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  1. Media Covers Up Tracking Of Unvaccinated People https://principia-scientific.com/media-covers-up-tracking-of-unvaccinated-people/
  2. I remember seeing this a couple of days ago but at first I couldn't remember where. Jabbed? Record numbers not working in UK due to ill health May 25, 2023 https://principia-scientific.com/record-numbers-not-working-in-uk-due-to-ill-health/
  3. Tesla Teams Up With CureVac To Make ‘RNA Microfactories’ For Covid Shots https://principia-scientific.com/tesla-teams-up-with-curevac-to-make-rna-microfactories-for-covid-shots/
  4. It's a big club and he was not a member. I bet he thought he got the job because he was clever. Unfortunately there is not vaccine to battle idiocy.
  5. China prepares for new wave of covid cases from XBB variants https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2023/05/24/china-new-covid-outbreak-xbb-strain/
  6. I wonder if he knows how ugly he looks?
  7. Japan's NHK apologizes over how suspected COVID vaccine deaths were reported https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20230517/p2a/00m/0na/010000c "Japanese public broadcaster NHK apologized on Twitter on May 16 for editing a news program to make it look like some people had died of COVID-19 when in fact the comments used in the show were by people claiming that their family members had died after receiving the coronavirus vaccine."
  8. Sorry, This Is Not Going Away https://brownstone.org/articles/sorry-this-is-not-going-away/
  9. Hundreds of students return to remote learning and masks amid COVID outbreaks https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/hundreds-of-students-return-to-remote-learning-and-masks-amid-covid-outbreaks-20230518-p5d9fs.html 18 May 2023 Australia
  10. Ah Goring. It reminds me of the Stuka siren. It's not enough to kill you. You will have to be frightened to death. https://worldwarwings.com/why-did-germans-use-the-loud-howl-of-the-ju-87-stuka-siren/
  11. Exhausting search for solutions to UK’s sharp rise in tiredness Cost of living crisis, mental health issues and long Covid all thought to be factors, but "we still know too little" about fatigue https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2023/may/19/exhausting-search-for-solutions-to-uk-rise-in-tiredness Baffling isn't it? Dr Freaky says that the minimum the vax has taken from the participants is 15% of their energy. Hardly noticeable.
  12. Charles Lieber Sentenced For Role In CCP-Backed Espionage Operation https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2023-04-27/charles-lieber-sentenced-role-ccp-backed-espionage-operation "Lieber had only served two days in prison." THE CHARLES LIEBER CONNECTION https://www.bitchute.com/video/VeN9uxk9F0LO/ This last one is half an hour but worth it.
  13. Antisemitic German COVID-19 Conspiracy Theorist Will Face Incitement Charges After All https://www.algemeiner.com/2022/05/12/antisemitic-german-covid-19-conspiracy-theorist-will-face-incitement-charges-after-all/ Dr Sucharit Bhakdi
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