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  1. Yeah I don't want to sound dramatic but I cannot find the words to describe how depressing and utterly unreal it is. Was talking to my neighbour today lovely bloke. He said he had the vax and he was ill for a day. He said "so I'm safe now". I didn't say anything because i genuinely like the guy I just nodded along. But its one of those moments when its like yeah, we are being expected to take this so we are safe and don't infect others. I am sure most of us have had that feeling. Having a conversation and all of a sudden reality splits and you realise most people are a different s
  2. I have had to distnce myself from certain family members. Nore toxic than britney was way back in 2004.
  3. My dad takes me as a joke. Even though everything I said last year has come to fruition. I thought he was more open minded. He said he is taking the vaccine. I just said if you get I'll I won't come to visit you on hospital if you get ill (probablywon't be allowed anyway.) It hasn't dawned on him the serious shit we are in.
  4. We somehow need to get it into the average persons consciousness who might be on the fence, that they are not going to be going back to normal once they have the vaccine. That's my personal opinion about how a lot of the so called normies feel.
  5. @Jesse007Its a nice romantic idea but I'm afraid even if all the awake people lived on one island it would still become corrupted in the end. Its human nature. Read a book called the human ape and it details peoples behaviour in tribes and how different personalities change depending on their evolutionary status. Perhaps small communities would be possible but we are not there yet. We have to try and stand our ground.
  6. It really is remarkable how I was warning people back in march last year and people either took the piss or said there wont be a vaccine it takes years to come up with one. Yes i agree it does take years. Not one of them turns around and says "actually you know what you were right about this". Not that i want or need validation in fact i was hoping i was wrong. I have noticed all the idiots that were telling us to stay home last year have become incredibly quiet.
  7. Not my idea mate but it is genius check out my thread in solution "black propaganda".
  8. I think we are gaining ground personally. There's no point in fighting fire with fire at this point. Got to be smarter. Humourous. Setting up a few Karen accounts last night and playing them at their own game was the best fun I've had in ages. Most people want their kids back in school now I would of thought and people still have an inherent need to want to go to venues. They see a dickhead like me campaigning to close pubs and football stadiums forever even once they are vaccinated. Much more likely to piss them off.
  9. Anyone here like my female alter ego?
  10. I would be surprised if it showed any negative results. That goes for other search engines too. They might add the odd sceptical mainstream artical to give some people false illusion of choice. But the algorithms have been completely desigbed towards government and corporate propaganda. It's of course ramped up. They do not try and even hide the disdain they have for your average person. It started to become noticable for me around 2010 when i started to wake up but they went insane after brexit as well. This current psyop we are living through well. There are no words
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