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  1. They also voted them in!
  2. Correct I'm not trying to wind you up, and always interested to read your thoughts. However while I did fall into to the Putin trap for a brief time. I'm certainly no putinist. I too am conscious of the infaltration of "west bad Putin good". I was just having a debate with my dad regarding this in which I referred to the yuri bezmenov interview that I've researched 10 times over. However at this stage I think it's good we are actually having these conversations with foreign presidents. The interview itself was interesting. And I did think it was a nice touch tucker at the end asking directly to give the American journo back. Despite who you think, or what is funding tucker. I also don't believe it's redundant for people in the west to be envious of how Putin conducts himself and speaks. Good example would be that interview.
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13058261/why-wont-police-let-leave-britain-ilegal-channel-migrant-living-rowing-boat.html An illegal Channel migrant living under a rowing boat on a Kent beach is struggling to leave the country. Someone in the comments said if he goes halves I'll go with him
  4. Correct. Charlie still just a kid to biden.
  5. Brother sent me a tiktok of tucker interviewing Putin and "west establishment in meltdown". Thought of you @EnigmaticWorld -Enigmatic world has entered the chat-
  6. Everything's under control in Britain folks
  7. Cheers for this mate. Wise words. Will start tomorrow
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13032243/clapham-acid-attacker-car-woman-police-suspect-attack.html He is still on the run this morning after he doused the mother and her children, aged 8 and 3, in chemicals. The woman and the younger child's injuries could be life-changing, Scotland Yard said. One horrified witness was wearing his slippers as he chased after the attacker. He said it was the 'worst thing I've ever seen' and told Sky News: 'First a man grabbed his kid - a girl aged two or three from a white car. He threw her onto the floor - twice.' A mother told MailOnline she dashed to save the girl - believed to be three years old - and scooped her up from the middle of the road. The sickening clip shows hero passers-by trying to help the family as 'about 10 people' chase after the suspected attacker as he runs away. She screamed 'I can't see, I can't see' as hero passers-by rushed to her and her two young daughters' aid in the tree-lined street at 7.25pm last night. The mother's lips 'turned black' and her face was 'stripped off', according to a witness. She is now feared to be blind.
  9. To be honest this is just part and parcel of living in a major city. We have the coolest mayor in the world.
  10. Fluke


    Gary glitter? Or the bald bloke from rem?
  11. Fluke


    "Things like draining the drains" "we've been arguing for a while now we need a resilience task force before the winter sets in"
  12. Think I saw a lizard tonight in a London rural street although it was night. Would love to see one up close in this country. I think they hibernate in winter though. Used to catch grass snakes and slow worms as a kid and newts. Only time I've ever seen lizards up close is abroad.
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