global health authority guidance". This Could be a blessing in disguise in many ways if the official narrative is true. If they start to censor powerful wealthy people then maybe they can start with lawsuits. I don't know how you would fight it legally if it's a private organisation though.
  7. Probably a case of a cigar is just a cigar and it's a disgrace but I said it with talkradio could be techniques for the gatekeepers to make people think they are over the mark and talking sense while information in alternative circles get clouded. I enjoy some snippets on both sky news Australia and talkradio but I'm not naive enough to trust any of it just because it offers a confirmation bias. They seem also your typical pro Zionists. Doesn't Murdoch still own it?
  8. This is why you don't follow people. A lot of the people organising the protests are going to be shills at this point. Yes the ,2 ,worms in the video are slimebags but as others have said there are lots of people like this on themtube that the npcs will cling too. Piers should have told them where to go and walk away it's as simple as that. I would have done and I'm 6 meals away from being dead and homeless. You could literally offer me millions to take this and I wouldn't honestly take it even if I knew I'd survive. I think we do need to hunker down because stories like this will just be printed in the MSM and Joe normie being the docile cowardly spineless prick he/she is will just get riled up against us. We've been expecting the brain-dead to start attacking folk like us. And stories of idiots like this being exposed will only get worse. They'll probably find a couple of mental people who are anti mask or anti Vax to physically and brutally assault people. Imagine what a murder from an "anti vaxer" could do. I don't care who you are or what you know you are in denial if you think the majority can't fall for something like that. They will make us into extremists. David warned about this back in 2011 that eventually we would be seen as extremists. Forget about this man. He is weak and as much as it pains me to say it having an eccentric mad scientist looking guy speaking isn't going to swing the normies around to our cause. Most people are too shallow. Maybe his intentions were good. But to me this footage shows he has no integrity.
  9. Ain't that the truth bloody hell.
  10. Not sure what problems you are thinking of. But for me the social difficulties would be a major barrier. Egos and in fighting. Worth reading the human zoo. Most of us cant even get on on an internet forum lets be honest. I am sure there would be a way to make it work though.
  11. Ah yes having one of these days today. Incoming rant. Last week I spent four days working with a man I know. I didn't realise just how contemptible and oafish this man was until his childish corny jokes and embarrassingly immature sexual 'innuendos' fit for a playground. Add this to the boasts about his material wealth and holidays. And how he had visited barbados when he was younger but that was, he stated was when he had "loads of money". Now I don't mean to sound pretentious but I rarely if ever succumb to jealousy especially over material wealth, which by the way I don't think is bad in itself. If you are a multi millionaire good luck to you. And to be fair to the man he does work hard. I think he thinks I am jealous, but i am not It generally just bores me. If i had serious money I don't think I would talk about it.. And then to add more irritation showing off about his offspring who are equally as ghastly, about how much of a good father he was to them. It really just shows how insecure he is. And it becomes quite tedious. One more person to avoid. To make matters worse I went for a drink with his turkish friend who was working with us he could hardly speak english but seemed like a decent chap until he started getting drink into him. On the way to the 'pub' if you could call it that, I said i am not wearing a mask. "I have masks in my pocket". At which point i said no i wont wear one. The pub was in a council estate in the midlands. Rough, but not hostile and no masks of course. An arguement (not angry or violent) went on behind us. He told me that the man that just come out had a knife in his pocket. And that he sits on his own in pubs waits for someone to confront him, and assured me if they hit him first he could do what he likes after the first punch if the cameras showed. Which made me think at the time about how these knuckle draggers can act hard in a pub fight and act like thugs but will still follow stingent guidelines and rules imposed upon them. So for the next half hour i had to listen to this drunkern nob twice my age and size talk about how tough he was. At which point i said i am not interested went to the bar had one more and we both left together. On good terms i may add. But i would be lying if i said i wasn't getting bad vibes from this man. I have had a few fights never been good at fighting but i am streetwise and by the look of this guys eyes i wasn't sure if he was going to start or not. I was weak as a kitten after a day of building as well. All very depressing. Surrounded by morons. Just out walking the dog and it occured to me there is a new type of soy boy that seem to be middle aged men who are flubby with a beard. These people are really strange. Its usually between the age of 40 to 50 (not knocking anyone of that age group i am a millenial so dont take it personally.) Its certain types of men. They not only seem to look thick and act timid, they seem petrified of everything. These types look like goblins and often come from lower middle class areas. I have also noticed there seems to be a trend of men with small dogs. Now i used to have a small dog, and i in no way felt emasculated or felt that i should own a scary dog or anything like that (those types are morons) but i have observed whenever I am walking my greyhound (often greyhounds are the most gentle dogs you can get) even if their dogs are slightly smaller they seem to get rather insecure and cross the road. No eye contact very strange. There is a type of man between 38 and 50 (not all) that has really degenerated. These are not men. Maybe it is the soy. And then you got the people in their 20s with their noisy cars. I can sort of understand a 17 year old doing this. But i actually have seen men in their 30s and 40s doing this. Or people who put the throttle down in their cars to get 3 metres up the road. I mean the morons around here is staggering it really is staggering.
  12. It is baffling Dazzer. I suppose they wont put two and two together until the television man tells them there may be a link.
  13. Sick bastard. I wonder if he could be a suspect in the other cat killings there was one named the Croydon cat killer.
  14. You can't trust the figures I agree but I still think the majority have taken it to be honest.
  15. Prepare for a possible dark few years
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