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  1. Out of likes thanks for that. I am just trying to keep my mental health in tact at this point. When logic and critical thought goes out the window and you see people doing stuff that you know doesn't make sense, or worse coerced ourselves to do things we know are wrong its like david said its a great way to break someone down. @Basket Case Vaccine as someone said in one of his videos is like the salvation for the majority of normies. I spoke to one today and he was hopeful that the vaccine will free us for lockdown. I didn't argue as i see no point now. But i tested t
  2. Yes but it is symbolic for the MAGA crowd. Good vs evil. The underdog Vs the deepstate.
  3. Trump should play this music after his inauguration on the 20th January ready for his second term MAGA
  4. Lewis hamleton Raheem sterling Rashford? Holly and phillip Lorraine Rylan Amanda houldon All degenerates television for degenerates. Have not watched the shitty tv for years but they have programmes like "gogglebox" where people tune in to watch other people watching tv which is basically social engineering as far as i can tell. Its the same with documentaries on artists. The new in thing is listening to other people telling me how i should feel or should have felt about the event, live music moment, or film scene that is t
  5. Ah no that's alright mate just thought you might find it amusing as well as depressing. All I did was tell some people a few honest home truths and obviously they didn't want to hear it.
  6. YouTube Account Notification Y YouTube to me 50 minutes ago Details We'd like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines (https://www.youtube.com/t/community_guidelines), your YouTube account (----) has been suspended. Your account has been terminated as a result of repeated abusive, hateful and/or harassing comments that violate our community guidelines. We do not allow content on YouTube that: Glorifies or incites violence against another person or group of people based on certain attributes noted in our poli
  7. They have just deleted my account. Had tons of documentaries to watch and subscriptions lost i presume just for commenting as i dont make videos lol. That degenerate saffron from the dancing and prominant "youtuber" faaaaaaaaaaaaaaamus for being faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassmus. The thicko popped up on my youtube feed and the top comment was "this is so relatable now because of everyone is wearing masks". And i replied "not everyone thank god. Only those supporting tyranny". My comment got 41 likes.
  8. Slightly scattered talk but thought I'd post it here to avoid opening a thread. I do think James has a lot of integrity and someone that would change his view if met with facts.
  9. Ah yes placebo. Used to be a fan of them went to see a gig in 2014.
  10. "I dreamt about you last night, and I fell out of bed twice, you can pin and mount me like a butterfly"
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