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  1. As oz says they just want stir things up. I have always found the LGBT thing dehumanising. Along with bame and any other one of these trends that seems to be not only social engineered, but counter productive to the cause they claim to be trying to help, or promote. People should just use what they want and ignore these fruit loops like I do.
  2. Animals. Cats. Walking in nature. Drinking tea and reading and listening to music
  3. Pretty much how I feel about it all. Not going to cry about it simply seeing it how I see it. But notice how when I made this post, posters immediately starting getting on the defence as if I was making some sort of racist statement. These people are here now, so there's no point fighting it even if I didn't like it. I won't be voting again. I will be living my life how I want. And it's exactly how I feel about Israel as well. He makes a good point about it. Its not my business what happens in the middle East, and I am certainly no fan of that lunatic Netanyahu. But I am interested in the west. As I see it anybody who goes after Soros on the left and the right gets called an antisemite but other than that the people shouting "free Palestine" come across as pretty ignorant.
  4. It also depends upon the culture. If I were to move to parts of Canada, or new Zealand, or Australia, I'm sure I would get on better than if I was to move to parts of North Africa. It's not immigrants fault. It's politicians going against the will of the majority of the British public for 70 odd years. Most Indian Asian people I know have a great work ethic, are clever and have a high iq and contribute and want to be a part of this country. And what nobody has mentioned about the Nigel farage video, they are illegal aliens. They are breaking the law. And it seems the age are young fighting men. Why are they not helping build their country up. As I said I'm sure in 30 years time your Muslim neighbours will be pleasant normal people trying to earn a living. But when you look around you and your cultures been destroyed, the shops unrecognisable, and the once beautiful landscape is dominated by a Abrahamic, lunar death cult ideology, (not much different from Christianity may add although it has been reformed many times) you will no not to blame them, but it is the politicians. They want us all mixed like plasticine, the colours of all the plasticine to form one colour. Abolishing the white race. That's what it looks like to me. As no I am not a white supremicist these people are sickos.
  5. I don't see anyone brutally attacking immigrants. Most immigrants want to come to better their life which is a noble pursuit. I also don't see anybody blindly attacking immigrants. There has been issues in the past of Pakistani gangs beating and brutally raping English white children. It doesn't mean everyone from that country, or everyone who is a Muslim is like that. Last I checked peadophile's acting alone in this country are genuinely middle aged white men. It doesn't mean all white men are peados. If swades of Englishmen were to migrate to a foreign country and gangs of them were responsible for taping and abusing that nations children, would they be racist to be upset by this?
  6. You just don't like jews. Jealousy. Fit in well with your mate Owen jones and Jeremy Corbyn and all the other lefty snowflakes ,
  7. It depends what you mean by Alt right op. Do you mean actual white supremacists? Because I don't actually know what alt right means. Ukcolumn seem pretty in the middle and liberal.
  8. Wait so where in the video does he speak about being anti Christian? "Must be a shill for the tribe" what because his doesn't indoctrinate his daughter to worship a middle Eastern sky fairy? She likes Lucifer. Smart kid. Probably intelligent enough to realise that Christians stole pan and made it into the devil.
  9. Very interesting only heard of the 77th brigade recently. In terms of paid shills on forums which I believe does happen and In my opinion it's likely to be the people that wouldn't stand out in a forum like this and has a genuine good reputation. It's funny because most people who get accused of being shills are usually just trolls.
  10. Utter tripe and callous comment. A response to those that have read your comment to be a true statement I believe I deserve a response. I said I didn't much care who was behind it as it was so long ago and so much has happened since. Presumably it was the same people behind the Rona, and of course they deserve justice but I know we will never find out the truth. I was sticking up for that idiot Boris because a member wished death on a soon to be dad. I don't wish death on a man who is about to have a child. Alex jones is great entertainment and very funny in my opinion. If he is a shill then so be it, but he is a comedy act and actually a lot of the stuff he speaks of is still more sane than MSM. Anyways I'll pop you on ignore so don't bother responding, I have no desire to engage with that kind of mentality, if I did I would join zuckerbook...
  11. I'm not in any sort of trance @Johndavid I just don't think trump is part of the agenda. Whether he is or not is of no real concern as I don't participate in politics. One of the reasons why I think the truthers have and never will reach the masses. A lot (not all) are happy to jump on the Russell bland bandwagon or obvious charlatans looking for a leader but disregard someone who is anti establishment and anti deepstate. Last I'll say on the matter as I don't want to hi jack the thread and we clearly aren't going to agree but I would like to say I respect your opinion.
  12. I don't support anyone. I just think trump is against the deep state. "Clinton's best friend Donald trump" I disagree completely. He did call out Epstein. They used to visit trump's clubs. He also called out Andrew. If he's an elite puppet why have the mainstream media been going pychotic for the last 4 years? How is he a.conman? I see through a lot of the conspiracies but the trouble with people in this movement is they think the establishment are all powerful and all cunning. And then when someone comes along that ticks a lot of these boxes they don't want to believe it. And another thing (not directed at anyone in particular) but I don't trust posters that post pictures of someone next to powerful criminals. It proves nothing. Lots of these people have photoshoots in these type of circles. Trump 2020
  13. I was talking about the "extreme" left and their minions. The media despise him. I think in this case "a cigar is just a cigar". I wouldn't classify trump as right wing. As I said he isn't any kind of saviour but he is the closest we have to the real thing. The establishment hate him. Mark my words, a trump will never happen again whether or not he gets in for a second term. But that's not good enough because the same "truthers" won't accept that because everything is a conspiracy and they won't believe it when the real thing comes along. People think he is an idiot. I think him, Bannon and Roger Stone are geniuses myself. I don't agree with how the covid is being handled by him, but I believe he wants the best for his people. Time will tell. Did anyone hear the clip of him calling out Epstein, the Clinton's and prince Andrew? Do not underestimate this man.
  14. Trump. I like him. Great guy. Triggers the lefties. Against the Clinton's. Hates the mass media. Looks like the US military is on his side. The typical "truther" community can't see his on our side or closest we have to it.
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